US attack ships are still burning

Overseas network, July 14 (Xinhua) Navy base in San Diego, California, the U.S. “Richard” amphibious assault ship 12 fire, the fire is still burning.
ABC and NPR reported that at least 57 people have been injured so far, including 34 navy soldiers and 23 civilians. The fire department sent out helicopters to put out the fire, and 400 navy soldiers are participating in the fire fighting work, which is carried out every 15 minutes.
Major general Philip Sobek has previously said that the “Richard” attack ship has a million gallons of fuel, but the location of the fuel is far below the heat source. According to the Navy, the fire started in the cargo compartment at the bottom of the ship where equipment and vehicles were stored on the sea. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.
At about 8:30 a.m. local time, the amphibious assault ship Richards exploded and caught fire at the San Diego naval base. The Pacific surface ship command (surfpa) said there were about 160 crew members on board at the time of the fire, and the crew has now been evacuated.
Fire fighting scene (photo: Getty)
“Richards” amphibious assault ship is a “wasp class” amphibious assault ship with a full load displacement of 41000 tons. It was put into service in 1998 with a rated crew of 1200 people. It can carry up to 16 F-35B vertical take-off and landing stealth fighters or 22 MV-22 helicopters, as well as a 1200 person amphibious expeditionary unit (MEU) of the US Marine Corps. At the time of the explosion, Richard was in the middle of maintenance, and the ship was upgrading its flight deck as planned.
According to the Federation of American scientists, the total cost of the warship is estimated at $761 million. According to US media, the fire has caused huge losses to the US Navy. It may take several years to repair and re service the ship. The navy may also choose to decommission the ship.