Kanye announced his candidacy for us president

Netease Entertainment reported on July 5, local time. On July 4, Kanye West, a famous American singer, announced on twitter that he would run for president of the United States. He wrote: “we must realize the promise of the United States by trusting God, uniting our vision and building our future. I’m running for president of the United States. “
Within an hour of tweeting, it received 200000 praises and nearly 13 tweets.
Then, Tesla CEO musk left a message to him: full support!
In 2018, Kanye West, a well-known American rapper, participated in an interview with Chicago TV station and publicly supported us president Donald Trump, saying that trump cared about the feelings of black people.
Kanye Omari West, also known as ye, was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 8, 1977. He is an American rapper, music producer, businessman and fashion designer. His wife is Kim Kardashian, with four children. In the list of Forbes’ top 100 celebrities in 2019, Kanye ranks third with an annual income of US $150 million. He is also the top earner of all hip hop artists and male celebrities, and his wife, Kardashian, is also on the list.