Beijing’s decision is surprising

On July 3, Beijing announced that it had effectively blocked the transmission channel of the epidemic by taking unconventional measures, such as nucleic acid testing “should be tested thoroughly” and risk personnel “should be separated as far as possible”. The epidemic risk has always been under control. From 0:00 on July 4, personnel from low-risk areas in Beijing will no longer be required to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate.
In this regard, Haixia has something to say.
The newly confirmed cases in Beijing have been kept in single digits for five consecutive days, and the number is relatively stable. It should be said that the decisive action of relevant departments in the previous period has played a great role.
Today, we look back at the time line. Less than 24 hours after this confirmed case, Beijing quickly identified the source of the infection and took timely measures to close it. After that, the track of confirmed cases reported every day was very detailed, with “virus Hunter” competing with time. They run at full speed to stop the virus from running.
The first time Beijing CDC went to Xinfa district for sampling survey
Determined, resolute, strict and precise, such prevention and control effect is very obvious. Today, Beijing announced that personnel leaving Beijing from low-risk areas will no longer need to hold negative nucleic acid test certificates from tomorrow, that is, July 4. Seeing such news, I found that many friends felt a little surprised and said that it should not be released after the case was “cleared”? If you want me to say, this just reflects the ability to put in and let go freely, and to be as good as to retreat. When the epidemic comes, it can be stopped in time. Now, even if there are sporadic cases, it can also be scientifically judged and accurately controlled. In the future, we are likely to coexist with the virus for a long time. As long as the normalization of prevention and control is implemented, we can have such confidence and confidence to make everyone’s life safe and energetic.