[South + November 27] according to Russian and British media reports, the Kremlin threw cold water on a Russian media report that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a secret (third) daughter, and the Kremlin said the evidence was “untrustworthy” and “groundless”. This report was then magnified and widely reported by Western media.
As we all know, Putin is very tight lipped about his family situation, and he did not respond to the report. However, Putin’s spokesman Peskov told the media on November 26 that he had “personally seen the materials” and labeled them “yellow news”. “Nothing special, nothing to comment on,” he insisted
The day before, Peskov told reporters that he knew nothing about the plot, claiming that it was “the first time he had heard of such a woman.”.

Trump’s three plans are exposed

The Washington Post quoted people familiar with the situation as saying on Tuesday that President trump has tried to overthrow the election results in public, but in private, he has begun to plan for the future.
According to the Washington Post, a recent presidential adviser to trump said trump said he planned to announce a new campaign in three weeks, in order to quickly repel Republican candidates who might run for the US president in 2024, including Vice President pence, Secretary of state Pompeo and former United States Permanent Representative Haley. But several other advisers said Trump’s view of the issue was changing and that no final decision had been made.
Former trump consultant naberg said it was meaningless to announce that it would run for president four years later at the end of this year, but it was important to control the Republicans and become the leader in the presidential election contest. Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and senior adviser to the Lincoln program, a Republican group against trump, believes that whether trump is really running for president again, he is likely to try to dominate Republican politics in the coming years. Mr. bubak, a Republican strategist and former senior aide to Congress, who has been critical of trump, said that the US president’s Twitter account, though annoying, is one of his most powerful and “portable” tools. “Trump still has the ability to decide whether or not the primary election will succeed (in the Republican presidential election party) and destroy the agreement on Capitol Hill.”. Trump’s frequently used private twitter account, @realdonaldtrump, has more than 88.91 million fans.
Old friend Rady, who has been in touch with trump, said the president of the United States will “work hard to maintain political and media influence.”. Trump has been telling friends that he wants to open a digital media channel, charge subscription fees monthly and may also give subscribers a hat “make America great again,” according to the American Axios news network. There are also news that trump may start a media company by itself. But some presidential advisers say trump may not open a media company because it is a tough and not necessarily successful one, the Washington Post said.
Whether it’s creating media channels or setting up a company, it will be Trump’s way of retaliating against Fox News. The president of the United States thinks Fox News betrays itself. Fox News has been praised by trump before, but it is the first mainstream media to announce Biden won Arizona after the election, the Washington Post reported. Its subordinates also confirmed that trump once called the military “fool” and “loser”, and that the Fox TV host Wallace, who presided over the first debate in the presidential campaign, also upset trump.
Nearly 74million voters supported trump in the U.S. election, ABC reported. If you build your own media platform, trump can use it to get supporters in and get him back in the election four years later. The U.S. Congress will hold mid-term elections in two years. Trump can also use his media platform to create momentum for Republican candidates who share his own aspirations, while attacking people who disagree with the him.
Trump is also exploring ways to make money in a relatively easy way, such as making paid speeches for business groups or holding rallies to sell tickets, the Washington Post said. Sources say the president may write a memoir about his presidency and appear on TV as a paid or unpaid person. Trump will need to repay more than $400million in loans over the next four years and may pay a huge amount of legal fees for a series of investigations and lawsuits. Since 2019, New York State has conducted two independent surveys of the president’s financial situation. The New York Times reported that the surveys later developed to include advisory fees, which were deducted to reduce the president’s taxable income.
Why is trump a strong contender for the 2024 U.S. election? Trump may want to copy the campaign path of former President Andrew Jackson, Arab News Network said on Monday. Jackson lost in the election in 1824, but won the presidential election four years later. Although trump may leave the white house next year, he has not left the game, and “trumpism” remains a strong presence in the United States. From the two aspects of raising funds and national polls, trump is a strong contender for the 2024 Republican Party primary. But even if trump wins the 2024 Republican primary, he won’t necessarily win the presidency. This depends largely on Biden’s performance during his term and whether he will seek re-election.

Byte denies Microsoft’s purchase

On August 6th, the Financial Times reported that Microsoft was seeking to acquire tiktok’s global business, including tiktok India and Europe.
In this regard, in the early morning of August 7, the byte skipping aspect said to the surging news reporter that the news was not true.
According to Reuters, Microsoft did not propose to buy the entire tiktok in the negotiation with byte skipping.
Earlier, Microsoft confirmed in a statement that it was in the process of negotiating the acquisition of tiktok us and byte hop, which would be completed no later than September 15.
According to Microsoft’s statement, Microsoft and byte hop are exploring a preliminary proposal involving the acquisition of tiktok’s services businesses in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Under the proposal, Microsoft will own and operate tiktok in these regions, and Microsoft will invite other U.S. investors to participate in the purchase of a minority stake.
Tiktok is a short video product launched by byte beating, which attacks overseas markets, and its function like TikTok is focused on the domestic market. Tiktok and mobile games information platform Sensor Tower data show that in April 2020, TikTok and jitter global downloads have exceeded 2 billion times.
Due to its Chinese background, tiktok is under great pressure in India and the United States.
U.S. President trump will order byte bounce to sell tiktok. Currently, trump has set a 45 day deadline for negotiations between byte skipping and Microsoft.
He threatened that the popular app would be banned in the United States if byte skipping didn’t sell tiktok to Microsoft (or other U.S. companies) in 45 days.
According to Sensor Tower, in July 2020, the jitter and TikTok were more than 102 million dollars in global App Store and Google Play, 8.6 times the tiktok of July last year, and again won the world mobile app (non gaming) revenue championship. Tiktok, China’s version of the 89% of its revenue, ranked second in the US market and contributed 6% of its revenue.

Circle of friends helicopter screen

On July 14, wechat’s “circle of friends helicopter” suddenly swiped the screen, and wechat officials were also confused. They asked in the microblog: where are so many friends? Circle helicopters? Online and so on. The author found that these “circle of friends helicopters” are a template, only changed the text. The main body of the aircraft is composed of various symbols, with “go! Take you to Aidou, take you to the mountain climbing, miss me And so on. The tail of the plane says, “I’ll send a helicopter to pick you up.”.
There is also a robot cat animation character version of the “ball collision momentum conservation experiment.”.
At present, “circle of friends helicopter” has become a hot microblog search, and spread in the microblog.

Hilary’s hair is plain and self portrait

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, up to now, the number of people infected with the virus in the United States has exceeded 1.1 million. After the failure of one million US Customs passes, the number of confirmed cases has increased by 100000 within three days, and the number of deaths has exceeded 60000. The numbers are terrible. US President Donald Trump still refuses to wear a mask, and approval ratings plummet. Now his longtime rival, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is on social media calling for people to wear masks to protect themselves.
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posted a self portrait on her social media on May 2 local time, local media reported. In the photo, Hillary is wearing a black dress, a black mask, and the words “vote” are written on it. This collocation takes a little thought. “No makeup, no clothes, but no masks. This is my essential item in spring. I wear masks for my country, my community, my grandson (vote).”
In order to match her own words, the 72 year old Hillary put aside her image burden and appeared in front of the audience, which is quite a struggle. Hillary under the plain face is really old. In fact, when Hillary was young, she was charming and intellectually beautiful.
According to the media, Hillary’s “vote” implied that she was voting for candidate Biden. This is an election year in the United States. The impact of the epidemic makes the trend of the election more confusing. Former US presidents Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been supporting Biden in public several days ago, and the three old friends are back together. When Barack Obama was president of the United States, Biden was vice president, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of state. Now the three are once again united. Biden’s approval ratings in several key states have surpassed Trump’s ever since Trump’s talk of syringes.
After her defeat in 2016, Hillary Clinton’s political ambition has not weakened, and she has been active in public political opinions. As for whether she will run this year, Hillary Clinton has always chosen the strategy of “attack, retreat and defend”, declaring that everything is possible. But the US media once reported that Hillary had too many scandals, which was one of the important reasons why she had been afraid to go to the campaign stage.
In the wake of Hillary’s appeal to wear masks, some netizens teased her and asked: did you wear masks when you and your husband were on Epstein’s Island?
Hillary Clinton and her husband Clinton have been involved in the Epstein scandal since last year, and there have been claims that Epstein died in prison, Hillary Clinton is the most suspected. Cui WA, a famous American talk show host, also asked Hillary directly on the show how did you kill Epstein?

Zhao Yihuan’s love

When it comes to actor Zhao Yihuan, you will be familiar with her. She has attracted much attention for her role in the youth inspirational play adolescence. Her beautiful appearance is known as the “house man goddess”. Although she is not popular, she still works hard in the entertainment circle. Recently, I seldom heard about her. I didn’t expect that the update would bring good news!
On March 25, Zhao Yihuan officially announced his love affair, and wrote: “finally, I found a person who kneels as soon as I stare!”! He announced his love in a special advertisement.
He also took a photo with his boyfriend. In the photo, the two were funny and cute, and their behavior was very close. Especially the picture of the man holding Zhao Yihuan, it was the boyfriend’s strength that exploded. They also looked like husband and wife.
Boyfriend liborn is also an all-around artist in the circle. He is a famous singer, actor and director. He once participated in the music talent show “super star avenue” and expressed his love to Xu Jiaying, who is the same contestant. The two got along as lovers for a long time, but they didn’t have much fame at that time and didn’t attract everyone’s attention.
Zhao Yihuan’s official relationship seems to be a little unexpected. In fact, the relationship between the two has a clue. When Zhao Yihuan attended a friend’s wedding, he met his boyfriend on the spot. At that time, they sat together, but they didn’t communicate much, and many people didn’t care.
Some netizens once photographed the picture of two people going shopping together. Zhao Yihuan was holding the man’s arm, just like a couple in love. At that time, the media also revealed something, but both of them didn’t respond to this, and finally they were slowly forgotten.
Later, it was photographed by the media. Zhao Yihuan hugged the man’s neck intimately. With such a close action, the relationship was clear at a glance. At that time, liborn looked very handsome, which was very different from now!
Recently, Zhao Yihuan and her boyfriend were photographed in the airport by the media. They didn’t avoid each other at all. Zhao Yihuan even wore a happy smile. Maybe that’s the reason why Guan Xuan suddenly appeared. After all, if they really love each other and recognize each other freely, it’s also a kind of respect for each other.
After the official announcement, the two people sang and danced together, showed their love in a special way, and the beautiful picture made people envious. From the video, we can realize that the two people have a deep feeling, and the feeling of happiness is beyond expression!
So it seems that the two people have experienced a long time from love to official publicity. They have been getting along with each other for a long time, and Zhao Yihuan has indeed reached the age of marriage. Although their career has not improved greatly, they have achieved perfect love, which is the most enviable thing.
Congratulations to our “house man goddess” Zhao Yihuan, who has found his true love and wishes them happiness forever!