Kaiwei Liu and Jiaxing

Recently, the contract between Hawick Lau and Jiaxing has expired, and the official studio account has also become the studio of Hawick Lau. The name of Jiaxing has been removed, which is said to have nothing to do with Yang Mi.
Recently, Hawick Lau’s studio changed its social account name and was accused of terminating the contract with Jiaxing. In fact, the main reason is that the contract expired. After the expiration, Hawick Lau chose not to renew the contract, but established his own exclusive studio, Hawick Lau’s studio, and officially separated from Yang Mi.
no renewal of the contract between Hawick Liu and Jiaxing] on the 25th, Netizens found that the official social media account of Hawick Liu studio changed from “Jiaxing Liu Kaiwei studio” to “Liu Kaiwei studio”, which triggered speculation about the expiration of the contract. Media confirmed that Jiaxing staff, the other side said: “the studio cancelled Jiaxing certification really because of the expiry of the brokerage contract between Kaiwei and the company. We cherish this time of cooperation very much. Although there is no renewal at work, we will always be good friends and sincerely wish him all the best in the future. “
In terms of Jiaxing media, on the 13th of this month, he was still doing publicity for Hawick Liu. It can be seen that although the contract expires, both parties still try their best to break up peacefully.
What’s the matter with the termination of the contract between Hawick Liu and Jiaxing? Hawick Liu doesn’t renew the contract when it expires, and Yang Mi officially divides his family!
Hawick Lau’s contract with Jiaxing media expires, and Yang Mi is completely separated
In fact, as early as when Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei divorced, there was news that Liu Kaiwei would leave Jiaxing. The predecessor of Jiaxing media is the studio that carries out activities around Yang Mi. Later, with the expansion, Jiaxing media was directly established. Later, Yang Mi signed a large number of artists, including delireba, Gao Weiguang, etc. In 2013, Hawick Lau set up his studio, which is also located under Jiaxing media. At that time, he was even “Jiaxing first brother”. But later, as the number of works decreased, new people gradually came to the top.
After Liu Kaiwei decided not to renew his contract and terminate it with Jiaxing, most of the netizens were supporting Liu Kaiwei. They said that in those days, Liu Kaiwei signed Jiaxing because of Yang idempotent. Now back to the beginning, it’s good for everyone, and they don’t have to worry about anything. They can start all over again.
Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei have been divorced for more than a year. They have not met each other in any scene, and they also live their own lives. Yang Mi mainly focuses on his career, while Liu Kaiwei mainly focuses on his daughter. However, there are not many rumors related to Liu Kaiwei. It was said that he was in contact with Tang Luowen before. However, when Liu Dan, the father of Lau Kaiwei, attended the event, he responded to the media about his son’s love affair with Tang Luowen. Liu Dan said that this was a fabrication. Liu Dan said he wanted to let his son fall in love as soon as possible.
Some time ago, according to Hong Kong media, it was revealed that Lau and Tang Luowen were suspected of secret communication, and they were suspected of getting together at the birthday party of their friend Lin Xiawei. Later, Lau made a clarification soon. Tang Luowen also made a response on this matter. When she attended the publicity activity of TVB’s new play “24 hours of memory loss”, she said: “no! We’ve only met a few times. I’m an ordinary friend. I’m single now. I haven’t been to that birthday party. That story is not true. “
Since the divorce of Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi, the public has also been very concerned about their emotional life. The online love between Yang Mi and Wei daxun is also widely spread, but also exposed a lot of “real hammers”.
Netizens have said that since the two have been divorced, even if there is a real love object is nothing, their own safety, do not disturb each other. I also hope that they can find their own happiness as soon as possible.