Shulan municipal Party Secretary removed

Late on the night of May 15, according to Jilin daily, Jilin provincial Party committee decided that Zhang Jinghui, deputy mayor of Jilin City, would concurrently serve as secretary of Shulan municipal Party committee, and Li Pengfei would be removed as secretary of Shulan municipal Party committee.
According to the public resume, Zhang Jinghui was born in March 1966. He used to be the deputy mayor of Huadian City, the member and deputy mayor of Huadian Municipal Committee Standing Committee, the member and deputy head of Changyi District Committee Standing Committee, the deputy secretary-general of Jilin Municipal government, the director of Changji integration office (at the level of head office), the deputy secretary-general of Jilin Municipal Government (at the level of head office), the deputy secretary, deputy mayor and acting mayor of Panshi Municipal Committee, the Deputy Secretary of Panshi Municipal Committee and the city Director, Secretary of Panshi municipal Party committee, etc.
In March 2019, Zhang Jinghui was appointed Vice Mayor of Jilin City, so far the adjustment has been made.
Li Pengfei, who was removed as secretary of Shulan municipal Party committee, was born in August 1964. He once served as deputy mayor of Panshi City, director of Panshi Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, member of the Standing Committee and deputy mayor of Panshi municipal Party committee, executive deputy director, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Secretary of Longtan District Party committee.
In 2015, Li Pengfei became the mayor of Shulan, and three years later, he was the Secretary of Shulan municipal Party committee in 2018.
Before that, there were clustered cases in Jilin City. As of 24:00 on May 14, there were 26 local confirmed cases in Jilin City, including 16 cases in Shulan City, 9 cases in Fengman District, 1 case in Chuanying District, and 2 cases with asymptomatic infection.
In May 10th, novel coronavirus pneumonia classification standard was adopted in May 10th. The risk level of the city has been adjusted to high risk and the only high-risk area in the country.
On May 15, at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Jilin City, Yang Limin, Deputy Secretary General of Jilin City, said that up to now, 5568 people have been identified and 686 close contacts with 26 confirmed cases have been traced, including 408 people in Shulan City, who have taken corresponding isolation medical observation as required.
Yang Limin said that Jilin city carried out nucleic acid detection to the maximum extent. The national health and Health Commission supported Shulan to build the national P3 mobile laboratory, which arrived in Shulan on the evening of May 13 and built a tent type biosafety level III laboratory overnight. As of 8:00 on May 15, 2217 nucleic acid tests have been completed. Jilin city cooperates with the third-party sampling institutions of Jilin Province to ensure all samples are submitted for inspection on time. Shulan city organized 352 medical staff to increase the power of nucleic acid detection.
Beijing News reporter noted that on the same day, Bayin Chaolu, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and the meeting of the leading group for epidemic prevention and control.
According to Jilin’s announcement, on May 15th, Ba Antsoru, head of the Jilin provincial Party committee and the Provincial Leading Group on epidemic prevention and control, chaired the meeting of the provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and the epidemic prevention and control leading group meeting, conveying the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the May 14th session of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau and the non party personages held by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and conveyed the study of Xi Jinping. Secretary, Li Keqiang, Wang Huning and sun Chunlan gave important instructions on Shulan’s epidemic prevention and control, and listened to the report on the key work of the province’s epidemic prevention and control. He stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and important instructions, promptly grasp the prevention and control of fine epidemic situation, quickly curb the epidemic trend, stabilize the epidemic situation as soon as possible, and do our best to win the epidemic prevention and control, and tackle tough battles. Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, governor and leader of leading group attended the meeting.
Ba Antsoru pointed out that the important speech and important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping fully reflected the Central Committee’s great attention to the epidemic prevention and control work in Jilin, the deep concern for the safety and health of the people in Jilin, and pointed out the direction for us to accurately grasp the epidemic situation at home and abroad, do a solid job in external defense input and prevent internal rebound. Touchstone and the important instructions and instructions are the key to the overall efforts of the whole province. The epidemic prevention and control should be regarded as the priority among priorities in the province’s work. The effectiveness of prevention and control should be tested as a touchstone of “Four Consciousnesses”, not strong and two maintenance. Xi Jinping should consciously carry forward political responsibility and continue to grasp the importance of careful external defense and internal defense. Work. We should draw lessons from others, be brave in introspection, learn from them, tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control at all times, resolutely overcome the thoughts of paralysis, weariness of war, fluke mentality and relaxed mentality, re compact the responsibility of prevention and control, re investigate the loopholes of prevention and control, re strengthen the key points of prevention and control, and re implement the requirements of prevention and control. We should take pressure as the driving force, race against time in an urgent manner, fight against diseases, stabilize the situation as soon as possible, never delay the aircraft, and never have local outbreaks. Premier Li Keqiang, Comrade Wang Huning and Comrade Sun Chunlan put forward specific requirements for the epidemic prevention and control work in our province, which should be studied and understood in depth and implemented well.
Bayin Chaolu pointed out that the epidemic situation in Jilin City and Shulan city is related to the overall situation of national prevention and control work, which is concerned by the central government and the whole country. All levels of Party committees, governments and all departments and units should fully understand the importance and urgency of epidemic prevention and control, further improve their political positions, strengthen their responsibilities, take more strict measures and more pragmatic style, comprehensively increase prevention and control efforts, quickly fill up weaknesses, resolutely reverse the passive situation of work, and win the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control. We should adhere to the principle of no delay and quick decision, integrate resources, fight as hard as possible, find out the source of infection and the transmission chain, quickly contain the epidemic momentum and stabilize the epidemic situation; we should adhere to the principle of two-line operation and overall defense; Jilin and Shulan should

37 Pentagon infections

According to CNBC, the U.S. Department of Defense announced Thursday that in order to prevent the new crown, defense secretary mark esper and Deputy Secretary David Norquist will be isolated and protected. From the 16th, the two top defense officials will be in a state of “physical isolation” and will only communicate with others via video phone. The Ministry of defense will carefully screen and control the number of people entering the residence of the Secretary of defense. At present, the Pentagon has 37 new crown confirmed cases, including 18 military personnel.

The total number of discharged patients in Hubei is over 10000

[3 consecutive drop of newly confirmed cases in Hubei Province] according to the data statistics of Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission, 349 newly confirmed cases in Hubei Province fell for the third consecutive day from 0-24 on February 19. In the past, there were 1933 cases (16 days), 1807 cases (17 days) and 1693 cases (18 days). As of 24:00 on the 19th, the cumulative number of cured and discharged patients in Hubei exceeded 10000. (CCTV News)
According to Red Star News
For the first time in 22 days! Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hubei are lower than 1000 cases.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Hubei from 0 to 24 in February 19, 2020, 349 cases were confirmed by new health care in Wuhan, including 615 cases in Wuhan, 5 cases in Shiyan, 3 cases in Suizhou, 2 cases in Xiangyang, 5 cases in Huanggang, 5 cases in Ezhou, 5 cases in Enshi, 5 cases in Tianmen, 2 cases in Enshi, 3 cases in authorized cities, and cases in the case of “reduction of 5 cities”. There were 31 cases of decrease in Jingzhou City, 66 cases in Xianning City and 107 cases in Jingmen City.
It is reported that this is the first time since January 29 that the number of newly confirmed cases in Hubei is less than 1000! The following is the novel coronavirus pneumonia case confirmed every day on ~2 18 January 27th in Hubei:
On the 18th, 1693 cases;
On the 17th, 1807 cases;
On the 16th, 1933 cases;
On the 15th, 1843 cases;
2420 cases on the 14th day;
On the 13th, 4823 cases;
On the 12th day, 14840 cases;
On the 11th, 1638 cases;
2097 cases on the 10th day;
On the 9th, 2618 cases;
2147 cases on the 8th day;
On the 7th, 2841 cases;
On the 6th, 2447 cases;
5 days, 2987 cases;
4 days, 3156 cases;
3 days, 2345 cases;
2 days, 2103 cases;
1 day, 1921 cases;
On the 31st, 1347 cases;
1220 cases in 30 days;
On the 29th, 1032 cases;
On the 28th day, 840 cases;

Song Yanfei and Zhang Yishan travel together

Recently, some netizens revealed that they met Meng Meiqi and Zhang Yishan in Japan. Some netizens speculated that their relationship was unusual. However, a netizen with knowledge of the matter “pinches the finger and calculates”, and finds that things are not so simple. Song Yanfei, Zhang Yishan’s gossip girlfriend last year, also went together. For a while, the speculation that the two “haven’t broken up” has aroused heated discussion among netizens again.
From the photos released by netizens, the first one on the left is Meng Meiqi, followed by her good friend, Zhang Yishan. Meng Meiqi is wearing a black dress with a black coat and a fisherman’s hat to keep a low profile. Zhang Yishan is wearing a casual sportswear, with a baseball cap to cover, all low-key.
Careful Netizens found that this Japanese tour was not only Zhang Yishan and Meng Meiqi, but also song Yanfei, who had an affair with Zhang Yishan last year. Although Zhang Yishan is not in the same frame in the photo, the time points are all right. These two people suspected to be in love in the guess caused the netizen’s hot discussion again.
Some netizens said, “I thought they broke up, but they didn’t. They were shocked. “And why do netizens think they don’t want to be public? It doesn’t affect their careers. The unsuspecting netizens asked, “have they ever been together?” “when were they together?”
Zhang Yishan’s girlfriend, song Yanfei, was suddenly revealed on the Internet by a netizen. It’s amazing that two people who didn’t have much contact and interaction were suddenly involved in the romance, but it didn’t happen that they would soon be involved in it.
There are careful netizens picking out the details of the same model suspected of two lovers, from many couple T-shirts to couple shoes, many details are suggestive of their love.
Then Zhang Yishan’s friend’s microblog accidentally revealed the whereabouts of their Valentine’s day. It is reported that it was in an indoor basketball court where several friends played basketball together. The friend said, “what Valentine’s day do you have? What kind of amorous people do you have?”. Is it not good to exercise? “Especially @ Zhang Yishan. The photos released by song Yanfei in ins are in the same place. It’s hard to believe the green chair and the same water bottle.
But let netizens pick out how many of the same money, both did not come forward to admit, things fermented for a period of time after people gradually forgotten. Now it seems that it has been two years since they were found traveling together in Japan. If they are really together, they can be regarded as a long-term relationship.
Meng Meiqi and song Yanfei both worked as interns in South Korea. They understood each other’s difficulties very well. They also celebrated their birthday together not long ago, saying that they were each other’s best friends, which shows their deep feelings. This time, she and Zhang Yishan, song Yanfei, traveled together in Japan. They were almost regarded as “shields”. Fortunately, the netizen “has a keen eye”, and found that Meng Meiqi just stepped in to play with them. Some netizens speculated that she was going to cover for them. In a word, she had no special relationship with Zhang Yishan.
This time, Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei were found traveling together in Japan. I wonder if they would come out and admit their love, or are they really friends, like the iron porcelain friendship with Yang Zi?

C919 Tianxiu painted moon cakes

It’s only a few days since the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. It’s known that what’s the matter with the C919 Tianxiu painted moon cakes? This is the reason why C919 Tianxiu painted moon cakes.
C919 Tianxiu Painted Mooncakes
In fact, this flight test subject is full of tests. According to the precise flight plan provided by the flight tube, the flight track is manually flown out by the test pilot at 1000 meters low altitude. In order to improve efficiency, the crew flew out in eight directions at one time. From the track, it is all right to see one thing, and the operation is zero error. Therefore, the aircraft designers are all right. Say, this is Captain Cai Jun’s hand-drawn “plum blossom picture” in the air. With such hard-core test pilots, we are also full of confidence in the 919 test flight evidence collection! _.
Captain Cai’s purpose of sending “moon cakes” is to release C919 aircraft from landing in low visibility weather, improve flight test efficiency, and lift the test flight restrictions at Pudong Airport. As for why we prefer the Plum Blossom Picture, Captain Cai said that the classics are beautiful.
Title of the original text –[Disclosure] What is the problem of C919 Tianxiu painted moon cakes? The reason for C919 Tianxiu painted moon cakes is this.


Unforgettable memories

“Time flies like an arrow, the sun and the moon flies like a shuttle.” In a twinkling of an eye, I have already entered junior high school, and I am a big boy. But unforgettable things always appear in my mind, because they are so cherished and stored in my mind and heart. And they always appear in front of me like movies, which can’t 广州桑拿be forgotten for a long time.
On summer nights, cicadas were still singing under tall sycamore trees, and frogs in the fields began to cry one after another. Today is my birthday and my grandfather is very happy. I’m busy to have a birthday party for me, because it’s my first birthday since I left my parents. Grandfather wanted to celebrate my growing up. I’m so happy! Grandfather is singing softly in the yard: “Happy birthday to you, I wish you have grown up, I wish you…” Tell me riddles, tell jokes and teach idioms. Sometimes I would watch the stars and the moon with my grandfather. They were so deep and sparse. The stars surround the moon. They are beautiful. Grandfather couldn’t help bending his mouth and laughing. I saw him laughing, and I clapped my hands and laughed with him. So the smiles of the young and the old look so good on this summer night…
Grandfather left me unforgettable, left 深圳桑拿网me too much thoughts, has been in my mind with his beautiful smile, bring me unforgettable memories.
Mr. Jiang
Today, I went to Mr. Jiang’s class. Teacher Jiang is always funny and humorous in class. He is a teacher of nature. Today, as soon as he was in class, he took out an egg and said to us, “How can we make this egg stand up?” Chido went forward and played with it for a long time without getting it right. And the teacher laughed, busy to let Chido go, and we laughed at him. After that, several more people went up to try it out, but they were unsuccessful. I also thought about many ways, but it should not be possible. This is Mr. Jiang’s high-minded expression. He said to us, “Nobody else can think of another way?” We all shook our heads. This is the teacher laughing again. The egg fell on the table with a snap, and the egg stood on the table. That’s what we suddenly realized.
Teacher Jiang’s class left me unforgettable, leaving me too much miss, has been in my mind is the wonderful lesson桑拿佛山, bring me unforgettable memories.
That day was our final exam, a very important final exam. I prepared everything for the exam, just for this exam. But when I arrived at the examination room, I regretted that I had forgotten to bring a ruler. Oh, no! This exam had to have a drawing question. Without the ruler, I would be dead. This is my good friend Li Fang. She knows my pain. Without saying a word, she broke her own ruler in half. Half of it was given to me and the other half was left to herself. I was grateful and looked at her with grateful eyes. But she smiled calmly, naturally and beautifully. With a ruler, I think this exam is just fantastic.
My friend’s sincerity left me unforgettable, leaving me too many memories, has been in the mind of her sincere eyes, Frank smile.
In a twinkling of an eye, I’m so old. But what happened before is still vivid, those unforgettable things are still in the mind, in the heart for a long time can not disperse, it is precisely because of these unforgettable stories, unforgettable memories, my life will become so happy, so happy. I will always treasure them in my heart and never forget them!

Remembering Grandpa

‘Grandpa, don’t you love me? Is it my arrival that you will stay in the world for a little longer, just to see me? Even a glance! I’m enough!’- Notes
“Rain in the Qingming Dynasty, pedestrians on the road want to die. Ask where the restaurant is. Passers-by point to Xinghua Village. Every time I mention this poem, the three words “Qingming Festival” always appear in my mind. That’s right. It’s this sad Festival – Qingming Festival.
In my mind, Qingming is to miss the days when I lost my loved ones. Although the sky is not beautiful, and did not take care of the people under the light fragrance of the continuous drizzle, so that everything is shrouded in sorrow. The warm sunshine also contains a touch of sadness, deep nostalgia and incomparable respect.
Three footprints broke the uninhabited silence on a rarely visited road. A little closer, the warm picture of three people will jump in front of you. Yes, the one in the middle, the shortest, with a needle in the ponytail and blackboard glasses, is me.
My parents and I made his way to worship my grandfather.
‘Did you see that kind grandpa? Did you see that grandpa I’ve never seen since I was born? Did you see that grandpa who didn’t give me a little love? If you saw it, tell me! Don’t let my impression of him be seen only in a black-and-white photo! If you saw it, tell me! Don’t let me know about him! It’s only in Grandma’s description! If you see it and tell me, I’ll be very grateful to you!’
I don’t know when you, the old man of time rushed by while I was silently reading the tightly packed notes in my hand.
It turned out that I had caught up with time to my grandfather’s tomb, and before my eyes was a row of neatly arranged soldiers, tall and powerful. But I believe your eyes will stay on the unique tall tree like mine. He is full of clusters of lilac flowers. Beautiful, small and lovely. Like a unique light in darkness; hugging warmth in cold; greeting dew in thirst.
Because it means so much to me – my grandfather’s patron saint.
Even if I’m not sure it is! Even if I don’t know how old it is! Even if I don’t know why it’s open here! Even if… It’s still very high in my heart, can you make me dislike it?
A shout pulled my thoughts back. I came to the lonely grave and worshipped regularly. In my ear came my mother’s constant nagging in the first half of the year: “Let your grandfather protect your health and enter a good university.” Although my mother told me this in my ear every time, I never obeyed. Soon firecrackers will be set off. I sat idly on the side of the stairs and wandered around. Sometimes I heard my parents talking about where to bury Grandma! Buried on Grandpa’s left or right. I was confused at once. It seems to me that someone is singing a sad melody in the bright red blood of the earth and venting the pain in his heart.
“Is it true that I have lost my grandmother’s love?” This sentence echoes in my mind. It can be said that there are endless sounds around the beam for three days. I sat down under the tree and buried my paper in the thick soil, playing with purple petals. Even later, my mother called me for a long time to respond.
It was only when I looked back that I found a flush hanging high behind me. The old man did not know where he had gone. The lost time also stays in the deep memory of my mind with the lost relatives. Because he let me experience unforgettable, once back to sadness, experience the treasure.