A nurse died on the roof of a building in Anhui Province

On November 15, media reports said a female nurse in Anhui died on the roof of the house of the vice president of the hospital where she worked. According to the police, vice president Deng Peng Lin resumed abortion for him. Hospital response is under investigation.
“Mr. Deng of Langxi County”, a relative of the nurse, was interviewed by the surging news. Mr. Deng said that the death of the nurse was discovered on the roof of the building by a good friend of the vice president of the hospital. The police investigated the whereabouts of the dead before the incident. On the day of the incident, she rode to the community where the vice president lived, and then she never came down again.
Xiaoxiang Morning Post reporter found a user named Deng Fubing, the father of Langxi victim. Judging from the content and release time of the microblog, the user was highly suspected of the father of the nurse in the above news report. He continuously released information about this matter on the microblog in late October.
According to the microblog posted by the user, her daughter was a nurse at the people’s Hospital of Langxi County, Anhui Province. At about 8:10 p.m. on October 14, the family learned that her daughter had died.
The family found a suicide note from her daughter, which said, “if there is a medicine for regret in the world, I don’t want to know him in my whole life. He is a quick murderer.” at the same time, there is also a statement that “I have worked very hard, and I really control myself when I get sick.”.

Refuse to marry mentally disabled girlfriend

Lao Yu, 52, from Henan Province, who works as a security guard, met Ms. Wang from Hangzhou eight years ago. After they lived together, the man gave his girlfriend 40 yuan a day for living, but he has not yet been able to register for marriage. It turns out that Ms. Wang is mentally disabled, and her guardian is her mother in her 70s.
However, Ms. Wang’s mother did not agree with the two people’s relationship. She had her own concerns and even proposed that if they married, the relationship between mother and daughter would be broken.
So, is Mr. Yu good to Ms. Wang? Ms. Wang thinks it’s OK. Compared with her mother’s attitude, Ms. Wang thinks that Mr. Yu dotes on her more and gives her more material things.
Yu said he wanted to be a family.
Then, the reporter issued a “soul question”:
If the woman’s mother agrees to marry them,
But no inheritance of the house,
Would you still like to marry Ms. Wang?
Mr. Yu replied: live together, die together, no matter what you want her (Ms. Wang).
The reporter also interviewed Ms. Wang’s mother, aunt Tian. When it comes to their love affair, Ms. Wang’s mother got excited and said that Lao Yu had a bad heart and was trying to find her real estate.
Aunt Tian said that they did not know each other for a long time, and Mr. Yu proposed to register for marriage. This raises doubts about his motives.
What makes aunt Tian suspicious and angry is that the other side has repeatedly sent threatening messages.
The first text message content: “you always said I was wishful thinking, dream to it! Let me tell you the truth. It’s about the house and inheritance. Ms. Wang is a disabled person. How to inherit the inheritance for the disabled is regulated by the state. It’s not to say whether you give or not to give it. It’s decided by the judge according to the inheritance law. “
The second message content: “Hello, auntie. In fact, I want to register with Ms. Wang to get married. It’s very easy! To the legal process, you can not stop, not to do so is to respect you, unlike you in court sad, to leave you some face. You think, as soon as I get the marriage certificate, I have the right to speak. Can you stand it? What can you do? I have morality and I don’t want to make you sad. “
Mr. Yu said that the above two messages were not sent by himself, but by Ms. Wang with his mobile phone.
But the third message, he admitted, was sent by himself: “the thing to register is that a lawsuit should be filed in the intermediate people’s court, regardless of the victory or defeat. Legal settlement is the only way. It can’t let you delay for a long time. “

Suyuan criminal wearing 7 years’ Anklet

China xiaokang.com, September 9 (Xinhua) on September 9, according to South Korean media reports, Zhao Douchun, the criminal prototype in the South Korean film Suyuan, will be released from prison after serving his sentence in December.
It is reported that Zhao Douchun, 68, had 17 previous convictions of injuring women. In 2008, he kidnapped and sexually assaulted an 8-year-old primary school girl in Anshan City, capital city. As a result, the victim was disabled for life and had to change into an artificial anus. Since then, he has been living with a defecation bag.

Tangshan Ms5.1 earthquake

According to the official determination of China seismic network, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 occurred at 06:38 on July 12 in Guye District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, with a focal depth of 10 km. According to the China Earthquake Network, the epicenter was 7 kilometers away from Guye District, 19 kilometers from Kaiping District, 23 kilometers from luanzhou City, 24 kilometers from Fengrun District, 27 kilometers from Lubei District, 28 kilometers from Tangshan City and 132 kilometers from Tianjin city. According to the quick report catalogue of China Seismological Network, 17 earthquakes with m ≥ 3 occurred within 200 km around the epicenter in the past five years, and the largest earthquake was this one. Netizens said that the earthquake was felt in Beijing and Tianjin.

Anhui responds to exam questions

Anhui higher vocational college entrance examination questions after the opening question outflow.
On the evening of May 31, Anhui Education and Enrollment Examination Institute reported that it had asked anqing education department to investigate and deal with the matter together with the public security organ, which has now locked out the relevant parties.
According to online information, on the morning of May 31, Anhui Province held the 2020 classified enrollment examination for higher vocational colleges. In a QQ group with 58 people, named “171 class groups”, from 9:02 a.m. to 10:02 a.m. on the opening time, a group member named “Li Yong” successively uploaded 18 suspected hand taken math, English and Chinese test papers, and required others in the group “Download the original picture”; please arrange the order. After “Li Yong” uploaded the suspected test paper, some members of the group sent the answers to 31-90 multiple choice questions to the group: “31-40cdabd, cdadd 81-90BDCCB,ABDBC”。
According to the aforementioned circular issued by Anhui Provincial Examination Institute, after the examination in the morning, the provincial examination institute received a report from candidates, reflecting that candidates in a county in Anqing used wechat to transmit pictures of examination questions during the examination, suspected of cheating. At present, the public security organ has targeted relevant parties. The provincial examination institute will seriously deal with the relevant responsible units and parties in accordance with the law and regulations according to the investigation and handling of the case, resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of candidates, and safeguard the fairness and seriousness of the examination.
According to the previously released information, Anhui Province 2020 Higher Vocational College classified examination enrollment and application-oriented undergraduate college enrollment for secondary vocational graduates cultural quality test was held on May 31. In January this year, the Department of education of Anhui Province issued the “notice on doing well in the enrollment of classified examination of Higher Vocational Colleges in 2020”. It is clearly mentioned that the management of examination and enrollment should be strictly enforced, “in particular, the confidentiality of test questions and the standardized management of examination business in the examination room should be strengthened, and the whole process of audio and video monitoring of key links of examination business should be implemented as required.”
Surging news( www.thepaper.cn )It is noted that in 2016 and 2017, Anhui Province held the classified examination of higher vocational colleges, there was a leakage of test questions.
According to the previous notice on the official website of Anhui Provincial Examination Institute, in 2016, in the cultural quality test of classified examination of Anhui higher vocational colleges, some students passed the QQ group to outflow the test papers with test numbers and spread the answers. Anhui Education and enrollment examination institute responded that the relevant QQ group had been locked and disbanded before the examination, and the test paper outflow department examinees took it out of the examination room when the invigilator teacher was not prepared after the examination. Anhui examination institute will seriously deal with the examinees and the relevant test staff according to the actual situation and regulations.
In addition, according to media reports such as China news.com, in March 2017, a number of local netizens in Anhui Province announced that in the classified examination of Vocational Colleges in Anhui Province held on March 19, there were test questions leakage and cheating in the examination room. Netizens reported that some examinees brought their mobile phones into the examination room, took photos of the inside scenes and papers of the examination room, and communicated with other students through QQ.
According to the investigation results of the event reported on the official website of Anhui education recruitment and examination institute in 2017, the suspects Bao, Zhang and sun are all senior three students of Baozhong high school in Huaiyuan County, suspected of cheating in the exam. Among them, Bao created QQ group for cheating in exams, Sun took photos of the test papers with his mobile phone and uploaded them, Zhang was responsible for answering and uploading the answers. Three people have been taken compulsory measures by the public security organs and are about to enter the judicial process. In addition, Huaiyuan County Bureau of education and sports has held three invigilators accountable, given warnings and banned them from participating in the national education examination this year and the next.

American politicians’ self destructing rumor

“Human nature is a rarity, and morality is a luxury.” Recently, the comments made by us netizens on the hysterical performance of politicians in Washington are very profound. At a time when the epidemic situation in many countries is slowing down and people’s lives are gradually restarted, it is lamentable that the world’s only superpower has maintained a daily growth of more than 20000 cases.
Data map provided by Xinhua News Agency
As American netizens have commented, politicians in Washington are to blame for such a rout! They ignore the life struggling on the death line in China, regard every appearance in front of the public as a show for political self-interest, and show the world another vulgar “talk show” full of fraud and rogue with all kinds of self destructing rumor and “throwing pot” performances.
Among them, the most anti intellectualist are the so-called “virus originated from Wuhan laboratory” and “decoupling from China” rumors and fallacies. They not only violate the scientific laws, but also do not respect the economic laws, which will eventually harm the lives of the American people and the economic development of the United States. Obviously, this is not only the black humor of Americans, but also a kind of “self mutilation attack”.
First look at the source of the virus. At present, many scientists have confirmed that the new coronavirus is not made in laboratory. In an interview with national geographic on May 4, local time, Antony fouch, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, said that according to the existing scientific evidence, it can be ruled out that the new coronavirus was artificially or deliberately manipulated. John Ratcliffe, the U.S. national intelligence chief designate, said at the Senate Intelligence Committee nomination hearing that “no evidence” that the new coronavirus originated in the laboratory or from the Wuhan market was seen. Maria van Khov, who’s technical director of the health emergency program, said at a press conference Thursday that 15000 complete virus gene sequences showed that the new coronavirus was not man-made.
However, in the face of the consensus of the scientific community, some politicians in the United States, like ostriches buried their heads in the sand, kept their eyes closed and repeatedly claimed that the “evidence” showed that the virus originated in Wuhan laboratory. In response, former FBI general counsel Weissman criticized that this statement can be classified as “White House fake news”, which is just as ridiculous as the previous US leaders said that injecting disinfectant into the body can eliminate the new coronavirus.
Dramatic scene happened again: on the 6th local time, US officials said in response to questions from reporters that the US was not sure that the new coronavirus originated from the laboratory in Wuhan, China. He also quibbled that this did not contradict what he had previously called “a great deal of evidence” that the new coronavirus “came from Wuhan laboratory.”. Since I’m not sure, I’d like to admit that the chiseled “evidence” in their foreword is shameful? This so-called non contradiction is a ridiculous slap in the face!
And more revelations show that the emergence of patients with the new U.S. crown epidemic is much earlier than the official release, even when the influenza pandemic last September was likely to spread in the U.S. community. Stealing chicken doesn’t eat rice! The rumours of American politicians are obviously harmful to others, to themselves and to themselves.
If the rumor that “the virus originated from Wuhan virus Institute” exposed the scoundrels of some American politicians, then the fallacy of “decoupling from China” showed the world the frankness, rudeness and ignorance of some American politicians.
It is still remembered that at the beginning of the outbreak, when China was fighting the epidemic with all its strength, US officials once gloated that the outbreak would accelerate the return of manufacturing industry to the United States and bring more jobs to the country. However, the United States is now the country with the largest number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world, with the economy falling the most since the 2008 international financial crisis in the first quarter. According to the latest report released by ADP, the number of jobs in the United States fell by 20.236 million in April, more than twice the total number of unemployed during the 2008 international financial crisis.
Even so, some American politicians are still paranoid and running on the road of self harm. The White House “teachers” led by Navarro and Kudrow tried to encourage us investment to withdraw from China, instigated “Sino US economic and trade decoupling”, and even proposed that the US government consider paying for the part of us enterprises withdrawing from China. The U.S. government is accelerating a plan to remove China from the global industrial supply chain, Reuters reported recently, citing several officials familiar with the matter. Its madness is close to the highest form of self mutilation suicide.
But do these irrational politicians think other people’s brains are just as bad as theirs? Why should American enterprises, who have been deeply involved in China for many years, become the pawns of this American politician who has helped to get addicted to the mouth but made a mess of epidemic prevention and control? Do politicians have the ability to provide a market of 1.4 billion people for these American enterprises? Does this kind of gambler mentality want to push the United States to a place of no return?
What about the reality? Recently, many American enterprises have expanded their investment and operation in China. For example, Starbucks China’s “coffee Innovation Industrial Park” project was signed in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province; Tesla company announced to expand the capacity of its Shanghai plant; ExxonMobil’s 10 billion dollar Huizhou ethylene project was officially launched; Wal Mart announced to expand investment in Wuhan American enterprises have demonstrated their confidence in the Chinese market and the Chinese economy through practical actions, and collectively booed these vulgar “talk show” politicians.