Antarctic temperature first breaks 20 degrees

It is reported that this data is taken from Seymour island on the outer island chain at the northern end of Antarctica, which has Marambio research base in Argentina.
Chevy said cautiously that the high temperature recorded on February 9 on an island outside the northern tip of Antarctica “does not make sense for the overall climate change trend” because it is part of a single temperature measurement rather than a long-term monitoring.
Snow Buddha said that the high temperature measured this time is part of a 20-year research program aimed at the impact of climate change on permafrost in Antarctica. He said the previous high temperature record was over 19 ℃.
It is reported that in recent years, the speed of glacier melting has accelerated, especially the rapid melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, which has contributed to the continuous rise of sea level, posing a threat to the coastal mega cities and small island countries.
Argentina’s National Meteorological Administration also announced that the Esperanza research base near Seymour island also recorded 18.3 degrees Celsius at noon on February 6, the highest temperature since records began in 1961. These data must also be verified and confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization.