Pregnancy after plastic surgery

Recently, 23-year-old Xiaomei had plastic surgery under general anesthesia in a cosmetic and plastic surgery institution in Chongqing. Two days after the surgery, she found that she was pregnant. However, to her anger, she had a pre-operative physical examination at the beauty agency, which showed that she was not pregnant. Xiaomei felt that the result was caused by the beauty agency that gave her anesthesia. But beauty agencies say
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
Xiaomei is a young girl who loves beauty and has a high demand for her beauty. On December 4 last year, she came to a beauty agency in Chongqing for rhinoplasty.
But two days after the operation, she found that her body was different: she always had nausea after eating. Her boyfriend asked her to buy a test paper to test whether she was pregnant. The result showed that she was pregnant.
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
Afraid of the error of the pregnancy test stick, Xiaomei immediately went to the hospital for examination, and the results showed that she was really pregnant.
Get this result, Xiaomei can’t believe it, because before the beauty surgery, the beauty agency also made a special physical examination for her.
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
Although she hasn’t planned to get married and have children yet, Xiaomei thinks her body will definitely be hurt. Therefore, she feels that the above beauty agencies have unshirkable responsibilities in this matter.
According to the later pregnancy test, Xiaomei’s accurate pregnancy time should be around November 19, which is exactly half a month from the day of her operation. After consulting the doctor, Xiaomei learned that she could find out whether she was pregnant in half a month.
The reporter also inquired about the information and found that through the blood test, pregnancy can be determined in 7 days. Xiaomei later learned that the so-called urine test of Xingzhi beauty agency is actually carried out with ordinary pregnancy test stick, which seems not reliable.
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
“The hospital has proved that I am pregnant. After I found the beauty agency with the hospital’s checklist, they still didn’t believe it. They took out their pregnancy test stick and asked me to test it. The result showed that I was not pregnant. At that time, they told me to go to the manufacturer and said that there was something wrong with the test paper! “
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
But the head of the beauty agency said that when asked before the operation, Xiaomei had said that at the end of November, she had signs of menstruation.
Xiaomei said that now it seems that her previous two days of false menstruation should be a pregnancy reaction, but unfortunately the pregnancy test stick did not successfully detect it.
The head of the beauty agency said that originally they had a strict testing process, but they didn’t have a blood test machine here. “If you do a blood test, the result is the most accurate.”.
The two sides decided to settle the matter through the judiciary because of the big difference in the amount of compensation.

Jiangge’s mother claims 2.03 million yuan

Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) 5, jiangge murder case – mother jiangqiulian to the right to life dispute against Liu Xin case in Qingdao Chengyang District People’s court called a pre court meeting. Jiang Qiulian was not able to appear due to physical discomfort. The pre court meeting was held from about 9:00 to 11:00, and Liu Xin was unable to attend. Jiang’s lawyer said the amount of the civil claim was more than 2.038 million yuan.
The pre court meeting will begin at about 9 a.m. this morning. Huang Leping, a lawyer representing jiangqiulian, jiangge’s mother, came to the court alone in the early morning. According to him, jiangqiulian was not present at the scene because she was not feeling well today and was worried that her mood would be out of control and affect the pre court meeting.
However, Liu Xin’s side did not appear in court.
At about 11:00, Huang Leping walked out of the court and said to Liu Xin, “I’m sorry, but it’s her right.”
At today’s pre court meeting, Mr. Huang said he would submit some evidence. According to Jiang, the existing evidence of criminal cases is incomplete and follow-up evidence is being supplemented. Japan was scheduled to submit additional evidence on April 1, but this part of the work has not been completed due to the impact of the epidemic.
Huang Leping said that in view of the original plan for the formal hearing of the case on June 30, it is expected that there will be several pre-trial meetings before the hearing, so the exchange of evidence has not been completed at present.
Beijing News reporter learned that the total amount of the civil compensation claim is more than 2.038 million yuan.
Liu Xin and Jiang Ge are roommates while studying in Japan. The Beijing News previously reported that Jiang Ge was killed by Liu Xin’s boyfriend Chen Shifeng on November 3, 2016, outside his residence in Tokyo, Japan. In November 24 of the same year, our police issued a warrant for Chen Shifeng on suspicion of murder. In December 14 of the same year, Chen Shifeng was formally charged with the crime of killing by the prosecutor.
Since August 2017, Jiang Qiulian has gone to Copenhagen for four times, collecting more than 4.5 million signatures and asking for Chen Shifeng’s death penalty.
On December 11, 2017, Jiang GE’s murder case was heard in the court in Benben. After six days of court trial, Chen Shifeng was sentenced to 20 years for intentional murder and intimidation.
Jiang Qiulian believed that Jiang GE’s death was related to Liu Xin, so she sued Liu Xin with a dispute over the right to life. The case was accepted in October 2019.

Severe dengue epidemic in Brazil

According to the latest statistics of the Brazilian Ministry of health, there are 94149 cases of dengue fever and 14 deaths in the country. The cases of infection are mainly concentrated in the central and western regions of the country. Another 62 people are suspected of dying of dengue fever. The specific cause is still under investigation. Dengue fever is an acute insect borne disease caused by dengue virus transmitted by mosquito vectors. The typical clinical manifestations are high fever, headache, severe muscle and joint pain, etc.

Zhou Dongyu is drunk

On the evening of October 11, Zhou Dongyu was photographed by the gossip media to get drunk and drunk. According to the news, the assistant was tightly held by the assistant after the winter rain, and could not take care of himself. Zhou Dongyu wore a big white hoodie that had been shown at the airport. His face was blocked tightly. A pair of small-legged small-legged legs did not listen to the cotton step. The assistant licked his mouth all the way, feeling quite strenuous.

Pay New Year call

Reading “Red Mansion” idly, I suddenly became interested in the chapter of Wu Jinxiao’s gift. As the year approached, Zhuangtou Wujin filial piety came into Jia’s house with a lot of property in the case of serious natural disasters on the manor, 桑拿佛山but was reprimanded by the master, which showed the difficulty of giving gifts.
A good friend said that the New Year’s journey has been extended a lot, and the New Year’s greetings began in December. It is said that besides the CPPCC without power, the other leaders of the “Four Great Masters” began to busily receive the “New Year’s Ceremony” of the townships and the general situation in December. Corruption heroes at all levels of investigation and punishment received a considerable part of the bribes at the turn of the year. Can you queue up to give gifts? Although this year’s gift is not for the head of a town or director to pay his own pocket, it is for the taxpayer’s money to be withdrawn in another way.
In Tokyo Menghualu, the elder Meng described Bianjing in the Northern Song Dynasty as follows: “On October 1st, the Kaifeng Palace opened its doors for three days, and scholars and ordinary people celebrated each other as early as possible.” Lu Rong said in Zaji of Shuyuan that “on New Year’s Day of the Beijing Normal University, people from the court officials to the ordinary people alternate with each other for days, which is called”New Year’s greeting”. However, the common people worship their relatives and friends more sincerely. When dealing with officials, there is more love than expertise.
Nowadays, I hate New Year’s greetings, which is closely related to the bad habit of official New Year’s greetings in The Miscellaneous Records of Tobacco Garden. “When dealing深圳桑拿网 with officials, there is more love than expertise.” What a brilliant statement.
It’s the New Year’s Day again. My son can’t wait to set off firecrackers. His delighted and tender face is full of joy. In the year of “knowing the destiny of heaven”, I could not adapt to the noise of the outside world in my heart, on the contrary, I often added the expectation of peace. But secular, I still need to maintain the secular process, start a tired New Year’s journey.
As for New Year’s greetings, I have never been fond of them. Uncommunicative I am tired of the triviality of etiquette. From the day my parents grew up in their eyes, I assumed the task of paying New Year’s greetings. As soon as the twenty-third year of December passed, the mother steamed the gift of “dog tongue” according to the number of relatives she should visit. One by one, according to the distance of relatives, began to pay New Year’s greetings. New Year’s greeting strengthens the relationship between relatives and friends in the age of self-sufficiency. In the process of wishing the elders a long and healthy life, I collect a dime or two of New Year’s money to express my love. It is said that New Year’s money can suppress evil spirits, because the homonym of “age” and “haze” enables the younger generation to get lucky money and live safely through the year.
It is not necessary for New Year greeters to be polite. The custom of greeting the New Year with cards, which rose in the Ming Dynasty, is a very civilized example. Wen Zhengming, the poet, described in his poem “The Year of the Congratulations” that “there is no need to meet but to talk, and famous papers are covered up; I also throw a number of papers with people, so it’s not too empty to hate Jane in the world.” I appreciate the rising trend of SMS New Year广州桑拿 greetings. During the Spring Festival, relatives, friends and partners greet each other by SMS. Greetings have become a very popular element in life. As long as all friends are included in the field of vision, gently move your fingers, a mood, a greeting will float to the other side’s field of vision, bright and concise.
“The bell rings, the years go by, the stories are left behind, the hope is brought, the hope is beautiful, the blessings are sent, wish friends a happy New Year!”