Denigrate the identity of PLA big V

In 2010, he was wanted by the Public Security Bureau for false reports. He had a fight with Zhao Zhen, a reporter of football, and was stopped by the Jinan Public Security Bureau.
Every PLA soldier is the most lovely person. The security of the country, the happy life of the people and the territorial integrity of the motherland are inseparable from the escort of PLA soldiers.
And those heroes who died for their country deserve more respect from every Chinese.
Recently, CCTV News reported on the five martyrs who died in defending the southwest border of the motherland. The whole country paid tribute to the martyrs and appreciated their dedication to the country.
However, a very small number of people, contrary to justice, publicly insult five PLA soldiers who died on the Internet. He is Weibo big V spicy pen small ball. His real name is Qiu Ziming. He used to be a reporter of the economic observer. , there are many online names such as spicy pen ball, Baiyi river crossing, etc.
After Qiu Ziming’s insulting remarks were exposed, Sina Weibo immediately took action to ban the account for a tentative period of one year. Sina Weibo official said that it would carry out follow-up treatment in accordance with laws and regulations. As of the time of this article, the public security organs did not take measures against it.
From a legal point of view, it is a crime to read more than 4000 insulting posts. First of all, popularize science: before Jiang GE’s mother sued a defendant, it was related to the crime of insulting and defamation, and the reading volume of microblog exceeded 4000.
Qiu Ziming has more than 2.54 million fans on his microblog, and the number of people reading a post of Sui Biao soon exceeds 10000. He insulted the heroes of the blog, the impact is extremely bad, obviously, has constituted a crime.
It’s not that the public security organs are not officials, but that they have not found out yet. This is a matter on the Internet, and the intervention of the public security needs a process.
In addition, this kind of case, in accordance with legal procedures, follows the principle of “investigation after telling”, that is to say, it needs a plaintiff.
Qiu Ziming has a criminal record.
In May 2010, Qiu Ziming, a reporter of the economic observer, got the clue that Wang Bailang, the actual controller of Kane shares, was suspected of embezzling state-owned assets, occupying state-owned land, and laundering the assets of listed companies into personal pockets during the restructuring of Kane group.
Since June 7, 2010, Qiu Ziming, a reporter of the economic observer, has published several articles entitled “Kaien stock reform: the mystery of changing the sky for the sun to be solved”, “Kaien stock re investigation: concealed related party transactions” and so on, aiming at a listed company named Kaien stock in Suichang County, Zhejiang Province, which has aroused widespread concern of the society.
Suichang County police and government officials said on July 3, 2010 that they would continue to investigate Qiu Ziming. On July 23, 2010, they decided to take criminal detention for Qiu Ziming, who was wanted nationwide for the crime of “damaging the company’s business reputation”.
In December 2010, Qiu Ziming was accused of accepting 50000 yuan of bribes, while another official of the economic observer was accused of receiving 800000 yuan, according to the English version of China Daily, which was transferred from Xinhua news agency.
In July 2017, Qiu Ziming had an online fight with another microblog big v. Qiu Ziming publicly attacked Zhao Zhen, a reporter of football newspaper, and the two men arranged to fight to Jinan, which was later stopped by the public security department.
This incident of insulting PLA soldiers has aroused public indignation. It is also hoped that the public security department will intervene in the investigation as soon as possible, give an account to the public, and bring those offenders to justice.

Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei break up

At 23:00 on August 5, song Yanfei’s studio announced that song Yanfei had broken up with Zhang Yishan today. And the two people have not been officially announced, the news of direct break-up also made netizens very surprised. Just today, Zhang Yishan was exposed to be in and out of the hotel with a beautiful woman, suspected to have been cheating.
Song Yanfei and Zhang Yishan have been rumored to be in love before, because the photos they often display on social platforms include wearing the same clothes, which is suspected to be lovers’ clothes.
In addition, there are a lot of small details revealed that the two people have been together for a long time, but they have never officially declared a relationship.
“Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei fell in love three years ago,” a well-known gossip blogger said on the Internet He also said in the comment area that he was deeply in love with song Yanfei. Such remarks naturally caused great controversy, and Zhang Yishan also suffered a lot of negative public opinions.
Song Yan Feifang admitted that after breaking up, netizens’ attitude was also very clear. Many people speculate that song Yanfei should have seen the news that day before she learned that Zhang Yishan was going to spend the Spring Festival together. However, perhaps the two people’s feelings have been at odds before, but Zhang Yishan does have ambiguous behavior with the woman.
Song Yanfei’s breakup speed is also very fast, simple and clear to open her love with Zhang Yishan, and at the same time, official Xuan has broken up. However, at present, Zhang Yishan has not responded to her scandal. Song Yanfei is still busy with her work. She is a little tired, but she is in good shape.
Less than half a month ago, Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei were photographed in the same neighborhood, and song Yanfei was acquiesced as Zhang Yishan’s real girlfriend.
However, song Yanfei is also more and more beautiful, has long been graceful. The figure and temperament are excellent, and Zhang Yishan was originally a talented couple.
Other people’s feelings are complex. It is impossible for outsiders to understand clearly. Next, we’d better wait for Zhang Yishan’s response.

Microsoft suspends takeover talks

Recently, it was reported that Microsoft intends to acquire tiktok, a short video interactive entertainment product under bytecomb. It is said that the two sides have even entered the final stage of negotiations, and the decision will be announced as soon as next Monday.
However, the wall street side said that Microsoft temporarily gave up the consultation and the cooperation was suspended. It seems that whether there is the possibility of a subsequent rekindling, it still needs to consider the external situation.
Before that, Microsoft had planned to change the name of tiktok to Microsoft teens. Moreover, the company believes that the takeover of tiktok by an American company after the dispute is a transaction that can be approved by the upper level, but all this has now come to nothing.
According to foreign media, tiktok has as many as 100 million users in the United States, but the company has not yet made a profit due to frequent acquisitions. This year’s revenue is expected to be about $1 billion, and may reach $6 billion next year.
In addition, it is said that tiktok has also released a sincere signal of increasing 10000 local jobs. Even Zhang Yiming is willing to sell his own shares in tiktok, but it is not clear whether this can reverse the current situation.

Parents are recommended to work with certificates

Affected by the epidemic, the 2020 national two sessions were held recently. There are many new changes in this special session of the NPC and the CPPCC, but as before, the topic of education is still one of the hot topics of general concern during the two sessions. During this year’s two sessions, what suggestions and proposals on education did the Tianjin representatives put forward?
Gong Jianli, deputy to the National People’s Congress: expanding the coverage of quality education resources
Gong Jianli, deputy to the National People’s Congress and deputy director of the assembly workshop 3 of Tianjin No.
We will further improve the fair oriented education supply system, establish a mechanism for coordinating high-quality education resources between urban and rural areas, and promote a balanced distribution of high-quality education resources between urban and rural areas and between schools.
Give full play to the radiation leading role of high-quality schools and excellent teachers, adopt diversified school running mechanisms such as group running, entrusted management, school district system management, famous schools running branch schools, pairing assistance, etc., build a platform for sharing resources among schools, enhance management level and education and teaching level as a whole, and promote the common development of all schools.
We should actively explore the deep integration and innovation of “Internet plus education”, strengthen the top-level design of educational resources allocation, promote division and cooperation, and establish and improve the institutional mechanism and policy system of social participation.
We will speed up the development of private education and broaden the channels for social forces to participate in running schools.
We will improve the family education system and build a new model of school family interaction and online and offline complementarity.
Cao Xuetao, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference
Cao Xuetao, member of the CPPCC National Committee and President of Nankai University, suggested that through strengthening and improving the physical education of the University, students’ physical and mental health and comprehensive quality should be improved.
Cao Xuetao said that in recent years, although the overall physical condition of young students has improved, there is still a downward trend in the physical health level of college students, which is related to factors such as the gradual reduction of the standard of physical health test items, the lack of initiative and consciousness of students to participate in physical exercise, the lack of health education system in Colleges and universities, the lack of physical spirit and physical culture.
To this end, Cao Xuetao put forward several suggestions based on the tradition and work practice of “sports people” in Nankai University
First, we should return to the origin of physical education, take enhancing the physical quality of students as the basic starting point and end point, study and revise the national physical exercise standard, and improve the tracking, guidance, monitoring and evaluation system of physical health;
The second is to change the concept of physical education, from focusing on the teaching of knowledge and skills to the cultivation of health awareness, habits and sports spirit, and guide students to develop a good habit of actively participating in physical exercises and persisting in physical exercises for life;
Third, we should strengthen the concept of “sports people”, run sports education through the whole process of talent cultivation and personality building, and promote the healthy development of students’ body and mind, especially encourage students to participate in competitive sports training and events, understand the connotation of competitive sports, and cultivate sports culture spirit;
The fourth is to include postgraduates in the scope of physical health test, and strengthen their consciousness of taking part in physical exercise actively by establishing physical health files and issuing physical health certificates for graduates.
At the same time, the results of postgraduate physical health evaluation should be included in the quality evaluation system of postgraduate training.
Ding Mei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference
Ding Mei, member of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy head of Hedong District, suggested that the 0-3-year-old early education stage should be gradually included in the adjustment scope of the education law, and the establishment of 0-3-year-old early education institutions should be clearly stipulated in the law on the promotion of private education and the implementing regulations.
The market supervision department should strengthen the supervision of the registered educational consulting enterprises during and after the event, strengthen the on-the-spot visit, find out the real business situation in time, and strengthen the punishment to the organizations that are actually engaged in the early education activities in the name of educational information consultation, and resolutely stop the operation beyond the scope. At the same time, information exchange with education departments should be strengthened to prevent supervision vacuum and blind area.
Increase the illegal cost of early education institutions. The education department shall formulate targeted management rules. For the early education institutions approved by the education department, a letter of commitment shall be submitted to ensure the safety of children when they are established, and a certain amount of deposit shall be paid to pay for the compensation of casualties in early childhood teaching activities. Introduce the market exit mechanism, strengthen the training and safety warning education for the personnel of early education institutions, and ensure the personal safety of children.
Xu Hongling, member of the CPPCC National Committee: “parents” should also attend classes and obtain the certificate of “qualified parents”
Xu Hongling, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of the CPPCC Nankai District, suggested that parent classes be held in the community. Establish a “parent education guidance studio” for parents of school-age children, and hire third-party or experienced volunteers as teachers. For the parents who are going to enter the primary school, we will carry out relevant course education, and issue the “qualified parents” work license to enter the school with the students’ files.
Build “parent school” in the school. To explore the construction of “parent education”, especially for the parents of students with problem tendency, to establish a one-to-one teaching program to solve practical problems. Regular lectures, case analysis, on-site simulation and other forms of teaching, to establish a correct concept of family education in the monitoring population.
Strengthen the education and training of “parents to be”. Starting from the parents to be ready to work, let the mothers to be and fathers to be have full attention to “birth” and “education”

The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas on avian influenza

[Ministry of agriculture and rural areas: the human incidence of avian influenza is very low# #There is no need to talk about bird color change. At the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Yang Zhenhai, director of the animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said that in February, a highly pathogenic avian influenza epidemic occurred in Shaoyang, Hunan Province, and Nanchong, Sichuan Province. At present, the handling of the epidemic has been completed, killing 28214 poultry in the epidemic area. At present, the incidence of avian influenza is very low both among birds and among humans. There is no need to “talk about the color change of birds”. You can eat the qualified and legally listed poultry products at ease.