50 years of marriage

  1. In the impression of Zhang Jianguo, the eldest son, on December 17, 2019, Han Fang and her mother discussed how to escape from home through a video phone call? There is no one in my mother’s family, so I can’t be picked up. ” At that time, it was near the end of the new year, and Zhang Jianguo wanted to talk about it after the new year. But Han Fang hung up without a few words, “the madman is back.”. Later, Zhang Jianguo recalled that this was his mother’s last call for help. Only three days later, the tragedy happened.
    “My elder sister said that she wanted to get a divorce, but later she was soft hearted. How could there be a divorce in the village at that time?” Han Qin said that her parents also advised her sister not to leave. She said that “if a woman marries her child again, her child will be aggrieved.” moreover, my father thinks that Zhang Maorong is my sister’s favorite, so he can’t live a happy life after divorce
    In the former home, the two brothers and two daughters in law advised their father not to fight against their mother, and sometimes they would stop him. However, whoever advised Zhang Maorong would hit him, slapping him in the face or kicking him with his feet. Once, he chased Zhang Jianjun with an axe. Zhang Jianguo said, “for so many years, one is afraid of him, afraid of him; the other is our old man, I can’t beat him.”
    According to local customs in Heilongjiang Province, the dead can only enter the earth after five years. Zhang Maorong’s ashes are still in the brown red box of the funeral home in Nenjiang city. Zhang Jianguo came to the funeral home and put steamed bread, meat, cigarettes and apples on the memorial platform. He also brought a bottle of wine for his father who didn’t drink before he died, but he didn’t kneel down. Instead of going to the funeral home, Zhang Jianjun burned some paper money at the crossroads of the village.
    Han Maofang, who had just served a year in Heilongjiang Province, was convicted of intentional killing her father and brother.