Tianjiang business aircraft

On April 25, 2020, the Gulfstream G550, a top-level business aircraft parked at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, was hit on the right wing and punctured by a “foreign body from the sky”. About 10 months after the incident, the aviation safety committee of Sichuan civil aviation safety supervision and administration released the investigation report on the incident on the 20th of this month.
According to the investigation report obtained by surging news, the foreign matter that hit the Gulfstream G550 aircraft came from the subway construction area outside the airport. The explosion of the gantry crane at the construction site caused fragments to fly into the airport and hit the wing of the aircraft. The repair cost of the aircraft is estimated to be US $28.8 million (about RMB 186 million), more than 60% of the new aircraft price of US $45 million. At present, the owner of the machine, international machinery and equipment import and export trade Co., Ltd., is still waiting for compensation from relevant units.
According to the investigation report, on April 13, 2020, the G550 / b-8275 aircraft hosted by Beijing Hanyu Aviation Co., Ltd. stopped at Shuangliu Airport 618 after the flight mission from Hangzhou to Chengdu. During the parking period, the aircraft was not damaged. On April 14, the plane was towed to position 508 and stopped until the incident, during which the plane did not move.
At 9:28 on April 26, the cleaner of Shuangliu Airport reported that screws and other parts were found under the b-8275 aircraft in 508 slot. Apron supervisor rushed to the scene immediately and found that the right wing of b-8275 was damaged. Hanyu aviation maintenance inspection found that the middle part of the right wing of the aircraft was punctured, and there was a massive metal residue inside the damaged wing.
After receiving the incident report, Sichuan regulatory bureau immediately rushed to the scene to carry out investigation as authorized by Southwest administration. The aircraft involved was Gulfstream g550b-8275 aircraft hosted by Beijing Hanyu Aviation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hanyu aviation”). After on-site investigation and acquisition of apron surveillance video, it was confirmed that the right wing of G550 / b-8275 was hit by a flying metal object.
The apron surveillance video shows that at 3:37:11 a.m. on April 25, a foreign object hit the right wing of the aircraft. Judging from the residual image of foreign objects, the direction of foreign objects is the tail of the aircraft. Before the plane was hit, there was no damage to the right wing. After the plane was hit, there was obvious shaking of the fuselage and damage to the right wing.
Surging news noted that the scene of the incident was located at 508 parking lot on the east side of the 20L runway end of Shuangliu Airport, a newly expanded parking lot in recent years, with 508 parking lot as the center and the East, West and north sides of the parking lot area.
The length of the broken side is 60cm, the width is 25cm, and the distance between the center point and the circular edge is 26cm.
As the incident involved non civil aviation units, Sichuan regulatory bureau coordinated with Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department and Airport Public Security Bureau to participate in the investigation. After more than one month’s visit, investigation and analysis, it was finally confirmed that the metal object came from the construction area outside the airport boundary on the south side of 508. According to the investigation report, at about 3:37 a.m. on April 25, 2020, a gantry crane in the construction area broke down and exploded during construction, causing the brake wheel of its main lifting mechanism to break, the broken parts flew out and hit the right wing of the aircraft.
According to the investigation report, the construction site involved is No. 3 civil engineering work area of Chengdu rail transit line 19 phase II project. The third-party appraisal company also confirmed that the metal residues on the right wing of b-8275 aircraft and the gantry crane in the construction area outside the airport boundary south of 508 stand were the broken parts of the brake wheel of the main lifting mechanism of the gantry crane in the construction area.
The remnant is an arc-shaped metal block, which is left in the right wing. The fracture side is 60cm long and 25cm wide. It hit the upper surface of the right wing from top to bottom, causing penetrating damage to the right wing. The upper surface of the wing is 88cm * 60cm open damage, and the lower surface is 60cm * 45cm through damage. The internal beam and stringer are fractured in different degrees, and the fuel return pipe is fractured.
Gulfstream G550 is one of the world’s top long-range business jet models. It is launched by Gulfstream aerospace company of the United States. Its range can reach Tokyo directly from New York. Because of its excellent performance and cabin comfort, many rich people choose it as a private aircraft. According to upstream news reports, the b-8275 fuselage is painted with the logo of Hongda Group, a local enterprise in Sichuan. In this regard, Chengdu Business Daily once reported that the b-8275 aircraft was the “Hongda” business aircraft used by Liu Canglong, chairman of the board of directors of Hongda Group.
According to the above survey report, the maximum takeoff weight of Gulfstream G550 is about 41 tons, ranging from 5.7 tons to 50 tons. After consulting Gulfstream, Hanyu Aerospace estimated that the repair cost of the b-8275 aircraft would be $28.8 million, more than 60% of the new aircraft price (US $45 million).
At present, the b-8275 aircraft is no longer in the custody of Hanyu aviation. The owner of the aircraft, international machinery and equipment import and export trade Co., Ltd., is still waiting for compensation from relevant units. The final disposal method of the aircraft is still uncertain. According to the current estimated repair cost, this event constitutes a major ground accident due to other reasons. According to the investigation, Sichuan regulatory bureau suggests Shuangliu Airport to sort out the construction sites which are close to the surrounding area, and give priority to parking the aircraft to the sites which are far away from the construction site when there are enough parking spaces.

The new crown is a seasonal disease

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new disease of the world. 221 data show that the new crown is seasonal disease: temperature and latitude. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is a seasonal flu disease similar to influenza. It is necessary for more studies to explain the new crown pneumonia cases, mortality rate and other epidemiological indicators, which are significantly related to the temperature and latitude of these countries, according to 27 scientists reported by the physicist organization network, 221. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia is seasonal and may be affected by the immune system, such as less sunshine in winter and less intake of vitamin D, the researchers point out. In addition, whether to wear masks and other policy factors are also crucial. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is seasonal disease in 221 countries, according to sci-tech daily.

Master’s online love transfer: 1.6 million

In the summer of 2019, a 58 year old Beijing man found a 46 year old “Ping He Xian Shu” woman through the love and marriage network. He ran for the purpose of marriage and transferred 1.6 million yuan to the other party within 10 days of meeting.
In the autumn of 2019, the two people broke up and the other party returned 725000 yuan, but the remaining money was not paid back. The two people went to court, and the money was judged as “gift” in both cases. After struggling for most of his life’s money, he turned into a stranger because of an emotional entanglement. His breath would not be smooth in anyone’s heart. At present, he has appointed a lawyer to apply for retrial.
According to the lawyer’s analysis, the focus of the dispute in this case is whether the property involved is free gift or unjust enrichment. At present, both the plaintiff and the defendant hold their own opinions, and it is really difficult to reach a unified conclusion. However, in terms of legal procedures, if one party is not satisfied with the judgment of the court of first and second instance, it may apply for a retrial according to law and request the court to try the case again by another combined panel.

Wanyuan xianding Yizhen window

On September 23, the cover news reported that the “Ding Yi Zhen style” payment window in Wanyuan, Sichuan Province? “The chair is put aside by the masses” has aroused great attention and attention of all parties. On September 24, Wanyuan Chuantou water company, an enterprise involved, publicly apologized.
In the letter of apology, the company said that it was sorry for the users who reported the “half squat” payment posture in the video, and had contacted with them to apologize face to face. Through this incident, the company fully realized the shortcomings of its own work, we will face the problems, strengthen the rectification, consciously accept the supervision of all sectors of society, and constantly improve our water supply service.
At the same time, the company held an emergency meeting and made the following rectification measures: to dispatch more staff to do a good job in the service work during the peak period of payment, and timely solve the problems and difficulties raised by users; immediately remove the glass partition of the toll hall and put all the seats in place.
Chen Yiming, the company’s head, said that the purpose of sending more staff to do a good job in the peak payment period is to avoid the recurrence of similar situations. The purpose of demolishing the glass partition of the payment hall is to better serve the masses and enhance the affinity of the people.

Pay 10000 yuan for indecent photos

Because she couldn’t bear to have her ex boyfriend Zhang distribute her private photos and threaten herself, former stewardess Yuanyuan (pseudonym) took Zhang to court. The first instance of the court ruled that Zhang apologized to Yuanyuan in writing and compensated 10000 yuan for spiritual damage. Zhang appealed later.
On September 9, the Red Star News reporter learned from Yuanyuan that Chongqing first intermediate people’s court had made a final judgment and upheld the original judgment. “So far, the other side has not apologized.” Yuanyuan said that although there are judicial results on the matter, she is more concerned about the result of the handling of Zhang’s unit Jixiang airlines.
Interviewees of the second instance of Chongqing first intermediate people’s Court upheld the original judgment
“Everything is subject to the official notification.” A staff member of auspicious Airlines responded to the Red Star News reporter on the 10th that there was no news about the handling result of Zhang, a pilot of the company. On August 17, auspicious airlines had grounded Zhang and said the final management measures would be based on the facts and the final judicial decision.
Break up for three years
But he was threatened with indecent photos
More than a month ago, Yuanyuan published a related article on the Internet. She said that before she was about to get married, her ex boyfriend Zhang, who had been separated for three years, threatened to sleep with her private photos. Even Zhang even sent her indecent photos to her friends, which had a great impact on her.
Yuanyuan recalls that in May 2019, she suddenly received a stranger’s wechat friend to add information. After the successful addition, the other party said that he had found a mobile phone with her private photos and phone numbers of relatives and friends. “If I have time to spend the night, I will see you, or I will send these photos out.”
Yuanyuan is threatened by her ex boyfriend with private photos
Yuanyuan said she did not agree, but the other party sent her private photos to her two friends, which made her completely flustered. According to her analysis, the only person who can have these photos is Zhang Mou, an ex boyfriend who once worked as a pilot in the same airline company. Yuanyuan contacted Zhang, but the other party denied it. After that, she went to Shanghai and Chongqing to report to the police. After investigation by the police network security detachment, the account address of Zhang’s indecent photos was Zhang’s residence.
At the same time, the Red Star News reporter also saw in the administrative punishment decision letter issued by Xiantao police station of Yubei District branch of Chongqing Public Security Bureau. The police found out that in June and July 2019, Zhang passed Yuanyuan’s private photos to others through microblog private messages twice. According to the provisions of Article 42 (5) and Article 49 (4) of the law of the people’s Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security, Zhang was fined 500 yuan.
check evidence of both parties at court
Ex boyfriend appeals after losing the first instance
Yuanyuan was not satisfied with the above punishment. Later, with the encouragement of her family, she took Zhang to court. “I’m out of work because of this.” Yuanyuan said that because she spent too much time to deal with the matter and asked for too much leave, she received the termination of her labor contract from the company on June 12, this year.
Yuanyuan receives the labor contract termination letter
On April 10, after filing the case in Yubei District People’s Court of Chongqing City, after two closed court sessions, the court ruled that the defendant Zhang made a written apology to the plaintiff Yuanyuan and paid 10000 yuan for spiritual damage.
Later, Zhang responded to the incident in a microblog and said he had appealed. Zhang said that he did register with wechat to send indecent photos to Yuanyuan, but these photos were obtained by the two people through regular means during their love, and he did not threaten her to have a relationship again.
Zhang mentioned in his response to the article that between August and December 2019, the police summoned him and his father to Chongqing three times to assist in investigation and mediation. “After the second mediation, she (Yuanyuan) did not appear in the whole process, fully entrusted her to work with the company’s current boyfriend Chen Mou agent.” Zhang said that on December 10, 2019, he apologized to Chen in the presence of the police, but he did not get any understanding.
Maintain the original judgment
The parties claimed that they had not apologized so far
On August 17, the official microblog of Jixiang airlines, with certification information of “Shanghai Jixiang Airlines Co., Ltd.,” issued a relevant notice on Yuanyuan’s accusation against Zhang, saying that Zhang was a pilot of the company and had been grounded. At the same time, auspicious Airlines said it would take further management measures against Zhang based on the facts and the final judicial decision.
Description of the official microblog of Jixiang Airlines
On September 9, the Red Star News reporter learned from Yuanyuan that the court had conducted a second trial on the matter, and she had also received the relevant judgment. According to the relevant civil judgment issued by Chongqing first intermediate people’s Court on September 3, the Court confirmed the main facts found in the first instance, rejected Zhang’s appeal and upheld the original judgment.
“So far, I have not received an apology from Zhang.” Yuanyuan told the Red Star News reporter that although in the judicial results, she won the lawsuit, but she is more concerned about the result of the handling of Zhang by Jixiang airlines. “The airline has not contacted me, and I don’t know what his final result is.”
On September 10, the Red Star News reporter contacted a staff member of Jixiang airlines, who said that the handling results of Zhang, a pilot, had not yet received the company’s specific information, “I will report to you, and after that, the Commissioner will respond to this matter.”

Boy saves father and gains 30 jin

Wang Jiali, 10, rushed to the hospital to take care of his father suffering from leukemia after finishing his meal in a rented house outside a hospital in Hebei Province on Sunday. Affected by the epidemic situation, the hospital can only accompany one person. When the mother cooks outside, the responsibility of taking care of the father falls on the family. Xiaojiali has successfully matched his father’s bone marrow. Due to the requirements of the donor’s weight for bone marrow transplantation, xiaojiali has gained nearly 30 jin in two months. “Now my wish is to let dad get better soon and go home with me.”

People’s Daily Comments on Zhu Zhiwen

“Brother overcoat” Zhu Zhiwen, I don’t know how many people still remember him.
Originally, Zhu Zhiwen was an ordinary ordinary ordinary people, because he loved singing and participated in a talent show to win the championship, which made him popular.
It was a good thing for Zhu family, who had been farming for generations, to become famous. It not only brought more income for them, but also brought more income for the poor family. It was a happy thing.
But no, it’s more like a disaster for Zhu Zhiwen, because he is too kind, too honest, too simple, originally these words should be praise for a person, but these qualities on Zhu Zhiwen have become a weapon for others to bully him.
After becoming famous, Zhu Zhiwen didn’t lose his original intention as a simple farmer. He didn’t define himself as a celebrity. In his heart, he was still a farmer, a farmer who liked singing. He used the money earned by his singing voice to contribute to the road construction in the village.
Originally, it was such a good thing. If other famous entrepreneurs do something good for their hometown, the villagers will be grateful, but Zhu Zhiwen did not.
His kindness and honesty have become a sharp weapon for others to hurt him. He does good deeds for the village. The villagers think it’s right. They regard him as a money spinner.
When a villager wants to marry his daughter-in-law and build a house, he needs to buy a car. If he has no money, he can borrow it from him. Zhu Zhiwen hasn’t refused it. If he borrows it or doesn’t return it, he doesn’t invite anyone to borrow it. If he borrows it five times or six times and doesn’t pay it back, he will end up being cynical and never come back.
It seems that becoming famous has not brought Zhu Zhiwen any benefits. Instead, he has been in constant trouble for so many years without a day of leisure. He has no choice but to say: “if you can, you don’t want to be famous, you don’t want to be a farmer singer, you don’t want to be an artist, you just want to be an ordinary day.”
There’s nothing wrong with being famous, and nothing wrong with being kind, so what’s wrong?
“There is no reason for some people’s hatred. They are mediocre, incompetent and mediocre, so your excellence, your talent, your goodness and happiness are all original sins,” Kono wrote in his “malice”
This is about the relationship between Zhu Zhiwen and those shameless villagers. Zhu Zhiwen became famous by his singing talent and was bullied by others because of his kindness and honesty, which proves the old Chinese saying: “people are good at being bullied, and horses are good at being ridden.”
Too good is not a good thing. Zhu Zhiwen’s repeated concession indulged the wicked.
Recently, Zhu Zhiwen’s family has been kicked open for hot search, which has aroused the attention and hot discussion of netizens.
According to a video released by the public on the Internet, Zhu Zhiwen’s family is surrounded by a group of people. Two men bet whether they dare to kick open the door of Zhu Zhiwen’s family. One man said he would not dare to kick Zhu Zhiwen, which means he kicked open the door of Zhu’s family.
After kicking open the door, I saw Zhu Zhiwen’s helplessness on his face, but he still had to laugh and take photos with others. To be honest, seeing this scene is really angry and laments Zhu Zhiwen’s honesty.
In the face of this situation, I don’t know whether to praise Zhu’s magnanimity or to be pitiful. He can bear all this and don’t know how others humiliate him.
Before, I saw a question in Zhihu: what is the greatest evil of human nature?
There is a highly praised answer: the greatest evil of human nature is to consume the goodness of others.
I think so. After Zhu Zhiwen became famous, he was still grounded, upholding his goodness and doing good things within his own ability. In the early stage of the outbreak of the epidemic, he was accused of giving money as a show. Zhu Zhiwen didn’t care about this. He said that if you think I was making a show or hype, you can also give money as a show with 200000 cash.

Free blood donation included in credit investigation

Recently, the national health and Health Commission, together with many departments, issued the notice on further promoting the healthy development of free blood donation. The notice proposed that all localities should explore the integration of free blood donation into the social credit system, establish an effective linkage of free blood donation incentive mechanism among individuals, units and society, and provide preferential treatment for blood donors to use public facilities.
Credit system is a word often seen in the media in recent years. What is it?
In today’s society, finance is essential. Enterprises need to borrow money, individuals need to borrow money, or to buy houses, or to spend money, but to borrow money from banks, banks need to know who they are and whether they can repay money on time. In order to answer this question, banks need to understand the economic situation of individuals and enterprises: how much is their income, whether they have borrowed money before, and whether they have a record of not returning the borrowed money It’s a very troublesome thing to prove one’s own economic situation. An individual needs a unit certificate, a salary certificate, etc.; an enterprise needs financial statements, etc. Moreover, it’s more difficult to prove whether one has borrowed money before and whether one has owed money but hasn’t paid it back.
Therefore, there are special institutions for individuals and enterprises to establish a “credit file” (i.e. personal credit report) and then provide it to each bank for use. This kind of activity that banks share credit information through a third-party organization is credit investigation. With this system, when individuals and enterprises borrow money from the bank, the bank will check the credit report, and then spend some time to focus on verifying some problems, and then make a judgment quickly.
In China, the establishment of this system is the credit investigation center of the people’s Bank of China. With the continuous improvement of the social credit system, the various credit records and history it covers will help the government and commercial institutions to make a comprehensive evaluation of the credit status of individuals and units. Therefore, credit system is actually a system used by financial enterprises to judge personal economy and financial credit status.
China’s credit system has developed rapidly in recent years. In 2007, China’s credit information index was only 3 points. With the further development of credit system construction, China’s credit information index has reached a full score of 8 for three consecutive years, leading some developed countries.
In 2018, 21 national banking institutions refused to apply for 911.7 billion yuan from high-risk customers in the pre loan review process, warned 1302.8 billion yuan of high-risk stock loans after loan, and cleared 159.4 billion yuan of non-performing loans by using the credit system. As of June 19, 2019, China has established the largest credit system in the world. The credit system has collected the relevant information of 990 million natural persons, 25.91 million enterprises and other organizations. The daily average inquiry volume of individual and enterprise credit reports has reached 5.5 million and 300000 times respectively.
Needless to say, as the content recorded in the credit system is related to whether a person can loan, and finance is an indispensable ability of modern society, in fact, it forms a reward and punishment mechanism, that is, the reward for the trustworthy and the punishment for the dishonest. Therefore, the credit system not only records the credit status of individuals and enterprises, but also is a starting point. In turn, it promotes the honesty and trustworthiness of individuals and enterprises, thus promoting the improvement of the credit status of the whole society. From this point of view, the credit system does have the initiative and the role of a baton.
However, in recent years, the credit system has an obvious trend of expansion. Many people call for the cross road, spitting and other behaviors to be included.
If free blood donation is included in credit system, banks and other financial institutions, will they look at the people who donate free blood differently? Can these people enjoy preferential interest rates or easier loans? Obviously, these answers are almost No. No matter whether an individual donates blood or not, it will not affect the evaluation of personal credit by financial institutions.
However, although financial institutions will not respond to blood donation or not, it does not mean that such content will not affect citizens after it is recorded in credit files. Under more strict rules, the content in credit files can make citizens obtain awards or be punished in public services. As a result, the credit system has crossed the financial boundary and become a moral file. China is a modern country, which means that the administration and management of the country according to law and the moral level of individuals cannot affect citizens’ equal right to enjoy public services.
From the perspective of the relationship between departments, it is an act of sharing the responsibility of departments to other departments to bring blood donation into the credit system. This phenomenon is not uncommon. For example, some time ago, after the viaduct was broken by Wuxi large truck, the problem of truck overload caused social concern, “overload into punishment” was hotly discussed by public opinion. There are many irrationalities in “overloading into punishment”, which are limited to length but not tired. It is important to share the responsibility of the traffic management department with the legislative and judicial departments.
Many years ago, in view of the frequent cases of injuries, the Ministry of health in that year also jointly issued documents to require the establishment of a specially assigned public security station in the hospital. This is also a matter for the health sector to be apportioned to the public security sector. As you can imagine, many years later, the so-called public security garrison of the hospital was not finished.

Double 11 courier salary

In recent years, with the rise of the electricity supplier, the income level of the courier is also rising in a straight line. Annual 618 or double 11 is the most busy time for couriers, but it is also the two month of the year with the highest income. A Jingdong courier has revealed that the annual double 11 and 618 are the annual peak of their monthly income, the highest over twenty thousand, but this hardship is not acceptable to anyone.
Recently, released a pair of 11 hot industry big data, including courier salaries and demand. Compared with the same period last year, in October this year, there was a large demand for couriers in the first tier cities, with the highest attention paid to job-hunting of Zhengzhou couriers, and the highest average salary of Shanghai couriers, up to 9145 yuan.
Among the top 15 cities, Shenzhen ranks first, followed by Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hangzhou. More first tier cities have attracted the attention of job seekers. Because there are many jobs in the first tier cities and enterprises pay relatively high salaries, job seekers who are willing to work as couriers pay more attention to the first tier cities.
From the perspective of urban growth, Zhengzhou ranked first with a growth rate of 46.65%, followed by Dongguan and Suzhou, with growth rates of 44.33% and 36.84%, respectively.
In recent years, Zhengzhou has invested in the construction of zhengtou science and Technology Innovation Park, Kaiyue post cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park and other projects, which has strengthened the power of e-commerce industry development and flourished the e-commerce industry, resulting in a sharp increase in job-hunting attention of couriers in Zhengzhou.
Dongguan and Suzhou are both economically developed non provincial capitals and new first tier cities. Both manufacturing industries are in the process of iterative upgrading, and the manufacturing population is transferred to the life service industry, which causes the job seekers to pay more attention to the courier industry.

An accident occurred during Xu Dongdong’s operation

Xu Dongdong, who hasn’t seen an appearance for a long time, recently suddenly heard the news of “an accident occurred during Xu Dongdong’s operation”. For a while, netizens talked about it. So what happened to the accident during Xu Dongdong’s operation? What happened to Xu Dongdong? Let’s take a look.
What happened to the accident during Xu Dongdong’s operation
On November 7, according to media reports, actor Xu Dongdong had an accident during an operation in a plastic surgery hospital and has now been transferred to another hospital for treatment. It is reported that the artery was damaged to remove the pink tumor. Fortunately, it is out of the danger of life. Xu Dongdong once played “sister-in-law” in “Yu sin”. How could he be so careless this time?
When it comes to Xu Dongdong, you may think of the wonderful part of her playing Zhang Yishan’s “sister-in-law” in Yu sin, especially the entanglement and provocation between her and Zhang Yishan, which caused quite a stir at that time. And with the outstanding figure is in the circle of many fans on the Internet.
According to media reports, Xu Dongdong had an accident during the operation in a plastic surgery hospital. During the operation, he had an accident because he was too close to the artery. Fortunately, he was rescued in time and now he is out of danger.
From the exposure picture, Xu Dongdong is very weak in bed, his whole body is wrapped tightly, his eyes are not closed very well, it is estimated that the damage caused by the operation is too large.
And because the plastic surgery hospital does not have such emergency measures, so we have to turn to a large hospital for treatment. It can be seen that this plastic surgery hospital is not a large scale. This is Xu Dongdong’s mistake in choosing a hospital. Fortunately, there is no life danger.
As you may have heard, pink tumor is a common skin disease in our life, but the size of the disease is different, so the attention is also different. I don’t know how serious Xu Dongdong’s condition is this time, and finally he chose to go to plastic surgery hospital?
Of course, this is not the first time that Xu Dongdong has attracted people’s attention because of plastic surgery news. Earlier, Xu Dongdong was suspected of having breast reduction surgery because of entering and leaving Hong Kong plastic surgery institutions. However, because I didn’t respond at that time, this matter will not end.
Compared with the last plastic surgery, Xu Dongdong may not be so lucky this time, because plastic surgery almost has a life risk, it seems that we should be more cautious.
The cause of the accident in Xu Dongdong’s operation
On November 6, Xu Dongdong, an actor, was sent to the emergency center by the plastic surgery hospital because of an accident when he was in the beauty and plastic surgery hospital to have the operation to remove the pink tumor. At present, Xu Dongdong is out of danger. But according to the photos, Xu Dongdong is still in a coma.
Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing to do with the plastic surgery that the public understands. * it is reported that the so-called “atheroma” refers to sebaceous cyst, mainly caused by the sebaceous glands excretory duct obstruction, the sebaceous gland cystic epithelium is gradually increased content of the swelling of the cyst. Sebaceous cyst is often complicated with infection, resulting in cyst rupture and temporary regression, but will form scars, and easy to relapse. It is reported that only surgery can completely eradicate the pink tumor.
However, because the general hospital surgery will leave obvious scars, so people with conditions will generally choose to go to plastic surgery or regular beauty salon for surgery. It is estimated that Xu Dongdong will go to plastic surgery hospital for surgery in order to avoid scars.
According to the principle, the operation is a very small operation. Unexpectedly, there was an accident. Fortunately, Xu Dongdong is out of danger. I hope she can recover as soon as possible.
But it also reflects Xu Dongdong’s beauty loving nature as always. In fact, Xu Dongdong’s figure and beauty are very good. She is a plump beauty. She is even called “the successor of Liuyan” by the media.
In addition, Xu Dongdong has also participated in many films and TV plays for several years, but the most well-known one is Yu sin. Xu Dongdong, who previously played “sister-in-law” Shen Jiawen in “Yu sin” starring Zhang Yishan, has attracted attention because of her excellent figure. In the popular impression, Xu Dongdong’s first concern is not her acting and music, but Xu Dongdong’s beauty and figure.
Previously, Xu Dongdong and Yin Ziwei, a 15-year-old Hong Kong artist, were joked about as “beauty and beast” when they were in public love. When Xu Dongdong and Yin Ziwei announced their break-up in August this year, their fans were also excited. Enough to prove the beauty of Xu Dongdong in their hearts.
Although it’s beautiful enough, Xu Dongdong still loves beauty very much, and cares about her body and hair color, etc. in her personal social account, 7 of 10 microblogs may be lamenting that she’s too fat. The rest one is propaganda, and 2 are self doubt and in-depth research on her appearance details. From this we can see that Xu Dongdong is a person who pursues perfection. It’s understandable to go to the plastic surgery hospital to have a powder tumor operation.
Speaking of Yin Ziwei, Xu Dongdong praised his kindness, tolerance and strength when he broke up with him. Their relationship was also a friend. In October, Xu Dongdong was still furious because his marketing number called Yin Ziwei an “old man”. It can be seen that even if she breaks up, her relationship with her ex is still very good. I wonder if Yin Ziwei will visit her ex girlfriend if he knows the news?
Now Xu Dongdong is interrupted because of the unexpected operation, small operation becomes large operation, and almost accident. After recovery, Xu Dongdong does not know whether he will leave shadow on the plastic surgery hospital? But for those who love beauty, beauty is the most important thing. Xu Dongdong has always been a silly elder sister. Maybe this accident is just one for her