WeChat wallet bank savings

On October 18th, the WeChat wallet recently launched the “Bank Storage” function (only some users can see it). Clicking on the bank deposit can jump to the ICBC deposit product, that is, the original opening deposit account is opened on WeChat. Reprinted from the home of the stationmaster’s home, the website of the long-running website, the game play network reprinted from the game play network play network first original user can open a bank deposit account on WeChat, deposit funds directly into the account, by the bank Deposit and distribute interest.
According to the interest rate comparison provided by Tencent customer service, the “bank savings” ICBC Dingdou play network first deposit original 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years are higher than the official website of ICBC. However, the “bank savings” ICBC’s maximum period of deposit is 3 stationmaster’s home, and the official website of ICBC’s official website has a maximum period of 5 years. At the same time, compared with the official deposits and deposits of the official website of the official website, the “bank savings” ICBC will save a higher deposit, and it will cost 100 yuan to be reprinted from the home of the stationmaster.

At present, the maximum single deposit is no more than 50,000 yuan, and the specific single amount is subject to the fast payment limit of the selected payment bank. The home of the stationmaster, Dousoft reported that users can open ICBC deposit accounts for free, choose deposit deposits, three-year interest rate of 3.85%, ready to go, and do not need to jump to ICBC to operate. At present, the bank storage function is only open testing for some users, and the official online time has not yet been determined.


Taiwan Bridge collapse

On the 1st, Yilan County Southern Australia Cross-Harbour Bridge was arrested and collapsed. The fishing boat was crushed and it was suspected that many foreign employees were trapped. The Taiwan Navy barge pulled out the trapped vessel and pulled the vessel to the beach with the help of rescuers. The rescuers immediately entered the search and rescue. (Source: Taiwan “China Times News”)

China Taiwan Network October 2, according to Taiwan’s “China Times” reported that Taiwan’s Yilan South Australia Cross-Harbour Bridge broke at 9:30 am on the 1st, the tanker driving on the bridge instantly flipped a circle, together with the bridge deck About 6 floors and 18 meters of high altitude fell to the ground, and three fishing boats parked under the bridge were crushed on the spot. A fishing boat had to enter the port through the bridge. The bridge was seen in front of the bridge, and the emergency stop was saved to save a life. The trucks behind the tanker on the bridge were almost on the bridge. Witnesses described: “The scene is like a disaster film!”

According to reports, at 9 o’clock in the morning, Zhang Jianchang, who was driving a tanker, was transporting oil through the inter-Hong Kong Bridge. The bridge suddenly collapsed. The whole car followed the fall and caught fire. The crowd was exclaimed: “The bridge is only one second away!” “The rear Zhang surname truck is about 300 meters away from the tanker truck. After the downhill section has just slowed down the speed, it will witness the moment of the bridge break.

“My car stopped in front of the broken bridge!” Zhang surnamed the driver with a sigh of relief. At that time, he had just returned the goods and had to return. Fortunately, he did not fall into Hong Kong after the emergency. The man surnamed Chen, who was driving a fishing boat, had to return to Hong Kong under the bridge. However, he was shocked to see the bridge collapse in front of him and quickly stopped the vessel. He passed by with the death, and he could not calm down for a long time.

At the moment of the collapse of the bridge across the bridge, the people of the surname Li, who were nearby, recalled that at about 9:30, they heard a “bang” and saw the bridge fall, followed by white smoke, local residents, foreigners. The fishermen talked a lot and couldn’t believe the bridge fell. A woman named Lin, who is 1 km away from the broken bridge, said that when she washed the clothes during the day, she suddenly heard a loud noise. “I thought it was a thunder or an explosion!” She said that the home was shut down for about an hour and soon I heard the ambulance and The fire truck siren, the bridge collapse message immediately spread in the small fishing village, “I did not expect the bridge will fall down!”

“There are three friends who lost their connections and are very worried!” Two Indonesian injured fishermen visited the Taipei Vulture General Hospital Suao Branch at 3 pm yesterday to visit the hospitalized friends. Fortunately, there were volunteers who knew Indonesian and assisted in translation. Two people are slightly relieved and expect a miracle to happen. In addition, there were two unsuccessful fishermen standing on the shore with their hands together, and they frequently looked at the crash site. The scene was embarrassing.

Residents of Southern Australia said that Southern Australia has undergone a transformation and development of sightseeing. Every Saturday and Sunday, visitors have visited the sea, eat seafood, and the holiday car is like a weaving. The cross-harbour bridge is the gateway to the tofu and the inner beach. Road, “If it is a holiday, it is more serious casualties!”