Fun Size

”give me some sweet , happy Hallowmas” I believe that students are familiar with this sentence, and that is what we have to say about Halloween candy.广州桑拿 Halloween was originally scary, commonly known as “ghost’s day, it is said that every time this is the most active day of ghosts, children will dress up as ghosts to beg for candy, otherwise they have been harassing you, talking about Halloween, there are many more. Let’s say, but time is running out. Come and see how our children in the South celebrate Halloween.
In the evening, I came to the English school with a happy step. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, which made me feel terrible. I suddenly remembered that today is Halloween. So I came to the door on tiptoe and vigilantly. I wondered why there was no light in the school today. Haven’t there been any class yet? I looked at my watch, when the time came, I had already seen it. When I pushed the door, I saw a dozen ghosts rushing at me. I was not prepared. I almost collapsed on the ground in fright. I looked back and saw a few spiders on the wall. Sometimes 深圳桑拿网 they were hanging on the line, jumping and jumping. I jumped up and down. I went on and saw ghosts shuttling in front of me (all played by English classmates). Suddenly, a hanging ghost hung down from the roof. My face was like earth. I wanted to go on but I was My feet have softened and I can’t listen to them.
Suddenly the English teacher came over and said, “Yu Lu, you are here.” A voice came out of the mask, and I looked up and said, “Ah!!!!” I couldn’t help screaming, and standing in front of me was a “skeleton.” I said, “You, you, who are you? How do you know my name?” I asked, when the English teacher unveiled the mask, “Ah!!!” Yu Lu, are you really deceived? “I suddenly realized. I thought:” I also went to wear a mask to scare you to death.”I walked into the dressing room, but several times did not dare to draw, please,”all kinds of monsters”in place, with a burst of ghost crying wolves, I walked out of the dressing room, only to see all kinds of monsters on the ground waiting for the Halloween party to begin.
I went out carefully and looked aside. It was really a “monster” party. There were “white bone spirit”, “fox spirit”, “spider spirit” and so on. There were few people like me. I felt uncomfortable in my seat. I didn’t know where to put my hands and feet. There were “monsters” beside me. Yu Lu, why don’t you make up? This is a spider.“ Patting me, 桑拿佛山 I shivered with fear. At this time, Tao Yi took off the mask. I breathed a sigh of relief and was too lazy to speak.
After a while, the party began. Our program was in the order of: 1. making pumpkin lanterns 2. telling ghost stories 3. wrapping zombies 4. biting apples 5. drawing prizes 6. the last one was punished.
The most interesting thing is to wrap a zombie. Two people wrap a person in napkins and wrap it in the shape of a zombie. The students wrap one of them in an unmanned way. The zombie is not a zombie, which brings us a burst of laughter.
Then we played a lot of games. The “tick-and-tick” clock pointed relentlessly at 8:00, and our Halloween party ended. The students reluctantly walked out of the classroom and went to their own places.