Interesting Reading Events

Books have opened the door of knowledge for me, enriched my life and brought me to a vast world of freedom. As Gorky said, “Books are the ladder of human progress.” Whenever I open a book, it is like entering a wonderful world, where there are joys, sorrows, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows.
Books have taught me what is true, good and beautiful and what is false, ugly and evil. Books have become my mentors and friends. Talking about the story of me and the book, I have to start with my first trip to Xinhua Bookstore. On that day, as soon as I walked into Xinhua Bookstore, I was shocked by the numerous books in front of me. I had never seen so many books! Everything, it was a sea of books! So I looked like a greedy “hungry wolf” one after another. That day, for the first time, I realized the charm of books and the joy of reading.
One day, I was holding a book with relish. When I was reading, my mother asked me to buy a bottle of soy sauce. As I read, I went to the shop and opened my mouth and said, “Second child, bring a bottle of soy sauce!” The landlady stared at me and remained silent for half a day. I shouted again, “Son, bring a bottle of soy sauce!” The shopkeeper did not respond, and I suddenly realized that I was speaking in the language of the book. I immediately changed my mouth: “Aunt, I’m sorry, I want to buy a bottle of soy sauce.” Then my aunt smiled and handed me a bottle of soy sauce. On my way home, I couldn’t help but cover my mouth and laugh, laughing at my obsession with reading.
In the fourth grade, I like reading more, and the more I read, the more energetic I am. When my mother saw this situation, she not only did not praise me, but always said that if I was so obsessed with miscellaneous books like “not doing proper work”, I would delay my study. This is another kind of “playful loss of will”. Mother gave me a decree: read less extracurricular books and improve my math scores to the top 10 in my class! Oh my God, who calls my math grades poor? I am like Monkey King with a tight hoop, and have to bow my hands obediently.
How can I live without books? What can I do? What can I do? My brain is running at a high speed, right! I can try the “stealing beam for column” method in 36 plans. I sneaked out the “Singing Cat” from my mother’s bedroom, slipped into my room carefully, put the book gently on the table, pulled out a piece of A3-sized white paper that had been prepared, made a leather bag, and wrote the words “Chinese” on it, and read it. Mother came to my room and saw that I was reading a Chinese book. She walked away. After a while, she felt something wrong. She came to my room again and took my book for a look. It turned out to be an extra-curricular book. Mother criticized me severely. Just as I scratched my ears and scratched my cheeks to think of a solution, suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration! I hastened to say: “Don’t worry, today, the teacher told me a great good news, my essay won the first prize in the district!” Hearing this, the expression on my mother’s face immediately turned into three curves, laughing like a flower. I quickly advised hitting the iron while it was hot and said, “Mom, reading miscellaneous books can greatly help to write essays, from which we can accumulate a lot of ideas and good words and sentences for writing.” Dad was there to talk good. Eventually, my mother agreed that I could read books for half an hour every day without delay.
In this way, I have precious half an hour reading time every day, I can swim in the sea of books. Only when the mind is connected with the book can I feel that life is so colorful. In the book, the vivid characters leap forward and continue my story in their stories. It feels wonderful.