Man immersed in pig cage

On November 20, a netizen posted that a man in Dianbai County, Guangdong Province, was “soaked in a pig cage” by several men, suspected of emotional disputes. According to the video, a man was tied into a bamboo cage with hemp rope and thrown into the water by people around him. The man was crying for mercy on the spot. On the evening of November 20, the Dianbai branch of Maoming Public Security Bureau issued a police information circular saying that one suspect had been arrested and the others were in full pursuit.
According to the circular, the police immediately investigated and dealt with a short video of a man trapped in a bamboo cage circulated on the Internet. After investigation, the video content reflects a case caused by emotional disputes in lingmen Town, Dianbai District, in the early morning of November 20.
At present, the police have filed a case according to law, and arrested the suspect suspect Lai Ming (male, 41 years old, electric Bai Ling men), and other suspects are in full pursuit.

9-year-old boy chased for 17 years

Twenty years ago, Xiang Mingqian, a 9-year-old boy from Changba Town, Zhenxiong County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, witnessed the scene of his father’s death, which he will never forget.
The murderer who killed his father has been hard to find since then. The 9-year-old boy witnessed his father’s death. At that time, the father put his head on the door frame and tried to wriggle to escape. His last words of “very cold and hungry” made him cry.
Xiang Mingqian, a young man, quit school early in order to get justice for his father who died miserably. Together with his mother, he embarked on the road of seeking revenge for his father.
On September 15, 2020, Xiang Mingqian said with emotion that he had been pursuing the murderer from all over the country for 17 years and had suffered a lot. He finally spent 80000 yuan to find the whereabouts of the murderer who killed his father and assisted the police to arrest him.
At noon 20 years ago, Xiang Mingqian, a 9-year-old, and Zhang’s son, a neighbor, had a conflict over a splash of water from a pebble.
I didn’t expect such a small thing, but it caused a tragic price of human life. If time could go back, xiangmingqian would never throw that little stone again. It was the storm caused by the small stone that finally killed his father.
In a ditch beside the old street of Changba town in Zhenxiong County, the contradiction caused by two children has developed from door-to-door theory to quarrel and to a fight between the two neighbors. Zhang Mou Ming, the son of zhangjiada, rushed out with a machete and slashed several knives on the back of Ming Qian’s father. A chaotic fight is coming to an end. Xiangmingqian, who had caused a disaster, watched his father fall in a pool of blood on the ground, his head resting on the threshold, wriggling to escape. Xiangmingqian’s father, who was carried to the yard, even said “very hungry, very cold”. This is his last last words, which makes xiangmingqian cry in an instant. The mother changed his father’s clothes, and the clothes were collected. The 18 holes pierced by sharp tools told the story of his father’s wounds that day.
Xiang Mingqian’s carefree life ended abruptly. The murderer Zhang Mou Qi ran away, and there was no progress in the case a year later. Xiang Mingqian, a 10-year-old boy, realized that it was up to him to bear the burden of looking for evil for his father, and he resolutely dropped out of school,
Set foot on the road of searching for evil. Under the reward, clues about the murderer continue to come. Xiang Mingqian and his mother embark on the road of constantly verifying information. When he was a little older, Xiang Mingqian set out on his father’s road to seek revenge, spending 80000 Li to pursue the murderer.
Finally, under the guidance of a reliable clue, Xiang Mingqian ambushed in a small forest for three days and nights. He finally helped the police to capture the murderer and absconded for 20 years.

Descendants of Huo Yuanjia speak

In a fight competition on May 17, Ma Baoguo, the “Hunyuan shape and meaning Taiji master”, was knocked down three times in 30 seconds by Wang Qingmin, a 50-year-old amateur fighter, and fell to the ground directly for the last time. This result not only makes Ma Baoguo become a network celebrity again, but also puts “Taijiquan” and “traditional Chinese martial arts” on the cusp of the storm again. For a while, comments such as “can’t be seen on the shelf”, “it’s not martial arts but dance”, “swindlers gather in the martial arts world” filled the Internet. In response to this situation, Huo Jinghong, the fifth generation of xuansun of Huo Yuanjia, the great Xia of Jinmen and the representative inheritor of Huo’s hand practice boxing, the intangible cultural heritage of Tianjin, said in an interview with red star news that Ma Baoguo could not represent the traditional Chinese martial arts, he could not represent the traditional Chinese martial arts, and the traditional martial arts could not represent the whole Chinese martial arts.
Speaking of Tianjin, the most impressive image for people is probably Huo Yuanjia, the great Xia of Jinmen. The song “the Great Wall will never fall” made the former martial artist a national hero in the hearts of the Chinese people, and “Huo’s lost track boxing” (now Huo’s hand practice boxing) was a hot word in that year. At the 2017 National Games, Huo Jinghong, the fifth generation of xuansun of Huo Yuanjia, won the champion of the mass competition Qigong group competition on behalf of Tianjin team. As the only martial artist of the Huo family, Huo Jinghong is also a representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Tianjin.
▲ Huo Jinghong, the fifth generation xuansun of Huo Yuanjia
According to relevant records, the great Xia Huo Yuanjia has two sons and three daughters, respectively: Huo Dongzhang, huodongge, huodongqing, huodonglin and huodongqin. Huo Dongzhang, the eldest son, does not learn martial arts, while Huo Dongge, the second son, has a high level of martial arts. At the age of 16, he went to Shanghai Jingwu association to teach. In 1924, he established Nanyang branch of Jingwu Association in Surabaya (now Surabaya, the capital of Indonesia’s East Java province). He is the successor of Huo Yuanjia’s martial arts spirit. Huo Dongge has three sons: the first, the second and the third. Huo is Huo Jinghong’s grandfather, so Huo Jinghong is the fifth generation of xuansun of huoyuanjia. According to Huo Jinghong, since her grandfather’s generation, the Huo family has gradually stopped practicing martial arts. When she was 5 and a half years old, she started to practice martial arts because of coincidence. Later, she was admitted to the Martial Arts Department of beiti university to continue to learn martial arts routines. After graduating from beiti University in 2000, Huo Jinghong joined Tianjin business school (now Tianjin Business University) as a physical education teacher. In 2015, as the only young generation of Huo family to learn martial arts, she naturally became a representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Tianjin, Huo’s hands-on boxing.
Huo Jinghong’s practice of hand boxing is a combination of Taiji, Changquan, Tanquan and other martial arts. It pays attention to the combination of hands and feet, is rigorous and flexible, and has a lot of stress on strength. “Hardness” is rigid but not rigid, while “softness” is soft but not soft. The posture is extended, the posture is correct, the movement is round and agile, and the whole body movement alternates with the local movement. Its change is more unexpected, and it is good at fighting and practical, not difficult to learn, but difficult to practice, and more difficult to refine. In 1910, in order to meet the needs of the society at that time and strengthen the people’s body, Shanghai Jingwu Association modified and compiled the Huo’s hand practice boxing, which has 72 types. In the process of practice, Huo Jinghong also found that some of them can not meet the requirements of the times. She revised them one by one. On this basis, she dug out some of the contents of other boxing and equipment, forming the “Huo Yuanjia’s lost art”. While Huo Jinghong’s own practice improved, she also promoted the “Huo Yuanjia’s lost art”.
Promote milk tea to join, fresh brew hand brew tea, market competition, join that is profitable, shop business fire!
▲ the secret collection of Huo’s fist practice compiled by Shanghai Jingwu society in 1910
In response to the event that Ma Baoguo, the “Hunyuan shape and meaning Taiji master” who became a hot spot on the Internet, was killed by Wang Qingmin, a 50 year old amateur fighter, Huo Jinghong said that he always paid attention to it because it happened in the martial arts circle. Huo Jinghong believes that in recent years, the reason why “masters” emerge in endlessly and compete with people frequently “is that there are too many visitors, so such things happen. If everyone doesn’t pay attention, these people may not appear Although he is not willing to evaluate “masters” like Ma Baoguo, Huo Jinghong always emphasizes that “traditional Wushu is a very broad and profound concept, so its meaning is not only to defeat each other, but also the behavior of any individual, including a group, can not represent the traditional Wushu, including my great ancestor Huo Yuanjia, It can’t represent traditional martial arts. “
According to Huo Jinghong, in addition to the role of traditional martial arts in strengthening people’s health, more importantly, it can bring people a spirit of self-improvement, “I’m strong, and I want to defeat you. These are two concepts. Our original intention in martial arts is to be strong, not to defeat others. ” She stressed that attack skill is just a function, a function and a purpose of martial arts, but it doesn’t represent all. For example, Huo Yuanjia, my current Gaozu, may be considered to be “very good at fighting” through the publicity of movies and TV plays. But in my opinion, huoyuanjia’s most powerful is that he practices martial arts so much in China when foreign enemies come and the nation is humiliated Among them, he was able to stand up, even though he failed in the end

Return to work for rebound and serious treatment

The State Council Information Office held its fourth press conference yesterday in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It was revealed at the meeting that a number of advanced collectives and individuals in epidemic prevention and control of the national health system will be selected and commended.
In addition, the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council held press conferences yesterday morning and afternoon respectively.
At the press conference in the morning, Weng Tiehui, Vice Minister of the Ministry of education, and you Jun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social security, introduced relevant policies to encourage enterprises to absorb college graduates and migrant workers for employment; at the press conference in the afternoon, Guo Yanhong, inspector general of the medical administration and health administration of the national health and Health Commission, responded to the situation that nucleic acid test was positive again in the follow-up visits after discharge.
Beijing News yesterday, the Information Office of the State Council held its fourth press conference in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Ma Xiaowei, member of the central steering group and director of the state Wei Jian Commission, revealed that the state Wei Jian Commission, together with the Ministry of human resources and social security and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, will jointly select and commend a batch of advanced collectives and individuals for epidemic prevention and control of the national health system, and the commendation will incline to grassroots and high-risk posts.
Guide local governments to dynamically adjust emergency response level
When talking about the situation of the epidemic, Ma Xiaowei said that the situation of national epidemic prevention and control is generally stable and stable. In the next step, we will guide all regions to put forward suggestions for dynamic adjustment of emergency response level in accordance with laws and regulations, and take prevention and control strategies of regional and hierarchical differentiation for Wuhan, Hubei, Beijing, relevant key provinces and the whole country.
Liang Wannian, head of novel coronavirus pneumonia coping response expert group, said the expert group analysis indicated that the rapid increase of epidemic situation in Wuhan has been curbed. The number of newly diagnosed cases, the number of suspected cases per day and the proportion of severe cases and critical cases accounted for the confirmed cases were all decreasing. At the same time, except for Wuhan, the local outbreak situation in Hubei Province has been contained. The epidemic situation in other provinces and cities except Hubei continued to improve.
“But the expert group also analyzed and concluded that zero growth does not mean zero risk.” Liang Wannian stressed that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is still severe and complex, with great uncertainty, still facing huge pressure of rebound, not blindly optimistic, and the prevention and control work can not be relaxed at all.
If the prevention and control is not in place and the epidemic situation rebounds, it will be dealt with seriously
Liang Wannian said that from the perspective of the situation of the national epidemic situation, Hubei Province and Wuhan city are still the center of the epidemic situation, and provinces outside Hubei still need to strictly guard against possible outbreaks, especially with the increase of population flow, all regions have resumed work and production, and some regions may face the resurgence or rebound of the epidemic situation.
In this regard, experts suggest that Wuhan should continue to maintain and implement the current prevention and control measures, including strict control of the channel away from Han. Other cities in Hubei Province should continue to implement strict control of the exit routes to control the spread of the epidemic.
Other regions of the country suggest to implement the strategy of “prevention first, external input prevention and internal local proliferation prevention”. The key is to take the county as the unit and take corresponding prevention and control strategies according to the level of risk assessment, i.e. high, medium and low, so as to balance the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.
Yu Xuejun, a member of the central steering group and deputy director of the National Health Commission, said that the National Health Commission has asked all provinces to formulate plans, and will organize the steering group to supervise the preparation of plans, the preparation of medical treatment forces and the supply and reserve, so as to ensure that there is no epidemic rebound during the process of returning to work and returning to school. In the process of returning to work and returning to school, if there is a situation of epidemic rebound caused by inadequate prevention and control measures, it will be seriously dealt with.
Focus 1
Broaden employment channels and encourage graduates to join the army
“This year, there are 8.74 million graduates from colleges and universities across the country. The pressure on employment is not small. In addition to the impact of the outbreak, the pressure on graduates is increasing.” Weng Tiehui said the education system will work with relevant departments to expand employment channels.
The measures include encouraging graduates to work in major national projects, major projects and major fields. Encourage all regions to increase recruitment in key areas, such as primary and secondary school teachers, especially high schools and kindergartens in need of teachers. The education department will issue preferential policies with relevant departments to encourage small and medium-sized micro enterprises to absorb the employment of college students.
At the same time, we should encourage people to join the army. We will work with the Ministry of national defense mobilization of the Central Military Commission to recruit more fresh graduates through measures such as optimizing the allocation of indicators and conducting physical examination in advance.
Weng Tiehui said that at present, new forms of employment in China are developing rapidly, such as service booking, technology development, content payment and other new forms of employment. Graduates are encouraged to work and start businesses in such productive and living service industries as well as education, medical care, pension and other fields urgently needed by the people’s livelihood.
With regard to the graduation of new graduates, she disclosed that the Ministry of education is about to issue a document. This year, the time for graduation defense and degree review of graduate students can be extended appropriately, especially for students of Hubei and Wuhan nationalities. In addition, each degree granting unit can increase the number of meetings of the degree committee and determine the degree granting by stages and in batches.
At the same time, college graduates who leave school in July without working units can keep their household registration and files in the school for two years according to regulations. Weng Tiehui said that this is not a new policy and reiterated this year that it will be implemented through supervision. Within two years, for the graduates of the unit, colleges and universities shall help to go through the employment procedures according to the identity of the fresh graduates.
Focus 2
This year’s national master’s degree enrollment is expected to expand by 189000
Recently, the executive meeting of the State Council launched encouragement