Man kills new wife and burns body

When the 250000 yuan gambling debt was due, Yan Mou Jie came to the place where his wife, Ms. Liu, lived early in the morning. They had just been married for three months, and he knew that his wife’s card had a betrothal money. He wanted to take money for emergency, but his wife didn’t give it. Finally, he killed his wife with a fruit knife and ignited the bedroom items with a lighter to create the illusion of fire.
This is a “wife killing and body burning case” in Nicheng Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, at about 8:00 on March 20, 2020. Ms. Liu’s mother, Ms. Qu, said that her daughter was burned to death, and her lower body was almost gone. When the body was found, she had a fruit knife on her body.
After identification, Ms. Liu was stabbed in the neck with a sharp instrument before her death, resulting in the rupture of the left subclavian artery, resulting in massive blood loss, and was burned after death. In addition, the relevant autopsy report also showed that at the time of the crime, the uterus of Ms. Liu was enlarged and placental tissue was found in the uterine cavity. “My daughter has just been pregnant, and she has been tested with a pregnancy test stick.” Ms. Qu said that she was preparing to take her daughter to the hospital for examination a few days later.
Fan fan, an attorney for the victim, told Red Star news that on October 16, the first branch of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate had indicted Yan on suspicion of intentional homicide and arson, and the case will soon be heard in Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s court.
At the end of October, Red Star News reporters came to the scene to try to find out more details behind the “wife killing case”. Among her family and neighbors, Ms. Liu has always been a kind and sensible “good girl”. Her mother in junior high school and high school is basically a full-time “companion”. She became a teacher after graduation from university. She had never been in love before until she was introduced to Yan. Yan went to a private school when he was a child. He did not graduate well in college. His parents sent him to study in the UK, but he still didn’t get his diploma. Later, he became addicted to gambling. He not only ignored his father who suffered from cancer, but also continued to gamble after his father helped him pay back nearly 2 million yuan in gambling debts.

[killing wife and burning corpse]

Report the students’ health to the school before the incident
Ms. Liu is a Chinese teacher in a primary school in Pudong New Area of Shanghai. In January 2018, she was introduced to Yan. In August 2019, they got their marriage certificates. On New Year’s day in 2020, the two married together.
“From falling in love to getting married, they both seem to have a good relationship.” Family and neighbors never thought that a movie like plot would happen in Yan and Ms. Liu’s marriage.
In the first half of 2020, due to the new epidemic, the curriculum of Ms. Liu’s school was changed to online teaching. Considering that her father-in-law and mother-in-law are usually at home, it is inconvenient for her to take online classes. At the beginning of school, she discussed with Yan and moved back to her mother’s home. Because the two families are not far apart, Yan sometimes lives at home and sometimes goes to his wife.
On the morning of March 20, Ms. Liu’s mother, Ms. Qu, as usual, woke up her daughter before going to work and told her to finish breakfast and take online lessons. Because looking at the fine weather, she also asked her daughter to dry the quilt after getting up. She said, “the quilt is heavy. If you can’t make it, ask your neighbor for help.” The daughter replied, “yes.” She went out the door.
Because Ms. Liu is a head teacher and grade leader, she still needs to report the students’ health to the school’s teaching director at about 8:30 every day. A colleague of Ms. Liu told Red Star news that she reported the situation of her students on time at about 8:30 that day, but she had not been online for the online class at 8:50. After the teacher who inspected the platform found out, she couldn’t get in touch with her, “everyone didn’t know what happened. It was not until 10:00 a.m. that she learned about the situation from her cousin.”
Soon after Ms. Qu and her husband left for work, a neighbor called to say her house was on fire. As they drove home, they could see the smoke rolling from the house. They found her daughter’s car stopped at the door of the house. They guessed that the daughter must be in it. The husband rushed upstairs, but ran to the second floor. The fire was too big. The daughter’s room couldn’t get in. The neighbor pulled him down.
Ms. Qu said that at that time, her daughter’s two dogs, Xiaohei and Tangtang, were locked in the cage on the first floor. After her husband opened the cage, Xiaohei ran out. Tangtang rushed to the room on the second floor to save her daughter. However, the fire was too big. Tangtang went in and barked twice and was swallowed up by the fire.
“Animals can do this, how can people be so cruel.” Ms. Qu kept calm when she told Red Star News reporters about the incident, but she broke down in tears when she talked about sugar.
According to the “indictment” of the procuratorate, at about 8:00 on March 20, 2020, Yan Xiaojie drove to his wife’s residence and asked for money from his wife in the bedroom on the second floor to repay his gambling debts. After being refused by his wife, Yan went to the kitchen to take a fruit knife and returned to the bedroom. After being refused, he repeatedly asked for money from his wife by threatening to hold a knife. After being refused, he stabbed his wife in the neck with a knife, resulting in his death.
In order to destroy the corpse, Yan fled the scene after lighting books and other objects with a lighter in the bedroom, causing serious damage to the indoor articles and building structure on the second floor of the house. After identification, Ms. Liu was stabbed in the neck with a sharp instrument before her death, resulting in the rupture of the left subclavian artery, resulting in massive blood loss, and burned her body after death.
In addition, according to Ms. Qu, the relevant autopsy report in the file also showed that the uterus of Ms. Liu was enlarged when she was killed, and placenta like tissue was found in the uterine cavity. “My daughter is just pregnant.” Ms. Qu remembers that “a few days before the crime, her daughter told her that her menstruation did not come and that she might be pregnant. She bought a pregnancy test stick and asked her daughter to test it. Two lines were positive. She discussed with her daughter to go to the hospital for examination in a few days

Trump daughter vice president

According to US media reports, according to the contents of a book, President trump repeatedly hinted in 2016 that he hoped his eldest daughter, Ivanka trump, could become his running mate.
According to the Washington Post, excerpts from a new book “the game of evil: how trump wins, why Mueller failed, and America’s lost” by Rick gates, the vice presidential candidate for trump, described in detail the dialogue between the president who won the Republican primary and his aides about choosing his running mate in June 2016, according to the Washington Post.
“I think it should be Ivanka. How about making Ivanka vice president? ” Gates said trump recommended the vice president to the campaign at a meeting. “She’s smart, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, people will like her!”
According to reports, the White House did not immediately comment on considering taking current White House staff member Ivanka trump as vice president. Ivanka trump himself is said to have rejected the proposal in a dialogue with his father.
The book, due to be released next month, is the latest work by a former aide to the president, giving a highly critical account of Trump’s first term. It should have been announced a few weeks before the election.
Author and legendary Post reporter Bob Woodward shocked the white house when he published an angry book in early September that analyzed Trump’s tenure.
In February 2018, gates pleaded guilty to his conspiracy and charges of lying to investigators, telling the Washington Post in an interview that he would accept Trump’s pardon.
“I mean, who wouldn’t?” he told the Washington Post. “We haven’t made any proposals yet But if you look at it objectively, I would say that it was politically motivated at the beginning, and people got involved in the investigation in a way that wouldn’t have happened if it had been done more properly. “