Fruit of the Star

A new day begins, looking at the infinite warmth of the family, we know that this day is endless beautiful.
Time goes by bit by bit until nine o’clock, 桑拿佛山 and it’s time to exercise again. So he called his brother and rushed to the stadium.
Looking at the horizontal bar, I recall my father’s smart action. On the horizontal bar, he turned several times like a windmill, and fell off the bar very naturally. That action, unexpectedly as smooth as the breeze and water, like deciduous leaves in the autumn wind, flying and whirling. The wind, stopped, leaves lightly, drifting down from the blue sky, standing there steadily.
Looking back from the memory and exercising a little more, I set foot on the way home. On the way, we found a forest beside the road, under the sunshine, like a green ocean. We are attracted by its unspeakable beauty. So I wanted to go in and enjoy it, but the road was hard to find, but I finally found a yellowish path, like a cute yellow snake, winding in the jungle.
We can’t wait to walk down the path. 广州桑拿 According to the guide of the snake, we arrived at the beach of the ocean. But at the end of the road, a few big rocky trees blocked our sight, which is difficult not to upset us, no way, we drilled through the cracks in the tree. Looking up, I realized that I had entered a fairyland and my brother’s exclamation was ringing in my ear: “Wow, it’s beautiful!”
Every tree in front of me was weathered and frosted, and there were stony lines on their bodies. The most amazing thing was that on the seemingly withered branches, incredible green leaves grew out, which obscured the strong sunlight. We are surprised to find that the summer heat is so gentle here. The intense sunshine seems to be unwilling to hurt this piece of green leaf elves, just a little light touching the ground covered with green leaves, making the ground as pure as the jadeite floor. This Castle carved with emerald is really a fairyland of desire.
“Brother, gemstone!” cried my brother, pulling my thoughts back from the dreamlike greenness. I saw a lovely little green fruit in my brother’s hand at any time. It was really like an emerald. I asked him where he got it. He said he found it under the tree.深圳桑拿网 He pointed to the tree and said, “Look, there’s one here, there’s one there.” See that one small fruit hidden in the leaves, like a group of small green stars, flashing to tell us their stories in the sky tree, but unfortunately we do not understand, do not know what these trees are, what fruit they bear.
Time urged us to leave, holding two fruits for remembrance, reluctantly returned home.
As soon as I entered the house, I heard my mother’s nagging, “Why are you back now and where are you playing?” As soon as we put the jewels on the table, I heard her say, “Hey? Where did you bring back two green apples?”
Oh, it’s an apple! But is it really that small, green and shiny rubies that are not yet ripe? Aren’t those two little gems a reflection of our childhood? Are the knowledge we have not been green and astringent? It’s much less mature than those adults.
Let the ideal insert wings, fly to the red sun, let oneself emit the most mature and bright red light! In this most mature gesture, fly to the palace of success!

Travels of Shangri-La

Finally get rid of the midsummer, unconsciously breathe a sigh of relief. Noisy, hot and dry. This is the summer of the city. I can’t imagine the beauty of summer in Yang Wanli’s eyes, such as the infinite green lotus leaves in the sky, the different red lotus flowers in the sunshine, and in the works of literati and ink writers of all dynasties. I am not a summer lover, but that summer in Shangri-La made me feel its unique charm.——
Shangri-la’s summer ripples in Pudatso National Forest Park. At present, it is a trestle like a ladder that flies directly into the sky and has a bright outlook.——
The lake is dancing quietly under the wooden bridge, silent but colorful. In the distance, it’s green; in the farther place, it’s still green; around the sun, it’s still green… The shade of green is constantly changing, like glamorous eyes, constantly flowing…
Imagine a person who is accustomed to living in a city and suddenly sees such a scene. How can he hold his excitement?
Walking gently on the bridge for fear of destroying the rare peace in the world. All I heard was my own footsteps and the faintly audible bird song.
A small, light voice attracted me – a squirrel busy in the woods. Sometimes sitting on a branch holding a pine tower, and sometimes for someone’s food to come under the tree, a pair of big eyes blinking.
The towering trees on both sides, even if two people open their arms, can not hold one, like an old man standing solemnly, with a long beard waving in the wind. I don’t know what this “beard” is. I only heard that they are “air detectors”. As long as the air is a little polluted, they will disappear automatically. Today we see them hanging in groups on trees, dancing their white and soft beards happily. Only when we come here can we really get the natural “oxygen bar”.
As soon as I looked up, I found a group of yaks wagging their tails and slowly coming. If no one else was walking across the road in front of the visitors, they would walk to the lawn nearby and graze leisurely. Bees buzzing, butterflies of all sizes flying around, telling flowers what they are…
Ducks play carelessly, horses graze comfortably, wagging their tails from time to time, but they do not move. In this wonderful “kingdom”, these “kings” and “princesses” are also intoxicated!
I have traveled many countries. Is this the “Land of Ranches” Netherlands? No, it’s not as elegant as here. Is this Switzerland in Hiking Heaven? No, it’s not as pure as here. Is this France, the Romantic Capital? No, it’s not natural here…
I have read many books, but at this time I can’t find the right words to sing out my heart’s words.
What a wonderful summer! In the vast world, there are several such summers! I think Tao Yuanming’s Peach Blossom Source is just like that!
It’s hard to find a better summer than this! There’s no heat, no noise, no busyness… Some are just spiritual tranquility and joy of life, accompanied by a spiritual baptism! All miscellaneous thoughts are dispersed by the breeze, steamed by the sun, and carried far by the lake water…
Visitors in the distance strolled sparsely. Reflected in the afterglow of the sunset, those blooming flowers sway with the wind… Human beings are just the embellishment of nature… The shaking of the invisible soul can not be expressed in words…
Grasslands, basins, lakes… All covered in a golden veil. Walking at the end of the trestle, I can only sincerely sigh: Heaven, but also so!