Olympic Spirit

When the passion of the Olympic Games is stirring, the slogan of “China refuels, Olympic refuels” still rings in our ears, carrying the dream of the Chinese nation for a century, the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, with the Olympic flame slowly extinguishing above the national stadium, drew a perfect end at 8 p.m. Beijing time on August 24, 2008. As a Chinese, I have the privilege to witness this historic period, witnessing the Olympic athletes who won gold and silver annotate the “faster, higher, stronger” spirit of “Olympic Games” time and again in the stadium.
“One Dream, One World”. This theme of the 29th Olympic Games has enabled many uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters to achieve their dreams in such a harmonious, united and peaceful world. I like the Olympic Games, and I like this challenging and exciting Olympic arena. She tells us a truth: if you work hard, you will get something back. It makes me more convinced that the song “Welcome to Beijing” sings “Everyone is great with dreams”.
I am a pupil of three years in primary school. I am growing up under the tireless instruction of many teachers in nursery primary school. I have a heart of patriotism. Whenever Chinese Olympic athletes struggle hard in the arena, my heart will be firmly restrained by this situation. At that moment, I clenched my fist with both hands and shouted for them in my heart. I jumped up when I saw them scrambling for gold and silver, and I felt sorry for them when I saw that they had no chance to win medals.
There are many moving pictures on the Olympic Games: Zhongman, Zhang Juanjuan and the women’s gymnastics team won the first Olympic gold medal for our country in their respective events. At this moment, I was happy to shed tears; when Sister Cheng Fei lost her strength, I also shed tears; when the bright five-star red flag. Over the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube Stadium, the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China resounded through the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. At this moment, my eyes filled with tears.
The Olympic Games are over, but the Olympic spirit of “higher, faster and stronger” will remain in my heart forever, willing to pay, fighting for the first-class spirit will tell me how to face difficulties and overcome difficulties. This will enable me to concentrate on my study in class, concentrate on listening, memorize, write, recite, memorize, recite, recite, recite, recite and preview after class so as to ensure that I can read aloud in class. Formulas and words are used freely when doing exercises.
In learning, I will encounter many successes and failures. The Olympic Spirit tells me that I am willing to be plain, not to say failures, not arrogant and impatient in the ocean of knowledge, forget achievements, forget flowers and praises, everything starts from scratch; learn the lessons of failure, where to fall, where to climb up, conscientious, step by step, down-to-earth. According to the teacher’s requirements, study hard, study hard, learn every subject well and do a good job, and learn every knowledge point firmly.
The Olympic Games are short, but the Olympic spirit is eternal. It will always accompany me with the hope of my parents and teachers. It will inspire me to study hard and make progress every day to depict my better tomorrow.