Anatomy of two dead bodies

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, a first case of second cases and a new crown pneumonia obtained from the body anatomy, was completed on the 16 day, according to the consent of the family members of the Xinhua news agency under the permission of the national laws and policies.
This novel coronavirus pneumonia was novel coronavirus pneumonia. The reporter learned from the Wuhan golden Yin Tan Hospital, 16 am 3 am, the first case of the new crown pneumonia body anatomy work in Wuhan City, the hospital of gold and silver, and successfully obtained the new crown pneumonia pathology. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was successfully completed in second cases at 18:45 on 16. Two remains have been submitted for autopsy.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia pathology novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia has been helpful to explore the clinical pathological changes and disease mechanism of new crown pneumonia patients, and can fundamentally explore the pathogenicity and lethality of new crown pneumonia, and provide a basis for future clinical treatment of critically ill patients, experts said.