11 year old boy died at home

Overseas network, February 20 (Xinhua) according to a number of US media reports, an 11 year old healthy boy was found dead in bed at home when Texas suffered a historic cold current. At that time, the house could not be heated due to power failure.
According to the New York Post and other media reports on the 19th, the boy named Christian Peneda was found dead in his bed at home on the 15th, sleeping with a pile of blankets. When his family tried to wake him up on the 16th, they found no response. Christian’s mother said the mobile home they lived in had a power outage when the temperature dropped to single digits.
The local government is investigating whether Christian died of hypothermia. Local police spokesman Smith said in an interview that Christian’s body was autopsied on the 18th, but it will take several weeks to determine the cause of death. “He used to be a healthy kid,” Smith said.
This week, a devastating storm cut power to more than four million people in Texas and affected neighboring states. According to the Washington Post, at least 47 people died in the cold snap. Some people are thought to have died from cold or indoor fires, and others from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Soldiers of Xiaozhan

Xiao Zhan’s role in “trump card” was once again exposed by Reuters, and the play was full of heroic spirit as a soldier
A few days ago, some netizens revealed on the social platform that Huang Jingyu and Xiao Zhan will cooperate in the new drama “ace troops”. However, many fans of Xiao Zhan denied the news and said that they could not believe or believe any Reuters when waiting for the official announcement of the studio. We can see that Xiao Zhan’s fans are also very cautious. They must have been hurt by Reuters when they recorded the variety show last time. They dare not believe the unofficial official propaganda news.
At the end of May, Xiao Zhan participated in the Reuters exposure of Zhejiang satellite TV’s “journey of youth 2”, which was Xiao Zhan’s first variety show since the 227 incident. At that time, we can see in Xiao Zhan’s super words every day that fans are crazy about calling Xiao Zhan.
Although there was no official announcement of the news, it was exposed many times, and people with a clear eye could see that Xiao Zhan was indeed involved in the recording of this variety show.
There are also photos of Xiao Zhan and other members of the program, including Jia Ling, Lang Lang and fan Chengcheng, who have come out. It is true that they have joined in. When it comes to the first issue of Xiao’s TV show, many fans did not appear from the first issue to the second issue. Finally, after the suspected Xiao Zhan’s camera appeared, it was actually cut off.
It can be seen that it was all because of the 227 incident that Zhejiang satellite TV did not dare to use Xiao Zhan for fear that the ratings of the program would be affected. At that time, many xiaofeixia were heartbroken. They expected that the result of waiting so long was to be mosaic and “cut off”. As a bystander, I also felt heartache for Xiao Zhan.
Therefore, after the “youth circle travel 2” incident, after seeing the news of Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu’s new play “ace army”, Xiao Zhan’s fans did not hear the official announcement and could not believe it any more. This kind of change is something I can remember for a long time.
Although Xiao Zhan’s fans can’t believe the cooperation with Huang Jingyu this time is true, on August 23, the Reuters exposure of Xiao Zhan’s participation in the play was enough to hammer out that Xiao Zhan was indeed in the drama “ace troops”.
From the photos exposed by netizens, Xiao Zhan plays a soldier, dressed in military green clothes, and looks heroic. Xiao Zhan was very handsome, and he would be tough and handsome if he acted as a soldier.
In fact, since the end of February, Xiao Zhan has no career to talk about, because fans reported his behavior in the circle of people, which made Xiao Zhan silent for several months. So far, he still hasn’t heard the news of his return to work. He feels that it’s really pitiful for Xiao Zhan. It’s none of his business, but it’s all imposed on him.
So recently, I heard that Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu cooperated in the play of “trump card army”. I’m really happy for Xiao Zhan. Even if the play to be broadcast can’t be broadcast, at least he’s working. It’s very good. After all, where is the play to be broadcast? Even if it can’t be broadcast this year, there will be next year and the following year. What you shot will be on the air one day, right?
Although there is no official announcement in the “trump card army”, it will be sooner or later to see the scenes of Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu. In addition, we all know that Huang Jingyu and Xiao Zhan are the current flow stars, and their cooperation will be very happy.
Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu’s role in “trump card” must be a real hammer, but for the benefit of investors, it has not been officially announced for the time being. Do you think so?

Child trafficking in South Korea

The “brothers home” shelter scandal is a painful memory that many Koreans are reluctant to mention. Unexpectedly, years later, the associated press broke the terrible news. This organization, called “hell in hell”, not only abused children, but also sold them to private adoption agencies.
The Associated Press reported on the 10th that they not only abused children, but also used them as a tool to collect money and sold them to adoption agencies. These children are sold to adoption agencies and placed in families in North America, Europe or Australia. It is estimated that during the heyday of brotherhood, the proceeds from child trafficking overseas amounted to $20 million a year.
In fact, the scandal of “brothers’ house” was exposed by South Korean media several decades ago and caused public opinion turbulence. In the 1970s and 1980s, the South Korean government put more than 16000 homeless people in black prison for cleaning the city. This is the case with a Pusan institution called brotherhood house, which holds about 4000 people, mostly children and disabled people. They were beaten, raped and toiled in prison. In 1988, the “brothers’ home” was officially closed. Several years later, developers found that about 100 human skeletons had been buried there during the reconstruction. The scandal came to light. It was also made into the movie the melting pot.