US aircraft carrier strike group enters South China Sea

According to Hong Kong’s “east net” news on the 5th, the US aircraft carrier Nimitz strike group sailed into the South China Sea from the Indian Ocean last night (5th).
Hong Kong “east net” news, the U.S. aircraft carrier Nimitz strike group last night (5) from the Indian Ocean into the South China Sea. According to sources, the strike group composed of the Nimitz aircraft carrier, the aegis cruiser Princeton and the aegis destroyer strey recently ended its deployment in the Middle East and set out to return home via the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. According to the latest ship tracking information, Nimitz passed through the Strait of Malacca and sailed into the South China Sea via Singapore.
“East net” said it was not known whether the carrier strike group would join the attack group of the aircraft carrier Roosevelt, which left Guam on the 4th, to launch a “double carrier” operation in the region.
Just yesterday, the US missile destroyer “John McCain” broke into China’s Xisha territorial waters without the permission of the Chinese government on the 5th. Commander Tian Junli, spokesman for the southern theater of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, later said that the southern theater of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army organized sea and air forces to track and monitor and warn them to drive away. The spokesman stressed that the US military’s action is a consistent tactic of its navigation hegemony and misleading “mixed manipulation” by public opinion, seriously violating China’s sovereignty and security, seriously undermining regional peace and stability, and deliberately disturbing the good atmosphere of peace, friendship and cooperation in the South China Sea. China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands and their adjacent waters. No matter how the situation in the South China Sea changes, the theater forces always maintain a high state of alert and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and security and peace and stability in the South China Sea.

A major criminal case in Luxi, Jiangxi Province

According to the “Jiangxi public security” WeChat public number, 17, when a criminal case occurred in Nanfang Town, Luxi County on December 1st, Liu Junhui was suspected of having committed a major crime by police investigation. “The official account of the Luxi public security” is a major criminal case. After the incident, the suspect Liu Junhui drove to Luxi County, Nan Keng Town, Zhao Jia village near the big ridge abandoned vehicles along the mountain road fled, vehicles have been seized (GaN J59090 Wu Ling silver van). Luxi County Public Security Bureau hopes that the city’s and county’s public security organs and the masses will notice the traces of the suspect in their work and daily life. If you have any clue, please contact Luxi County Public Security Bureau immediately.

Huawei mobile phone has no chip

“Due to the second round of sanctions, the production of the chip will be cut off after September 15. It may be the last generation of Kirin’s high-end chip, out of print. At present, the semiconductor technology in China has not caught up. ” On the afternoon of July 7, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said at the 2020 summit of the 100 people’s Conference on China’s informatization, TSMC will no longer be able to undertake Huawei’s high-end chip OEM orders after September 15, which means that Huawei’s Kirin high-end chips will soon become “out of print.”.
Yu Chengdong said Huawei will launch a new 5g mobile phone of the brand mate 40 series this autumn, and choose to carry Kirin 9000 series chips. However, this series of mobile phones may become the last generation to carry Huawei’s Kirin chip. “I’m sorry.” He said frankly that Huawei has developed in the chip field for more than ten years, from seriously backward, to a little backward, to catch up, and then to lead. This is a huge R & D investment, and the process is very difficult.
Yu added that Huawei delivered 60 million fewer smartphones in 2019 due to U.S. sanctions. “This year’s quantity is likely to be less than that, because this is the second round of sanctions on chips, which cannot be produced.” He said it is expected that mobile phone sales this year will not reach the level of 240 million units in the same period last year.
In the whole chain of chip industry, Huawei Hisilicon mainly undertakes the work of chip design. “It’s a pity that Huawei didn’t participate in semiconductor manufacturing, which is a heavy asset investment oriented industry and a capital intensive industry. We just did chip design, not chip manufacturing.” The absence in the manufacturing field directly led to Huawei’s inability to produce flagship chips after September 15, “which is a very big loss for us.”.
Yu Chengdong called on the domestic semiconductor industry chain to strengthen cooperation and quickly explore a set of methods to produce and manufacture semiconductor products under the “sanction” of the US side, so as to avoid being “necked off” in this field in a longer period of time in the future. “In the depth of China’s industrial chain, in the era of Internet and mobile Internet social network, there is still a gap between China’s core technology and the control ability of core ecology with the United States and other countries.” Because of this, “we need to build our ecology, our operating system, our ecological services, our chips, our equipment, equipment, and our entire basic system capability. For us, sanctions are painful, but at the same time, they are a major opportunity to force us to upgrade the real estate industry as soon as possible. “
At the same time, Yu Chengdong did not deny the possibility of Huawei’s own involvement in semiconductor manufacturing and other fields. “We want to make breakthroughs in EDA design, materials, manufacturing, process, design capability, manufacturing, packaging and testing, etc.” “Whether it’s overtaking on a curve or on a half, we want to be ahead in a new era,” he said. There is nothing that can’t be done in the world, only not enough determination and not enough investment.

The president took off his mask after diagnosis

On July 7 local time, Brazilian president bosonaro confirmed that he was positive for the new coronavirus in an interview with the media. But towards the end of the interview, he stepped back and took off his mask in public. He explained that the move was to show reporters their faces and to prove that they were in good health.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Brazil, bosonaro’s anti epidemic policy has aroused controversy from all walks of life, and masks are not worn in public places. The novel coronavirus pneumonia in Brazil has exceeded 1 million 660 thousand cases as of 18 hours local time, according to data released by the Ministry of health in Brazil local time 7.

Trump signed another despotic order

Today, trump signed an executive order imposing sanctions on the International Criminal Court, which is investigating suspected U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan.
The president’s order will not only sanction all personnel of the international criminal court who are believed to have participated in the investigation, custody and punishment of the US military suspected of war crimes, but also may affect their families.
“Despite repeated requests from the United States and its allies for reform of the International Criminal Court, the court has no action and continues to launch investigations against the United States and its allies, including Israel, driven by political motives,” White House press spokesman Kelly mcnani said in a statement
She said in the statement that “hostile countries are manipulating the International Criminal Court to encourage it to initiate lawsuits against the United States” and accused the top of the court of corruption.

8 persons from two cruises tested positive

More than 200 passengers and crew members on the two cruise ships owned by the Dutch and American cruise lines have flu like symptoms, with 8 passengers tested positive for new coronavirus, and the two ships will dock near the Florida coast early Thursday local time, CNN reported. However, it is unclear whether passengers will be allowed to disembark.
According to reports, on Wednesday night, Holland America, the two cruise lines, made a final appeal to the federal government and local authorities to allow the two ships to dock at Everglades port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Holme had previously called on Florida officials to be compassionate and rational in reviewing and approving landing plans. Just a few hours ago, Florida’s governor, Ron de Santis, said the state was willing to accept the arrival of cruise ships and the disembarkation of Florida citizens on board.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, DeSantis said: “I am worried that we have been working very hard to ensure that there is enough hospital space to prevent a surge in patients with new crown pneumonia. We do not want those valuable beds to be occupied by cruise ships.” “We will be willing to accept the disembarkation of Florida people,” de Santis told reporters, worried about the limited number of beds in the state hospital. As far as I know, most of the passengers are foreigners. “
According to Holme, there are 808 passengers and 583 crew members on the Rotterdam and 442 guests and 603 crew members on the zandan. There are 311 U.S. citizens, including 52 Floridians. There were 97 passengers and 136 crew members on both ships with flu like symptoms. Sick passengers will be quarantined on board until they recover. Only a small number of people need the support of local medical resources to prevent their health condition from further deterioration.
According to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the remaining 1200 tourists are suitable for transportation. The company said that the tourists can take the flight home after getting off the ship, and they will take the sterilized vehicles to the relevant airport, with only “limited personnel contact”.
Fort Lauderdale mayor Dean trantalis said he plans to meet with Holme’s chief executive Wednesday to discuss possible solutions. “We hope these sick people get timely medical assistance,” trantaris told CNN. We have to know how they are segregated and how they don’t infect other members of the community. “
Since leaving the Argentine capital on March 7, four tourists on the zandan have died. At present, due to the port refused to enter, there are more than a dozen cruise ships trapped at sea.
“We are not opposed to ships docking in our community, but the problem is that there is no agreement between the two sides to allow these people to disembark,” said trantaris

Queen’s debut after brexit

Overseas, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II attended the annual church service on Christmas day in Sandringham, Norfolk, the second day after brexit, the mirror reported Tuesday. During this time, the Queen appeared very happy when she was photographed smiling to the public.
According to British media, on the evening of January 31 local time, Britain officially withdrew from the European Union. The queen is on holiday at Sandringham estate in Norfolk. For a long time, the queen has been neutral in political affairs and has not delivered a national speech on brexit day, saying only that it is “a turning point in British life”.
On February 2 local time, the queen of England appeared with a smile before the service at St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church in Sandringham. She was wearing a long light blue coat, a brooch with jewels, and a hat decorated with feathers.
British media said the queen was photographed smiling to people outside the church, while people presented flowers to the queen. Although the queen is optimistic, the royal family will face continuous challenges in the future, including the scandal of Prince Andrew and the withdrawal of the Harry Megans, the mirror said.

Turkey military operations

China News Service reported on October 10 that Turkish President Erdogan announced on the 9th that Turkey launched a military operation codenamed “Peace of Peace” to the north of Syria to combat the PKK armed forces and the Syrian Kurdish armed forces. The Protection Force” and the extremist organization “Islamic State”. In response, US President Trump issued a statement saying that the United States does not approve of Turkey’s military operations in Syria. The United Nations also expressed concern that the Security Council will hold a meeting on the morning of the 10th to discuss the situation in Syria.
Earth army launched intensive shelling, causing dozens of deaths and injuries

Syrian state television reported on the 9th that the Turkish army launched a military operation in the northern part of the province of Sussex. The local army launched an intensive shelling of the Syrian Democratic Army led by the Syrian Kurdish forces in the city of Ras Al Ain, resulting in a local foundation. The facilities were damaged and a large number of people fled.

According to the report, the shelling operation expanded to Ain Isa, in the province of Raka in the north, within one hour.

On October 9, 2019, the Turkish army launched a military operation in northern Syria, and smoke rose from the target in Syria.

The Kurdish Forces “Syrian Democracy Army” (SDF) News Service said that since Turkey took military action against the Syrian border area, at least five civilians have been killed and dozens injured.

The news said: “Turkey’s massive shelling of civilians in the border area resulted in the death of three of our military personnel, the death of five civilians and the injury of dozens of civilians.”

The United States pays close attention to Trump: disapproval of military operations

US President Trump issued a statement stating that the United States will not approve of Turkey’s military operations in Syria. He said: “The United States does not approve of the action and told Turkey that the action is a bad idea.”

Trump also said that the United States closely follows Turkey’s military operations in Syria. He stressed that there is no US military in the military operations area in northeastern Syria.

He pointed out that after the Syrian operation began in Syria, Turkey should bear full responsibility for the arrested “Islamic State” terrorists.

Trump said that the United States believes that Turkey’s military operations against Syria will comply with its obligation to protect civilians.

Profile photo: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. China News Service reporter Liao Pan photo

United Nations: Only political means can solve the crisis

U.S. Secretary-General Deputy Secretary-General Huck said at a regular press conference held at the UN headquarters in New York on the 9th that “Secretary-General Guterres is deeply concerned about the recent developments in northern Syria, stressing that any military action must be fully observed.” The United Nations Charter and international humanitarian law, civilians and civilian infrastructure should be protected under international law.”

Huck said: “The Secretary-General Guterres firmly believes that there is no military solution to the Syrian conflict. He reiterated that only by implementing the inclusive and credible political process in accordance with Resolution 2254 adopted by the UN Security Council in 2015 can the conflict in Syria be established. Bring a long-term solution.”

Huck said that in the past eight years, the Syrian conflict parties have launched several military operations, thinking that one attack can win battle for one of them, but in the end they have not achieved, “the future will not be realized”, “any military Actions have failed to resolve the crisis, and no military action can solve the crisis in the future.”

Huck said that the United Nations has repeatedly stressed that the Syrian crisis “has no military solution” does not mean that this statement is obsolete, but it is precisely that the parties to the conflict should have listened to the views of the United Nations and came together through diplomacy. The way to resolve differences is the only reasonable solution to the Syrian crisis.

Zhao Liying has a beautiful shape

Zhao Liying is an actor that many people like very much. Her popularity is very high, and she is also very popular with everyone. The quality of TV plays is also very good. Zhao Liying can now be said that the popularity is basically stable, and there will not be a big fluctuation in the future, but such popularity in the entertainment industry is also very high, for Zhao Liying, a steady step by step female star can be said to be very high. In the following years of Flowers and Bones, Zhao Liying can be said to have made a lot of TV plays, but in recent years, Zhao Liying has been pursuing quality, and receiving TV plays is less frequent.
Auxiliary Zhao Liying starred in the TV play Youyi. Now her partner is Wang Yibo, who is popular. Although many people are not very optimistic about the cooperation between the two people, the age difference is very big, and the direction they are going now is also very different. Wang Yibo is an idol. Many female fans really care about this, but Zhao Liying, as a married mother, should not worry about it at all.
Recently, the latest Reuters of Youyi came out. The shape of Youyi is exactly the same as that of Chuqiao, but it can only be said that. Zhao Liying looks very online. Even though the pictures are not clear, it can be seen that Zhao Liying’s face is still very high. Moreover, Zhao Liying’s clothes are more suitable. This time, there is no way for Wang Yibo to thank you. Many people are very sorry. Some people say that Zhao Liying is not interested in this TV play, but from the photos, Zhao Liying still loves it very much. Actors love acting, not many people say that it is beneficial.


Chinese Women’s Basketball Team to New Zealand

September 24, 2019 Asian Women’s Basketball Cup will begin in Bangalore, India. On the first match day, Chinese women’s basketball team will welcome the first opponent of the group competition, New Zealand women’s basketball team. Tencent Sports will be broadcast live from 20:15. Here are the prospects of Tencent Sports for you.——
The Asian Cup of Women’s Basketball 2019 will be held in Bangalore, India, from September 24 to September 29. Eight teams will compete in Class A of the Asian Cup. Eight teams will be divided into two groups. The Chinese women’s basketball team is in the same group as Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. According to the competition system, the two teams who won the first place in the group will go directly to the semi-finals, while the second and third teams in the two groups will compete for the remaining two semi-finals. Another team includes Japan, South Korea, India and Taipei, China.
The lowest team in the Asian Cup A-level competition will be relegated to the B-level competition, while the other seven teams will join the B-level champion in the Asia-Pacific preliminary competition of the Olympic Games. Since Chinese women’s basketball team can hardly rank eighth in the competition, they will certainly appear in the Olympic preliminary contest, and any place in this Asian Cup will not affect the qualifications of the Olympic Games.
The Chinese women’s basketball team has just released the list of 12 players for the Asian Cup, namely Han Xu, Yang Liwei, Li Yuan, Wang Siyu, Liu Jiacen, Wu Tongtong, Shao Ting, Gao Song, Guo Ziqian, Li Yueru, Chen Mingying and Shi Xiaoye. Han Xu and veteran Shao Ting, who play in the WNBA, will be the core figures of the Chinese women’s basketball team. Li Yueru, who is known as “O’Neill for Women”, and Yang Liwei, who has strong impact, will also be the key players for the Chinese women’s basketball team.
It is worth mentioning that Li Meng and Sun Mengrun, the main players of Chinese women’s basketball team, were absent from the Asian Cup because they were preparing for the 7th World Military Games in late October. Huang Sijing and Zhang Ru were not included in the list of 12 Chinese women’s basketball players because of their injuries.
Review of confrontation
Since their first appearance in the Asian Cup in 1976 (formerly the Asian Championship), they have won 11 championships, but their last top in the Asian Cup goes back to 2011. 2017 is the first time that the Asian Women’s Basketball Championship has been converted into the Asian Cup. China’s women’s basketball team lost to Japan in the semi-finals, and finally won the third place.
In the Olympic women’s basketball competition, the Chinese women’s basketball team and New Zealand had two confrontations. At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s basketball team lost 77-79 to New Zealand. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s basketball team won 80-63 over New Zealand. In the history of the Women’s Basketball World Cup (formerly the World Championship), the two teams have never had a record of confrontation.
New Zealand women’s basketball team has played in the Asian Cup since 2017. In the last match, Chinese women’s basketball team met New Zealand in the group match and won a big victory with 77-48.
Prewar deduction
China’s women’s basketball team has a high advantage in the interior. Han Xu and Li Yueru, the “two-tower combination”, will bring a lot of pressure to New Zealand’s defense. Han Xu is undoubtedly the most anticipated player by Chinese fans. Last season she played for the New York Liberals in the WNBA league. Although she did not play much time, her level has also improved. Whether she can play a dominant role in the Asian Cup remains to be seen.