Suyuan wanted to see the victim

The main criminal of Suyuan case said that he must see the victim [Zhao doushun, principal criminal of Suyuan case in South Korea: let me meet the victim] Zhao doushun, the principal criminal of Suyuan case, will be released from prison this weekend. According to South Korea’s jtbc news report, during his sentence, Zhao doushun repeatedly said in a petition that he could not remember anything about the circumstances of the crime at that time, and also said that he “sincerely hope to see the victims.”. It is reported that in his petition, Zhao doushun once said that the charges were “disgraceful” and that he did not disclose them to other prisoners once. Zhao doushun has submitted more than 100 petitions so far since he was put into prison. The most common content is that he claimed that he was drunk from the beginning to the end and could not remember it. Because he was drunk, he felt that he was not guilty. At the same time, Zhao doushun often wrote at the end of the petition: “finally, please. I sincerely hope you will let me meet the victims.” The main criminal of Suyuan case pleaded to meet the victim

11 US states refuse mask orders

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 17:33 on July 18 (5:33 on July 19, Beijing time), the number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 3.67 million, reaching 3676942 cases, and the cumulative death cases are close to 140000, reaching 139748. In the past 24 hours, there were 50442 new cases and 769 new deaths.
At present, most state and local governments in the United States have asked people to wear masks in public places to prevent the spread of the virus. Today, 39 states have implemented some form of “mask order”, but there are still 11 states that are still in dispute.
According to the internal documents of the White House, Georgia is one of the 18 states in the “red disaster area” of the new coronavirus, but the governor and mayor of the state have been in constant conflict over the issue of masks, which has aroused the attention of the United States.

Positive and rapid mutation of new coronavirus

British scientists have discovered novel coronavirus has evolved into 3 different strains during the spread of the world, and is “rapidly mutating to adapt to the immune system resistance of different populations”. Studies have also shown that virus variants found in some Americans are most closely related to viruses found in bats.
Researchers from Cambridge University mapped the initial spread of the new coronavirus (covid-19) in humans and found three different but closely related variants, the Sun reported on April 10.
Scientists have reconstructed the early evolutionary path of the new coronavirus, from the worst affected areas of China to Europe and North America. The results were published in the latest issue of the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAs).
Dr. Peter Forster, a geneticist at Cambridge University and the lead author of the research paper, said that through the analysis of the first 160 complete viral genome sequences found in patients, the closest variation found in bats was mainly found in patients from the United States and Australia, rather than in patients from Wuhan, China.
The new coronavirus mutated into three different strains in global transmission
They used sample data collected from around the world between December 24, 2019 and March 4, 2020. Data show that there are three distinct but closely related variants of the new coronavirus, known as a, B, and C.
The researchers found that the closest type of coronavirus found in bats is type A, the original human virus genome. The virus genome exists in Wuhan, but it is not the main virus type in Wuhan.
The mutant a virus was found in the Americans living in Wuhan, and a large number of a virus was also found in patients from the United States and Australia.
The main virus type of Wuhan patients is type B, which exists in patients all over East Asia. However, if there is no further variation, it will not spread too much outside the region.
The researchers said the C virus, the main European type, was found in early patients from France, Italy, Sweden and the UK. The type C virus did not appear in the Chinese mainland samples in the study, but was found in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.
The analysis also showed that one of the earliest routes of introduction of the virus into Italy was through the first recorded German patient on January 27, and the other early Italian route of infection was related to “Singapore clustering”.
The results show that type A virus is most closely related to the virus found in bats and pangolins, which the researchers describe as the source of the outbreak. Type B virus is derived from type A, separated by two mutations, and then type C, in turn, is the “daughter” of type B.

Trump will be tested

On the afternoon of the 13th US east time, President trump said at a press conference in the rose garden of the White House that he was “likely” to be tested for the new coronavirus. When asked when he would be tested, he replied “very soon”.
At the same day’s press conference, trump still shook hands with officials and executives who were present at the same time. Despite last week’s contact with a Brazilian official who was subsequently diagnosed, trump insisted that he had no symptoms and was not prepared to take preventive measures against himself and White House staff.
On the 7th of this month, trump had dinner with Brazilian president bosonaro and other Brazilian officials at the sea lake manor. Brazil’s president’s press secretary who attended the dinner party was positive for the new coronavirus, the Brazilian government said Tuesday.
Miami, Florida mayor Luis Suarez confirmed Monday that he was diagnosed with the new coronavirus. Suarez had contact with the press secretary of Brazil’s president at a dinner party at Haihu manor last weekend. Suarez said he had no symptoms and suggested that people who shook hands or had close contact with him for 14 days from Monday should be isolated from themselves.
In addition, according to the Washington Post, another person who participated in fund-raising activities at Haihu manor last weekend was tested positive for the new coronavirus. At that time, trump also participated in the event.

The proportion of cure increased obviously

Mi Feng, spokesman of the national health and Health Commission and deputy director of the publicity department, said at the press conference of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council on the 10th that the cure rate in Wuhan, Hubei and the whole country has increased significantly. Among them, 8.2% were cured nationwide, 1.3% on January 27; 6.1% in Hubei, 1.7% on January 27; 6.2% in Wuhan, 2.6% on January 27.

Hong Kong Police Force boarded the Great Wall

Autumn in Beijing, the wind and the sun. On the 30th, 10 Hong Kong police representatives invited to participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the National Day went to the Great Wall in Badaling, Beijing, and were awarded the “Good Han Award”.

“The wish is fulfilled, I am very excited.” The police chief of the Hong Kong Police Force Mobile Police Station, Liu Zeji, who is known as the “Sky Head Sergeant Liu Sir”, also ran for a while on the Great Wall. “The ladder is not as high as imagined, but it is really beautiful. “. When interviewed by a reporter from China News Service in Hong Kong earlier, he had expressed the hope that he could “walk the Great Wall and do a good job” and did not expect such a quick dream.

The unified Hong Kong police wearing blue sportswear attracted attention in the Badaling Scenic Area. “A sir, we are quite you”, many mainland tourists “like” and encourage them.

“I am very happy to meet face-to-face with mainland friends.” Liu Zeji said that after the injury, many people expressed concern through various means. He simply thanked him for opening the Weibo account. He has already harvested more than 500,000 fans in less than half a month. I want to share the situation in Hong Kong through Weibo and convey the concern and support of netizens to the police colleagues.

Lin Zhiwei, chairman of the Hong Kong Police Forces Association, said that it was very happy to see the support from everyone. The young people encountered in the Mainland are more active in seeing the issue, and hope that some young people in Hong Kong can see things more comprehensively.

The two “post-90s” police officers in the delegation, Zeng Zhi’an and Hu Ruijie, came to Beijing for the first time. They said that the opportunity was rare. The Great Wall was more magnificent than imagined and liked the antique Beijing.

In a conflict in the streets of Hong Kong in June, Zeng Zhian was surrounded by several demonstrators, and more than 20 needles were sewn in the corner of his eyes. The young face left a permanent scar. “Doctors say that although the scars will not disappear, they will slowly fade, and nothing will happen.” Zeng Zhian said that there are many peers in the demonstrators, and most of them can express their opinions rationally. Violence can’t solve the problem, I hope everyone can communicate and talk.

On the same day, 10 representatives of the Macau Police Force who were invited to participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the National Day also boarded the Badaling Great Wall. Liu Yunxi, deputy director of the Macao Public Security Police Bureau, said that there are still more than two months that are the 20th anniversary of the return of Macao. The motherland is strong and Macao is strong. As a police officer in Macao, it has the ability, confidence and obligation to maintain the prosperity and stability of Macao. I wish our motherland prosperity and prosperity, and tomorrow will be even better. (Finish)


Tread in Spring

March in Yangchun is a good time to go out to search for spring. Teachers seem to understand our minds, organized the sixth grade students spring outing, to explore the footsteps of spring in nature.
Early in the morning, the students came to the school ahead of schedule and discussed the topic of “spring outing” in the classroom. Some students took out their cameras to take pictures in the East and take pictures in the west; some students poured their snacks on their desks to carry out “elimination activities” early; some students even forgot all about their early self-study time and took out poker cards to fight with their desks.
After breakfast, under the guidance of the teacher, the students carried their backpacks and hurried downstairs to the front of the car. The “belly” of this giant is not spacious, but you let me, I let you, one by one, get on the car in an orderly way. The bus started! The long motorcade traveled along the street, and our hearts were galloping along with it. In the carriage, the excited students took pictures of teachers, classmates and scenery with their cameras. At this time, I do not know which boy began to sing a song we are familiar with, so everyone responded, along the way floating our happy songs. Just as we were able to sing vigorously, the teacher suggested that we review the ancient poems we had learnt before so as to prepare for the poetry recitation contest. The ancient poems depict spring in so many colors that “Juju”, “Peach Blossom in Dalin Temple” and “Searching for Flowers by the Riverside” make the breath of spring more strong. Suddenly, a female student got sick, and all the students reached out to help. “Quick! Keep this mint candy in your mouth and you won’t get sick!” “Come on, take my medicine for carsickness! Make sure you’re ready soon!” “You face out the window! Breathe the fresh air out of the window!” Under everyone’s enthusiastic “service”, carsickness effect God. Strangely slipped away. What a false alarm!
I was enjoying the scenery outside the window when I suddenly felt a flash of light in front of me. I rubbed my eyes and fixed my eyes on a vast field of rapeseed flowers. The sun shined on the petals, and they became more and more dazzling and charming, like spring girls’brocade clothes woven for the earth. The beautiful golden color makes Mother Earth look much younger.
An hour later, we finally reached our destination, Sanhe Reservoir. When we got out of the car, we were like a group of newly emerged sparrows flying around curiously. The teacher had no difficulty in bringing us together. The distant mountains seem to be shouting to us: Children, welcome to nature! In a twinkling of an eye, we entered a forest. On one side are magnificent cliffs and rocky rocks. The mysterious caves witness the vicissitudes of the years it has experienced. At the foot of the mountain, there are thick reeds growing in clumps. The slender green leaves seem to show off to us: Look! How beautiful I am! There is also a trickle of springs, clear and incomparable, but they do not know where they come from. On the other side were innumerable trees, tall and straight, with the majesty of a general, standing beside the path in the woods. The teacher told us that the name of the tree was Metasequoia. Soon, we came to the dam. Green grass grew on the sloping dam. As soon as our toes touched their soft bodies, we were all energetic. We climbed up desperately in order to win the first place in the climbing competition. However, I just climbed half of the exhaustion, collapsed on the lawn, can only watch your classmates catch up with me, scrambling to catch up. Several male classmates won the championship, standing on the top of the dam cheering, the voice echoed between the mountains for a long time. I simply lay on the dam, looking at this wonderful spring scenery, is so pleasant.
Next, a poetry recitation contest was held among the sixth grade classes. Every class is arranged in a neat square array. Everyone is full of passion, describing ancient poems in spring one after another. The voice of reciting ancient poems is higher than one wave, and the call of spring is echoed between heaven and earth. Many students have come forward to use cameras to capture this happy time, fixed the happy moment.
Roaming in the natural embrace of the end of the journey, the students brought back a good mood. Goodbye! Rapeseed Flowers in Yanhe Field! Goodbye! Mountains in Sanhe Reservoir! Goodbye, Search for a Happy Journey in Spring!