Domestic violence against female journalists in Tibetan areas

Jin Yu, a female journalist from a first tier city, married a bee farmer in Qinghai Province and worked as an e-commerce provider to help farmers. Recently, she wrote an article that she had been beaten severely for a long time and fled with a belt. How to treat the Tibetan area who married for love but suffered from domestic violence? An ge’an has three words to say:
① The law is always the support of the victims.
Freedom of love and marriage, love is like drinking water, we should not be more critical of personal choice. But the illegal activities that happen at home are also illegal. The anti domestic violence law of the people’s Republic of China has been implemented since March 2016. Marriage is not Utopia. When encountering domestic violence, we should have the courage to stop loss and the freedom to quit.
② China under the rule of law can not be without one.
As a kind of illegal behavior, domestic violence exists all over the world, which needs to be condemned, resisted, found, punished and rescued by all walks of life. The level of economic development and folk customs are not the “shield” of domestic violence. It is “domestic violence” that has been denounced, not the region or nationality.
③ It is the perpetrators, not the victims, who are always wrong.
How to avoid and get out of the “learned helplessness” of domestic violence victims in intimate relationship needs the help and consensus of the whole society. We can’t start blindly, but we shouldn’t deny all the good wishes of “poetry and distance”. It’s better to be keen and helpful than to laugh!
Finally, I want to say to every woman who lives bravely, please don’t give up the right to love yourself, you are worth everything!
Event review
Yesterday, the readme article “another” RAM “swiped the screen in the circle of friends.
The author Ma Jinyu is a media person who once worked in a first tier city. For love, she married far away to an isolated area in the west to have children. Keeping bees and flowers, a paradise like life, has been widely spread in the media industry. The reality is that in this process, she suffered from long-term domestic violence and abuse, and even, for the sake of her children, she had to choose forbearance.
In her autobiography another ram, she said:
In 2015, after a drunken time, he came back in the middle of the night and began to look for something to do with his friend (man). The beating suddenly started. My eyes suddenly blurred and my fist kept hitting my head. My hair was caught and I couldn’t move. I only heard the child crying and his father shouting: “look at your aunt!” The moment I was hit on the head, I was incontinent.
Until the morning, I didn’t know where I got so much blood from my clothes. I could still see it on my mobile phone. I didn’t call the police (maybe this is the most confused, I didn’t call the police once). The child was still asleep. I called the female worker Zhou Mao and said, I’m going to be killed
She took her husband with her to persuade the father. I went to Xining, Qinghai People’s Hospital dizzily with all kinds of injuries. The examination showed hematoma of eyeball and fracture of brow bone. Doctors need to inject drugs into their eyes and take drugs containing a lot of hormones to treat their eyes. Pregnant women are forbidden to take them. That’s when I found out that I had a third child
Now she has escaped from danger and is determined to face everything.
Persistent and frequent domestic violence is regarded as abuse
On December 30, 2020, the Supreme People’s Court issued the first batch of seven new judicial interpretations supporting the civil code. At the press conference, the relevant person in charge of the supreme law said that in the revision and formulation of the supporting judicial interpretation of the civil code, we should consider promoting the harmony and stability of marriage and family. At the same time, we should pay attention to the guidance, establish a good family education and family style, carry forward family virtues, and promote the construction of family civilization.
For example, on the basis of the anti domestic violence law, the persistent and regular domestic violence is identified as abuse, which reflects the distinct value orientation of “no” to domestic violence.