Physical status of vaccine volunteers

“There is no lofty goal in signing up to be a volunteer. As an ordinary Wuhan man, he has been isolated at home for more than 50 days during the outbreak. First, he felt sorry for the tragic experience in Wuhan in the early stage, and then he was deeply moved by the assistance of the whole country and medical staff. So, after seeing the information of the first batch of clinical volunteers for the new crown vaccine on the Internet, they immediately signed up to contribute to the fight against the epidemic. ” Chen Kai, 36, a shopkeeper in Wuhan, said this to the global times. On March 19, he was injected with a low dose of the new crown vaccine. Now, he is in the isolation point for 14 days.
Chen Kai is not worried about the safety of the vaccine. But at first, my wife was worried about the risks. “I showed her relevant news reports and some popular science instructions, and she was relieved. The new crown vaccine was developed by the team of academician Chen Wei of the Academy of Military Sciences. We have a natural sense of confidence in the PLA. In addition, academician Chen Wei was the first to be vaccinated, which I admire very much and have more confidence. So when I saw the recruitment information, I signed up without hesitation. ” Chen Kai said in an interview with the global times on Tuesday that of course, he could not deny that there would be some unknown risks. “But isn’t that what volunteers have to undertake to participate in the experiment? Since you have signed up to participate, you must know the relevant possible risks before you make a decision. If there is an accident, there will be a team of experts from a well-known hospital to treat it at the first time. But for this risk, I don’t think it’s too high. I believe in science. “