College entrance examination for children with cerebral palsy: 623 points

His name is Yao Junpeng. He is a senior high school science candidate from Anhui Wuhu annormal University. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in his infancy. Due to the spastic cramps caused by cerebral palsy, Yao Junpeng’s hands were not very flexible and his writing was very hard. Over the past decade, his parents, teachers and classmates have given him meticulous care. Growing up in the arms of love and warmth, he has developed an optimistic attitude since childhood. In the 2020 college entrance examination, he got a good score of 623 points, which was 108 points higher than that of a science department!
Netizens have said: fierce, inspirational, ashamed
There are also netizens said: as a healthy person, the college entrance examination is very hard, only two, you can imagine, he paid how much effort, Shun between tears.
Indeed, in the face of wonderful moments, only those who have the same experience know the hardships behind them.
It’s very inspirational. It’s so powerful. It’s a shame that excellent people always put in a lot of efforts where you can’t see them. Yao Junpeng got a high score in the college entrance examination, which is really commendable. This disease is characterized by mental retardation, epilepsy, sensory and perceptual disorders, language disorders and mental and behavioral disorders. I don’t know how much hardship this child has suffered before he has such ability.
As Heaven keeps vigor through movement, a gentleman should unremittingly practice self-improvement. We should work harder! Live up to the time! Live up to your time!

Zhao Benshan’s family photo exposed

What’s the matter with Zhao Benshan’s family photo exposure? It will soon be 2020, and watching the Spring Festival Gala has become a “new custom”. Zhao Benshan is inseparable from this custom. With his unique performance style, he has made a great contribution to the world of sketches. It is precisely because Zhao Benshan’s high-quality works on the Spring Festival Gala have accompanied the audience year after year on New Year’s Eve, so in the hearts of many audiences, uncle Benshan is even one of the symbols of the Spring Festival Gala. Although Zhao Benshan has not appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala in recent years, the audience has always been concerned about the dynamics of Uncle Benshan. Recently, Zhao Benshan’s daughter Qiuqiu released a family photo. In the photo, Zhao Benshan’s family has four people who are happy and harmonious. The picture is very warm, and Ma Lijuan, his wife, rarely appears.