Three deaths in Nanning truck collision

Notice on a traffic accident from Lingma town to Pingguo City, Wuming District, Nanning City
At 15:30 on February 25, 2021, a report was received that at 14:45 on February 25, 2021, a traffic accident occurred at a distance of 1km from Lingma town of Wuming district to Pingguo City, where a large truck with license plate number of GUI af6895 collided with a small truck with license plate number of GUI l37031. At present, the accident caused 3 deaths, 6 serious injuries and 9 minor injuries. The specific information of the personnel is being further verified.
After receiving the report, the city Party committee and the government attached great importance to it. The main leaders of the city Party committee required that the wounded should be treated as much as possible, the cause of the accident should be found out as soon as possible, and all post-treatment work should be done properly. The main leaders of the city government, the leaders in charge, and the director of the Public Security Bureau immediately led the city health, public security, traffic police, emergency, fire control, civil affairs, Lingma town and other relevant units to the scene for disposal. The cause of the accident is under further investigation.
Office of Nanning Wuming District People’s Government
February 25, 2021

New crown vaccination notice

China’s first new coronavirus vaccine has begun to vaccinate key populations in many places. ① At present, the vaccination age of new crown vaccine is limited to 18 to 59 years old, and other age groups need to wait for further clinical trials; ② pregnant women, lactating women, uncontrollable hypertension, diabetes complications and other personnel are not suitable for vaccination; ③ the recommended immunization procedure is two injections, with an interval of at least 14 days.

Trump responds to the diagnosis of the eldest son

[World Wide Web news] just now, U.S. President trump said on twitter that his son Trump’s new crown test results were positive, saying, “my son Donald has done a good job, thank you!”.
[] according to sources familiar with the situation, trump Jr., the son of President trump, has been tested positive for the new coronavirus earlier this week and is currently in quarantine.
British Sky News, the associated press just reported that a spokesman for little trump confirmed that his new crown test results are positive, and is currently in self isolation, but there are no symptoms.

Qiaojia county earthquake with m S5 in Yunnan Province

Xinhua news agency, Kunming, May 19 (Reporter Lin Bifeng) the Information Office of Qiaojia county government in Yunnan Province reported that as of 5:00 on May 19, a 5.0-magnitude earthquake in Qiaojia county had killed 2 people, injured 13 and buried another one. At present, the public security, fire fighting, emergency and other rescue forces are carrying out emergency rescue work.
On the way to Xiaohe Town, Qiaojia county, the epicenter of the earthquake, the reporter saw that the road to Xiaohe Town was smooth, and a small number of people in Xiaohe Town were sheltering in open places. The fire brigade is building a rescue and relief headquarters on the first floor of Xiaohe Town Government Square. The local walls of the town government office building are cracked and the walls fall off.
It was reported that after the earthquake, Qiaojia county immediately arranged to deploy 16 townships to do well in earthquake rescue and relief, disaster verification and mass transfer, so as to fully guarantee the safety of people’s lives and properties. Qiaojia county public security bureau special patrol brigade, fire rescue brigade, Emergency Management Bureau and other rescue forces rushed to the disaster area immediately to carry out rescue work.
Yunnan Seismological Bureau launched the level-4 emergency response, established the emergency command center to carry out the emergency response and disposal work, sent the first group of on-site team members to the disaster area, carried out the on-site earthquake monitoring work, and assisted the local government to carry out the earthquake emergency disposal work.
Qiaojia county meteorological observatory reported that in the next three days, Qiaojia county will mainly have cloudy weather in sunny days, and Xiaohe Town will have showers when sunny days turn cloudy.

Virus or last year in the United States

When novel coronavirus pneumonia is rampaging in the United States, the County Executive and Jeff Smith, the Silicon Valley in California, Jeff Smith, are judged by the data: the time of the outbreak in the local area is likely to be traced back to last December.
“The virus has been spreading in our community”
According to the Los Angeles Times on April 11, Smith made the above statement to county officials at a briefing on April 10, saying: “the virus has been spreading wantonly in our community and may have existed for quite some time.”
According to Smith, data collected by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local health departments and other agencies show that the outbreak (local) has existed “much longer than we initially thought” and is likely to date back to December last year.
According to the trend chart provided by Johns Hopkins University, the outbreak began in mid March in the United States. The latest research from Stanford University and CDC shows that the new coronavirus in San Francisco Bay area has been spreading rapidly since late February. According to the research report released by Stanford University on April 7, 2888 samples from January 1 to February 26 were collected from San Francisco Bay area, with a positive rate of 0.07%; CDC According to data released on April 3, about 8% of 226 cough and fever patients sampled from four emergency care centers in Santa Clara County from March 5 to 14 were detected with new coronavirus.
Smith’s speculation on the 10th pushed forward the spread time of the new crown epidemic in California.
As for why we didn’t realize this before, Smith explained that the United States was in a serious flu season at that time. “The symptoms of novel coronavirus pneumonia are very much like influenza. If you are a mild patient, you will not realize that you have not even seen a doctor. Doctors may not pay attention, because they also think it’s flu. “
The main part of Silicon Valley is located in Santa Clara County of San Francisco Bay area, and its total scope generally includes some cities of San Mateo County and Alameda County. The first two patients with new crown diagnosed on January 31 and February 2 in Santa Clara County all had Wuhan travel history. But for most of January and February, there was little community virus testing in California, the report said. At that time, CDC only issued testing reagents to some health departments, and restricted the testing objects.
The third confirmed case was found in Santa Clara County on February 27, and a 68 year old woman, Azar ahrabi, was the first confirmed case of community transmission in the area. Since then, almost every confirmed case has pointed to local transmission.
“When the health department tries to trace the source of the disease, we cannot find a specific contact.” “This means that the virus has spread in the community, not just in China, as the CDC suspects, or only through people coming back from China,” Smith told officials in Santa Clara County
On March 9, ahrabi became the first confirmed dead patient in Santa Clara County. Health investigators said they could not find the source of the infection, while her family said she spent most of her time at home caring for her mother, rarely driving out, just walking to a grocery store. However, ahrabi and his mother live in an apartment with high international density.
Ahrabi had symptoms in mid February and was diagnosed with pneumonia when she was sent to the emergency room on February 20. Doctors prescribed antibiotics for her to go home first. The next day, she was sent back to intensive care. Ahrabi’s son Amir said he had asked doctors to test his mother for the new coronavirus, but doctors said the county health department would not approve it because she did not meet any of the conditions for testing.
A California patient was transferred from a sanatorium on the 8th. (photo source: Associated Press)

Ma Yun denies data fraud

The Gmv of tmall global double 11 Carnival in 2019 reached 268.4 billion yuan. Ma Yun said at the Zhejiang Business Conference on November 13 that “double 11 is not Ali’s success, it is China’s success in domestic demand”. He said that China’s domestic demand today gives us great confidence, and all of this has just started. For a recent online news about tmall’s double 11 data fraud, Ma Yun said that in the Internet age, every penny is extremely accurate! In addition, Ma Yun also said that this year’s double 11 actually didn’t meet his expectations, and hoped that in the future, the double 11 countries would give half a day’s leave, so staying up to buy will not delay work. In addition, Ma Yun also said that the number of double 11 is not really the key, the key is the real power behind the number. The power of technology, the power of innovation in China’s manufacturing industry, and the power of change for businesses are the real “core” behind the double 11 numbers. Before that, Peng Mei, a spokesman for tmall, wrote in response to the incident: “this prediction looks really ‘bluffing’. According to this netizen’s logic, what conforms to the statistical trend is false. So the world’s economic aggregate can also be predicted, and is economic development also fake? “Peng Mei further said:” it can be concluded that tmall’s double 11 data fraud is a rumor, and should bear legal responsibility.

Loess collapse disaster in Shaanxi Province


According to the website of Jiaxian people’s government, at about 7:00 on October 26, a sudden loess collapse occurred in gaolijiagou village, Muyu Town, Jiaxian county. According to the preliminary identification, the disaster event is a sudden loess collapse, with a volume of about 500 cubic meters, 4 collapsed houses and 3 trapped people. After using 2 forklifts, 1 excavator and dozens of people for rescue, 3 persons under pressure were rescued and sent to hospital for rescue, but 3 persons under pressure died successively after invalid rescue.
Up to now, the on-site search and rescue work has been completed, and the accident investigation and rehabilitation work are in progress.