Secretary of Sanya Municipal Party committee investigated

Tong Daochi, member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial Committee and Secretary of Sanya Municipal Party committee, was investigated!
Tong Daochi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Sanya Municipal Party committee, is suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, according to the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission.
Source: People’s daily
Resume of Tong Daochi
Tong Daochi, male, Han nationality, was born in October 1967 in Pingjiang, Hunan Province. He joined the Communist Party of China in December 2004 and began to work in July 1991. He graduated from the Graduate School of administrative management of Renmin University of China and public management major of Carlton University of Canada. He has an in-service doctoral degree.
September 1984 to July 1988: majored in national economic management, Department of economic management, Peking University
July, 1988 to July, 1991: graduate student of administration, Institute of administration, Renmin University of China
July 1991 to July 1992: Assistant Researcher, Institute of world economics and politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
July 1992 to August 1994: Master of public administration, University of Carlton, Canada
August, 1994 to April, 1999, Ph.D. candidate in policy analysis, Graduate School of RAND Corporation, USA (during which: researcher, Asia Pacific Research Center, International Department, Rand Corporation, USA)
April 1999 to October 2000: corporate governance expert, corporate governance Bureau, corporate development department, World Bank headquarters
From October 2000 to November 2000, cadres of the planning and Development Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission
2000.11-2001.04 member of planning and Development Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission (vice bureau level)
April 2001 to August 2006 deputy director of Supervision Department of listed companies of China Securities Regulatory Commission
August 2006 April 2007 deputy director of issuance Supervision Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission
2007.04-2008.02 deputy director of International Cooperation Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission (in charge of work) and deputy director of issuance supervision department
2008.02-2014.04 director of International Cooperation Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission
April 2014 to December 2016: Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, member of the Party group, member of the poverty alleviation and development leading group of the State Council (October 2015)
From December 2016 to October 2018, vice governor of Hubei Province, member of the poverty alleviation and development leading group of the State Council (April 2018 exempted)
Member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial Committee from October to November, 2018
November, 2018 — member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial Committee and Secretary of Sanya Municipal Party committee

Strengthen the sense of marriage certificate issuing ceremony

[China will strengthen the sense of marriage certificate issuing ceremony] recently, the Ministry of civil affairs and the all China Women’s Federation jointly issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the guidance and education of marriage and family in the new era. According to the guidelines, it is necessary to explore the introduction of certificate issuing ceremony into the marriage registration process and realize the normalization of certificate issuance, and announce marriage in a solemn and sacred ceremony by guiding the marriage parties to read marriage vows and get marriage certificates Conclusion, let the parties understand and bear in mind the responsibilities of marriage and family. It is suggested that if conditions permit, outdoor certificate issuing places can be set up, local leaders and social celebrities issuing system should be established, humanized certification service should be actively promoted, certificate issuing words with rich cultural connotation should be designed, and parties should be encouraged to invite relatives and friends to witness together.

Self portrait of Li Yong’s wife

On April 26, 2020, haven shared today’s latest news early in the morning, writing: “go to the supermarket and prepare to challenge the seafood cake and fried salmon.”.
Three palace photos, I have seen her take photos of herself going out to the supermarket to buy food materials for a long time and finishing the photos of food materials after returning home. Haven’s life is comfortable and comfortable. The middle-aged and old people enjoy their life very much. If Li yongruo is still there, maybe she is still fighting for her career. Now, for her, to live with her daughter and enjoy life is the key.
I remember the last time I saw HARVIN before the Spring Festival, I didn’t see her show in special period, but every day she paid attention to the major events. I haven’t seen you for a long time. In addition to my home life, I am so lazy that I am a lot more lazy. HARVIN, who goes out with plain face, is also dressed simply, no different from ordinary women. She was wearing a grey hooded sweater and a black mask, showing dim eyes, sparse eyebrows and some messy hair. She was very old. During this period, I can’t go anywhere. HARVIN’s days seem more lonely. Fortunately, I have my daughter by my side.
The food that HARVIN is preparing is almost finished. Look at the materials for making delicious food. The color is bright, and the finished product will be delicious. This seafood cake is really attractive.
The salmon, which has been marinated, has to be fried in a pot. Looking at such a good salmon, I think it’s going to drool. This breakfast is so rich, obviously ha Wen knows how to keep fit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We must eat it like “emperor”… I wonder if fatuma is at home? Look at the weight, like two people.
Like many friends, haven has also opened the way to make delicious food, which is still good. Not long ago, for her daughter, she cooked roast beef in person. The finished product has a model, and she is even happy. Like before, how could she cook? She is a career woman. However, life is changing. In such an environment, she obviously has the breath of a housewife.
Ha Wen is most gratified and proud of his daughter. He often praises fatuma. Compared with his mother, fatuma lived a more free and ambitious life after his father Li Yong left.
Once a beautiful family of three, because of Li Yong and become a shortage of beauty. Therefore, everyone should cherish the days with his family, because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I hope everyone can live in happiness~~~

Indonesian President tested

According to the latest news from Reuters, Indonesian President Joko announced on the 15th that he would be tested for the new coronavirus.
The report also said that after Indonesia’s transport minister had previously tested positive for the virus, other ministers were also tested.
15 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Indonesia on the 21 day, the Ministry of Health said on June 2, with a total of 117 confirmed cases, including 5 deaths and 8 cured cases.
Before President Joko of Indonesia, recently, many presidents have carried out new coronavirus detection.
Trump said at the White House press conference that he received a new coronavirus test on the night of the 13th and a body temperature test on the 14th, and the temperature test result was “completely normal”. White House doctor Conley said Thursday that President Trump’s new coronavirus test was negative.
The novel coronavirus test result of Bozo Nalo, President of Brazil, was more complicated. The Facebook page showed that the new coronavirus test results were negative. Before that, on the 13th Beijing time, foreign media reported that President bosonaro of Brazil was positive for the new crown virus. In response to the news, the son of President bosonaro of Brazil said on social media: “the president’s test has yet to produce results. There are always rumors in the media. “
The virus was also tested by President duterte of the Philippines. Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected by Foreign Minister of Philippines, after two cabinet ministers announced they had been exposed to the new crown pneumonia infection and would be self isolating. Philippine President Rodrigo duterte tested negative for the new coronavirus, but the president will continue to take preventive measures to avoid infection, Philippine officials said Tuesday.

Will the virus disappear in summer

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Geneva, March 6th, Xinhua news agency, Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO health emergency project, 6, said in Geneva that there is no evidence that the new crown virus will disappear in summer.
“We don’t know how the new coronavirus works and behaves in different climatic conditions,” Ryan said at a regular press conference on the same day
He stressed that it must be assumed that the new coronavirus will still be able to spread in the summer. To do this, countries must act quickly, not expect the new coronavirus to disappear like the flu virus in the summer.
Ryan also said the disease could be anywhere on the planet. He called on all countries not to blame each other, but to do their best to fight the epidemic and save lives.