Charged with domestic violence, divorced and killed

Recently, Huangshi, Hubei Province. A 36 year old woman in Yangxin County died after her husband slashed her head with an axe. Ms. Kan’s sister said that her sister was sued for domestic violence, and the relationship between the two sides became increasingly tense after the divorce. Her sister even wrote a suicide note in advance. One week before the crime, Ms. Kan found an axe at home. Unexpectedly, she fell under her husband’s axe.
The reporter learned that Ms. Kan often encountered domestic violence. After every domestic violence, her husband confessed his mistake with a good attitude, wrote a letter of guarantee, and even knelt down.
Ms. Chen is a law enforcement officer in Yangxin County. She recalled that in July 2020, when she was coordinating Ms. Kan’s domestic violence, her husband first bowed his head and did not say a word, then knelt down in front of Ms. Kan and promised not to do it again.
In response to domestic violence, the man’s parents said: “they often fight. My son fought back after she beat him. “
The upstream reporter asked, “Ms. Kan is 1.6110 Jin tall; your son is 1.7130 Jin tall. Can you win?” The man’s parents did not answer.
Perhaps, we have already expected that Ms. Kan will encounter unexpected events. On January 12, Ms. Kan’s family found a suicide note written on May 22, 2020 when they were sorting out Ms. Kan’s relics in Zhulin village. The note said: if something happens to me, all my property belongs to my mother, including half of the property rights of room 2902, accident solace money and personal account property. There is no need to deal with the future affairs. After cremation, the remains can be put into a crematorium box Then put in a big coffin and bury it on the top of the mountain of kaijiachong reservoir. Go up along the stone steps on the left side. The higher, the deeper, the better.

Chang’e falls to the ground

In the early morning of the 17th, the chang’e-5 reentrant successfully landed in Siziwang Banner, Inner Mongolia. The air search unit quickly finds the reentrant and captures it with an infrared camera. In the process of the ground search and recovery team members rushing to the landing site, the live screen showed that a small animal suddenly appeared, and “stopped” for a moment in front of the “Chang 5” reentrant, and then ran away leisurely, successfully catching the camera.

Xingwen 4.1 earthquake

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Xiting) in the early morning of January 8, a 4.1-magnitude earthquake occurred in Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province. The Beijing News reporter learned from the Xingwen County Government office that there were no reports of casualties and house damage.
According to the official determination of China seismic network, at 1:9 on January 8, a 4.1-magnitude earthquake occurred in Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province (28.21 n, 104.93 E), with a focal depth of 12 km.
This morning, the reporter of Beijing News learned from the office of Xingwen County People’s government that after the earthquake in the early morning, relevant personnel carried out investigation and verification of the damage situation in each township. At present, no casualties report has been received, and no reports of house collapse or damage have been received.

2019 Women’s Table Tennis World Cup

In 2019, the women’s ping-pong World Cup ended last night. In a Chinese table tennis team’s civil war between Liu Shiwen and Zhu Yuling, Liu Shiwen defeated Zhu Yuling with 4..2 in the first game, thus winning her fifth World Cup. The champion, and became the first World Cup “five crowns” in the history of the ITTF.

As the first two seed players of the women’s ping-pong World Cup, Zhu Yuling and Liu Shiwen defeated Singapore’s Feng Tianwei and the US Zhang Anhui division finals in the semi-final yesterday afternoon, and won the World Cup champion for the Chinese team in advance. Last night’s final was a very important game for both sides. If Liu Shiwen, who won the women’s singles championship at the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, can once again win the World Cup in Chengdu, the qualification for the Tokyo Olympics is already very stable. Zhu Yuling’s recent situation has been poor, especially after losing a few foreign wars. The ups and downs in the mentality are relatively large, which has led to the gradual backwardness in the competition within the team. It is urgent to have a world champion to prove himself to keep himself shocking Tokyo. Opportunities for the Olympics.

This is the 23rd match between the two in the international competition. Before the 22nd match between the two, Liu Shiwen scored 13 wins and 9 losses. Zhu Yuling took the initiative to attack in the finals, starting with 11..4. After Liu Shiwen’s finals began to be slow, after losing the first game, she gradually began to seek changes to suppress Zhu Yuling, and pulled back two games with two 11..8, the game entered a fever. In the key fourth game, the two men were glued in the first half. After 5 draws, Liu Shiwen gradually took the initiative to take the lead to the next city with 11..6, thus leading by 3..1. Zhu Yuling, who played in the backwaters, took the initiative to fight in the fifth game, and took the lead. She took the lead with 7..0 and finally pulled back a game with 11..3. In the sixth game, Zhu Yuling was overtaken by Liu Shiwen in the lead situation. Zhu Yuling tenaciously tied the score when she was behind 7..8. However, Liu Shiwen was more stable in the handling of the key ball. After 9 draws, she scored consecutively and eventually won with 11..9, thus defeating Zhu Yuling with 4..2 and winning the World Cup women’s singles championship for the fifth time.

After the carnival of the award ceremony, Liu Shiwen and Zhu Yuling came to the press conference. Liu Shiwen said: “I will take this competition as a new starting point.” And failed to win the “home”, Zhu Yuling’s chance to go to the Tokyo Olympics is even more embarrassing, but Zhu Yuling did not completely lose, she said: “My way It’s very long, for me, living in the moment, it’s more important to have a good day.”