Zhong Nanshan talks about anti epidemic

Zhong Nanshan talks about anti epidemic in the first lesson of the beginning of school: the life of the Chinese is the most important
Hello, students!
I am your Zhong Nanshan, also called grandfather. Many children asked me why I was called this name? Because I was born in Nanjing, Nanjing you know there is a Zhongshan, so my father said simply called Zhong Nanshan. He hoped that I could thrive like a mountain, and like a mountain, I would still be able to stand there after experiencing the storm. So I think this is a blessing from my parents.
In 1937, we all know it was the Lugouqiao Incident. When Japan invaded China in the Second World War, I was born the year before. It was a time of war. At that time, Nanjing was often bombed. My grandmother told me a story. She said that when I was more than one year old and less than two years old, Japanese planes had begun to bomb Nanjing at that time. Our house was relatively small. So after that bombing, the house collapsed. I was in that house. My grandmother was very nervous and ran out quickly He picked up the brick and found me after that. At that time, my face was black. Fortunately, she rescued me. After she rescued me, she cleared my nose. After that, she pressed again. My life was still very big. After that, I was alive.
(Narrator: in 1937, Nanjing was occupied in the war. The Japanese invaders carried out a six week massacre here, killing more than 300000 people. Countless families are fragmented. In the war of resistance against Japan, Zhong Nanshan was born and grew up. He witnessed the Chinese nation’s indomitable history of fighting against Japanese aggressors. His belief of loving the motherland and life has been imprinted in his heart, and his ambition to work hard for the prosperity of his ancestral country and the happiness of the people.)
At that time, I was in primary school, and my body was relatively weak and short, so I watched them say that exercise can make the body stronger, so I liked playing football and running at that time. I remember when I was in senior three, I didn’t expect that it was a sports meeting in Guangdong Province in 1955 A big brother ran together. I was close to him. He was 53.4 seconds and I was 53.5 seconds. At that time, I broke the provincial record. I was very happy to break the student record. At that time, the Central Institute of Physical Education said that if you just came to be an athlete, it was also very good. My father was a doctor, and my mother was also a doctor, so my subconscious thought at that time that it was good to be a doctor, and it was also very good to cure and save people. So, after discussing with my father for a long time, he said that he should learn medicine. If we learn medicine, we should not only be in good health, but also help other people, so I thought about it later, and then I thought about it It was a decision that I chose to study medicine and study medicine. I enrolled in the Beijing Medical College (now the medical department of Peking University), so I was very happy. Since then, I have been engaged in medical research.
Today is 2020 (year), so I have graduated from University for 60 years. I think the 60 years are still very meaningful. In the past 60 years, I think the two most important things are: one is what, 17 years ago, our classmates were not born. What is it in the past 17 years? It’s a “SARS” epidemic. You’ve heard from your parents. I think it’s also a great test for me. At that time, I saw that many of our hospital doctors, some directors were ill. I discussed with my Dean. If we dare to mention it, we transferred the heaviest patients to me. Later, we only had several brother hospitals. I told them that all the patients with severe diseases should be given to me. Finally, the survival rate of the patients we rescued was 96.2%, which is the highest in the world. At this time, the doctor’s heart felt that it could not be described. Even if you got something, it was not as happy as this one. Why are you happy? We saved a life. This is our wish.
17 years later, I didn’t expect to suddenly encounter such a new epidemic, our students have experienced. At that time, the (National) Health Commission asked me to go to Wuhan, which happened to be the Spring Festival (EVE), but we had to go. It was almost 11 o’clock when we arrived that night. The next morning at 8:30, we had to listen to the report of some relevant personnel and health personnel in Wuhan. After several exchanges and discussions, we also went to that Wuhan, a doctor named Jinyintan Hospital, there is also a chronic disease management center CDC (Wuhan Center for Disease Control and prevention), sudden public health events, it is very infectious, like the geometric progression of such a chain of infection, we reported this situation to the leadership, I said this situation, our analysis of several people, this disease must be infectious, can be transmitted from person to person, it will be very fast At that time, the Central Committee attached great importance to it. President Xi said that people’s life and health should be put first. For the sake of people’s health and safety, we can do whatever we want