The time for Trump’s trial is set

Beijing, January 23 (Xinhua) after the inauguration of the US president, the impeachment trial of outgoing president trump has been put on the agenda. The Democratic led house of representatives will submit the impeachment clause to the Senate on the 25th, and the leaders of the two parties in the Senate decided to start the trial in the week of February 8. President Biden also hinted that he was willing to postpone the trial in the Senate to buy more time for the new government to promote various processes. Next, will Senate Republicans vote to convict trump? What are their trade-offs? What will trump do? Will it be banned from serving as president in the future?

Heilongjiang epidemic prevention doggerel

On January 15, loudspeakers in villages of Baoqing County, Heilongjiang Province began to play “epidemic prevention doggerel”. Jingle was created by Liu Chunxiang of Xuma village publicity team in Baoqing county. Baoqing County deputy director of the Propaganda Department told reporters that the village loudspeakers are a way of spreading information inherited from the village. The scope of each village is not large, which is suitable for spreading information in the village. It is also a form of communication that the villagers like. Using this way to carry out propaganda has a good effect.

Scalded by boiling water, the female cat died

Recently, a netizen in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, revealed that four of her kittens died after being scalded with boiling water. After the event, a number of experts from the province were invited for consultation. Because the burned area of the scalded cat reached 70%, the blood vessels were clearly visible, the cat had stopped heartbeat, and the pupil had no reflexes. The cat eventually died of the injury.

Boy injured in Zeng Chunliang case

On September 12, a boy injured in Zeng Chunliang’s homicide case in Le’an, Jiangxi Province, regained consciousness. Family members of the victims said police investigated the work of Le’an police and confirmed that there were defects in the work, but there was no dereliction of duty. The family members of the victims said that they could not accept: “if the Le’an police took compulsory measures against Zeng Chunliang after the first police report, the murder would not have happened; they requested that the process and results of the investigation be impartial and open.”

100 million people return to extreme poverty

“World Bank President marpas warned that the epidemic situation may return 100 million people to extreme poverty” was published in the 22nd issue of reference news. The summary of the report is as follows:
World Bank President David marpas has warned that the new outbreak could lead 100 million people back into extreme poverty.
The Washington based World Bank previously estimated that 60 million people would fall into extreme poverty as a result of the new outbreak, but the new assessment suggests that the situation may worsen to 70 million to 100 million people. Marpas said that if the new outbreak continues to deteriorate, “the number may be higher.”.
The world bank has pledged to provide $160 billion in funding to 100 countries by June 2021 in response to an imminent emergency. By the end of June, the world bank had disbursed about $21 billion.
But even so, the number of people living in extreme poverty is still increasing. Marpas said the deterioration was due to job losses during the outbreak and supply problems that made food more difficult for people. “The longer the economic crisis lasts, the more people will return to extreme poverty,” he said

Qin Hao won’t make bad movies for money

Netease Entertainment reported on June 26 that on the night of June 25, Qin Hao said in the live broadcast: “I will never make bad movies for money, you have to believe me!” Make complaints about Annie Yi’s wife, Tucao, but “for money, variety!” Then they laughed together, and the scene was quite loving. It is reported that Qin Hao recently starred in the hit drama “the secret corner” has been widely acclaimed, and Yi Nengjing has once again attracted attention through “sister riding the wind and waves”.
Secret corner is popular. Qin Hao: my daughter’s school won’t let me attend the parents’ meeting
Qin Hao, an actor who recently made a hit on the Internet with “secret corner”, said that he was not afraid of being the psychological shadow of the audience because of playing villains, but his daughter’s school might not allow him to hold a parents’ meeting.
Qin Hao said in the interview: “in fact, I have a big concern in my heart that after I have a daughter, I only took one negative role, which is the story of the demon cat directed by Chen Kaige, and I will never take it again. Because I have to think about whether my daughter will watch this play, how she will be after watching it, and how she will not be affected in the future. I think a lot. “
However, he was finally moved by the main creative team, joined in the good play, and added a lot of points for his works with excellent performances. When talking about whether he is afraid to be the psychological shadow of the audience, Qin Hao replied: “I don’t mind. I am worried about my daughter. She will go to school in the future, and I don’t know if she will be told. I have nothing to mind personally. “

Ten asymptomatic cases in Hubei Province

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 0 cases in Hubei province from 0 to 24 in May 16th, and no imported cases were reported in Hubei. There were 10 new cases of asymptomatic infection, 0 transferred to diagnosis, 49 removed from isolation, and 400 asymptomatic infections still under medical observation.

New coronavirus from nature

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia was launched in May 1st. In response to questions about whether the new crown pneumonia virus came from the Wuhan virus Institute, Michael Ryan, who’s health emergency project leader, said that many scientists have studied the new crown pneumonia virus gene sequence and believed that the new crown pneumonia virus comes from nature. It is important to identify its host to learn more about how the virus connects between humans and animals and how it breaks down barriers to transmission between humans and animals, in order to take the necessary public health precautions to ensure that this does not happen again.

Liu Jiang dies

Liu Jiang, an old actor from Bayi factory who once played roles in “tunnel battle”, “Sparkling Red Star” and “breaking through Wujiang”, died this morning at the age of 95.
Liu Jiang was born in 1925 in a poor family in Harbin. He went to the society early to make a living. He once worked as an apprentice and as a post and telecommunications department worker. Liu Jiang was fond of literature and art when he was young, and he was particularly interested in films and plays. At the age of 16, he joined Harbin Beidou amateur experimental troupe. He played a minor role in the drama “the night before the incident”, “a letter of 100000 yuan”, “escape” and “sorrow at the end of youth”. In 1946, the Northeast Democratic United Army liberated Harbin, and Liu Jiang joined the literary and art work group of the Political Department of the Songjiang military region. In opera and Yangko dramas such as “white haired girl”, “mutual aid between the army and the people”, “wounded by Niu Yonggui”, “harvest”, “Qian Yongfu’s home”, he has played various types of positive and negative roles, such as soldiers, squad leaders, instructors, landlords, enemy and puppet officers.
In 1958, Liu Jiang was transferred from drama troupe of Guangzhou Military Region to Bayi film studio and began his career as an actor. Over the past 20 years, he has successively participated in the shooting of more than ten films, including Seahawk, Hui people’s detachment, Chifeng, breaking through the Wujiang River, Ordos storm, cauliflower, tunnel battle, shining red star and huowa. He has successfully created a series of negative characters with distinct personality, and has become one of the famous film actors who are good at playing negative characters in Chinese film circle.
He played captain Li in Chifeng, commander Tang in tunnel battle and Hu Hansan in shining red star. When playing the role of Hu Hansan, he mobilized a lot of life accumulation related to this image. In particular, he took as the basis for shaping the characters the atrocities he heard and witnessed in the Northeast sawing war area, such as counter offensive, counter calculation, burning, killing and looting, and the image of a bully landlord and bandit who drank wine from the people’s hearts while suppressing bandits in Guangxi. Thus, Hu Hansan, the image of the restoration maniac, leaped to the screen, leaving a very deep impression on people.

The army successfully developed vaccine

Reading summary: the results show that the median time of virus clearance in the treatment group is shorter, the median (interquartile distance) is 4 days (2.5-9 days), while the control group is 11 days (8-13 days), there is significant difference between the two groups.
“The virus was cleared in 4 days and the safety tolerance was good.” The results of a novel coronavirus treatment for new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) patients were published in the press conference of the joint research and defense mechanism of the Ministry of science and technology. The novel coronavirus (Favipiravir) may be effective in alleviating the development of new coronavirus pneumonia by accelerating viral clearance.
The study was carried out by the National Center for drug engineering and technology for emergency prevention and control and Liu Lei and Liu Yingxia, the third people’s Hospital of Shenzhen. 35 patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia who met the criteria were treated with the treatment of 3200mg (first days, 2~14 days, 1200mg/d, 2 times), and the course of treatment was to remove the virus or for 14 days.
A novel coronavirus pneumonia (Ritonavir Tablets), which was matched with age, gender and disease severity, was also enrolled in 45 patients with new crown pneumonia treated with 400mg/100mg (2 times a day). The median time from administration to virus clearance, the improvement rate and safety of chest imaging on the 14th day of treatment were compared between the two groups.
The results showed that the median time of virus clearance in the treatment group was shorter, the median time (interquartile distance) was 4 days (2.5-9 days), while that in the control group was 11 days (8-13 days)
In 2014, it was approved to be listed in Japan. Zhang Xinmin, the group leader of the research team of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, once mentioned at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council that fabiravir is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug, which is an overseas listed drug for treating influenza, and plays an antiviral role by inhibiting the replication and transcription of virus genome. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was not found to have obvious adverse reactions in clinical research.