Man dies from Tencent

It home, August 27, according to surging news reports, on August 25, Tang Ren (pseudonym), a citizen of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, reported that his brother’s business was affected by the blocking of wechat. He complained repeatedly that he had fallen from Tencent and died.
It home learned that the 21-year-old man who fell to his death was on the 11th floor of Tencent user reception center. Brother Tang Ren said that his younger brother had been blocked by wechat before, and his complaints failed many times. His store could not normally collect money after the title was sealed. His younger brother went to complain to find out why the account number was blocked.
Tang Ren said Tencent believed that the matter had nothing to do with it. After adjusting with Tencent for four times, the other party signed a letter of commitment with Tang Ren and compensated 150000 yuan for humanitarian reasons. Tang Ren said Tencent told other brothers that the reason for being banned was that chatting involved pornography and harassment and was reported.
A Tencent insider said the ban could be lifted in a few days after his brother’s illegal activities were blocked, and the matter is being dealt with internally. Don’t know the reason why Tang’s younger brother’s name was unsealed was related to pornography.
At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

Pork prices are stabilizing

BEIJING TIME, Sept. 18 (Zhou Ruixuchen) Meng Wei, spokesman for the National Development and Reform Commission of China, said on Sept. 18 that pork prices in China have tended to stabilize from recent monitoring.
DATA FIGURE: In a farmer’s market, vendors are putting pork on display. CHINA NEWS REPORTER CHEN Chao-zhao
In recent years, the rise of pork prices in China has attracted attention from all sides.
China’s pork prices rose 46.7% year-on-year in August 2019, affecting CPI by about 1.08 percentage points, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.
Meng Wei pointed out that from the recent monitoring situation, pork prices in China tend to be stable. From September 11 to 17, the average daily increase of pork retail prices in 36 large and medium-sized cities was 0.28%, which was significantly narrower than that in August. On the second day of the Mid-Autumn Festival (September 14), pork prices dropped by 0.22%, while in 36 large and medium-sized cities, pork prices rose by 13 flat. Fruit and vegetable prices fell slightly. On September 17, the average prices of fruits and vegetables fell by 3.2% and 2.2% respectively compared with the end of August.
Meng Wei said that from January to August 2019, China’s CPI rose by an average of 2.4% year-on-year. Overall, China’s prices remain within a reasonable range. In addition, the structural characteristics of the current price rise are obvious, mainly reflected in the rise in food prices.
She pointed out that, influenced by factors such as the African swine plague, pork prices rose significantly, driving food prices up considerably. But excluding the core CPI of food and energy prices, the index rose 1.5% year-on-year in August and 1.7% on average from January to August.
Meng Wei said that since 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and relevant departments have issued a series of policies and measures to ensure market supply and promote basic price stability. For example, we should take the lead in formulating and promulgating plans and measures to ensure supply and price stability, vigorously support the capacity-building of pig breeding, enhance the capacity of reserve regulation and control, and earnestly guarantee the basic livelihood of the people in need. At present, some measures have been effectively implemented, and have produced some positive results.
Meng Wei predicted that, from the price trend analysis, prices are expected to continue to run smoothly during the National Day. The National Development and Reform Commission will continue to closely monitor the price changes of important commodities for people’s livelihood with relevant departments, and take appropriate regulatory measures in time to maintain basic price stability. (end)


What is the impact of typhoon swordfish on Guangdong

After the restructuring of the tropical depression structure in the South China Sea in the early morning of September 3, Typhoon Swordfish (Tropical Storm Level) No. 14 of this year was strengthened and landed on the coast of central Vietnam, with its center in Laos at 0800.
Affected by typhoon Lingling, Swordfish will wander along the coast of Vietnam in the next 24 hours, slowly turning northeast on the 4th, reaching the southeastern sea level of Hainan Island, and tending to the sea level of Guangdong on the 5th and 6th.
Affected by it, there were moderate to heavy rains and local rainstorms in Western Guangdong and Pearl River Delta cities and counties from 3 to 4 days.
From 5 to 6 days, there were heavy rains in southern cities and counties, local heavy rains, heavy rains in other cities and counties, local heavy rains.
Heavy rains hit the Pearl River Delta and Eastern Guangdong counties, Heyuan and Meizhou on July 7.
There are 6 to 7 gales on the sea level of Guangdong from 3 to 4, and the wind on the sea surface of Guangdong will continue to increase from 5 to 6. In addition, typhoon Lingling will tend to the east of Taiwan and move into the East China Sea on the 5th. Affected by Typhoon Typhoon, the route and intensity of Swordfish are still uncertain. Please pay attention to the latest forecast and early warning, and do a good job in defense work.


Break out of the siege to oneself

The African bumblebee is an exception to all flying animals, which are generally light and slender in body and have short wings, which are not very suitable for flying. However, they have become champions of long-distance flying in Africa. Sociomorphologists say, “In this life, it must fly up and break out of its encirclement, otherwise it will only have a dead end!”
If fate is unfair to the bumblebee, we should learn from it that “fate” is doomed, but “luck” is in our own hands! When we face endless obstacles, the best way is to break through to ourselves.
To break through to oneself is to open one’s mind and sublimate one’s thoughts in the face of unbearable burdens in life. Su Shi’s life of wandering, from his hometown to thousands of miles away, and then from thousands of miles away to the wilderness, political ambition did not bury him, on the contrary, he gave full play to his talent, so that he reached the peak on the literary road. “The guest also knows the husband’s water and the moon? The deceased are like this, but they have never tasted the past, the empty are like that, and the dead do not grow or fall…” This is Su Shi’s famous sentence in Chibi Fu, and also the most comfortable answer to his numerous setbacks.
Su Shi’s deeds make us understand that life needs calmness. When we are frustrated, we can turn over the other side of life and remain spiritual, but the most fundamental thing is to challenge ourselves. To break out of the encirclement is to break out of the encirclement when I am ambushed on all sides.
To break through the encirclement to oneself is to have a spirit of refusing to lose, to persist in a kind of vigor and to strive for a dream. Wu Shihong, the “working queen”, hesitated when she stood at the door of the IBM recruitment office with her junior high school diploma, but when she thought she had learned English for three years on an old radio, she stepped in firmly and started as a cleaner. Never touched a typewriter for a week, she reached the professional level, and then, with a strong will to defeat, step by step, she became the first president of IBM China, and then the president of TCL.
There are opportunities and obstacles around us, but as long as we overcome them, surpass ourselves and seize them, there will be no obstacles in our life.
Breaking through the encirclement to oneself requires not only strength but also self-confidence. The night before MacArthur Corsey Point, he was so nervous that his mother told him, “Honey, you can’t break through without confidence.” When he became the 34th President of the United States, he said, “Confidence, struggle, surpass.” This is a very concise statement, breaking through the encirclement to make him successful.
In life, it is to accept and overcome obstacles in countless ways. “When you are overwhelmed by boulders, don’t give up. There is still sunshine in the cracks. That’s the proof that God cares for you.” A philosopher said so.
In front of life, we are all a clumsy African bumblebee. Faced with the doomed obstacles and setbacks in life, we can only soar in the blue sky if we learn to break through, overcome ourselves and challenge ourselves. To the place of dreams.

Grandpa’s Patriotism

Home, is a warm place, the country, is composed of tens of millions of families, we grew up in a large family. It teaches us a lot of things, not only that, but it’s also our safe haven. We have no reason not to love it. My grandfather is a person who loves it deeply.
I grew up listening to grandpa’s stories, which happened before I came into the world. What my grandpa said made me learn a lot and understand a lot of truth.
Grandpa was very kind to us, and hardly ever scolded us, but when he met something, he would quickly change his face, such as wasting food. When I was young, I would leave some rice grains in my bowl after eating. At this time, Grandpa would look at me unhappily: “Ah Qi, eat up the rice, it’s too wasteful.” And I will obediently finish the meal I left behind. As for why I didn’t eat it before Grandpa spoke, I think it was fun.
When I was older, I learned to refute Grandpa. As soon as Grandpa said me, I would return to him, “Why not?” I left a little and it was okay. “You!” I laughed at Grandpa’s way of saying things and stopping. Then I went to see the cartoon.
In the evening, Grandpa took me upstairs to sleep. I ran to bed at a high speed, turned on the fan, lay down and waited for Grandpa to tell me a story. Grandpa went to bed and tightened the mosquito net before lying down.
Then Grandpa began to tell a story: “You know, Angel, I used to be hungry with your grandmother.” Grandpa looked at me and said, “Why? Didn’t you have anything to eat before?” “Before, didn’t you like this? Food was scarce. Your grandmother and I used to work in the production team. The production team had a lot of work and was tired, but when you were tired, you still had to go on. When it comes to cooking, people are crazy, whether they are pumping water or plowing fields. Grass pullers, vegetable mowers, fertilizers, all put down their work, a honeycomb of people poured into the dining hall. Grandpa had closed his eyes, as if in the whirlpool of memories. I asked curiously, “Hey, don’t they wash their hands? Why are they so anxious? Did they go late without food?” “Can they not be anxious? At that time, the production team had so few meals that it was very good to get food. Those who didn’t get food could only be hungry. When we got the meal, your grandmother and I drank the soup and left the rice for your uncle to eat, though. Well, your old uncle ate only a spoon of rice.” When Grandpa finished, he shut up. “Grandpa, do you think I can go back to the past?” I asked this question when I hadn’t heard Grandpa continue talking for a long time. “Of course not, but what are you doing back in the past?” I’m going to take my wasted food to you to eat, so I won’t waste it!”I poked at Grandpa’s stomach.”Not closed, as long as you don’t waste it now.”
Grandpa’s stories taught me why they were hungry and how shameful it was to waste food. Grandpa also loved watching TV about war and scolded the traitors as he watched it. He said that if they hadn’t made trouble here, there would not have been so many patriots sacrificed in China, which showed how patriotic Grandpa was.