How to spend the Spring Festival this year

As of 10:00 on the 4th, a total of 45 areas across the country have been adjusted to medium risk areas. Shunyi District of Beijing and Shijiazhuang city of Hebei Province entered the “wartime state”, and Dalian appeared the phenomenon of super communication. At present, China’s local epidemic situation is sporadic and local aggregation, and the prevention and control situation is severe and complex.
In this context, how to keep the safety of the festival? Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control system was released recently by the comprehensive defense and control mechanism group of the State Council, and the family members’ private party dinner was controlled under 10 people. More than 50 people should develop a prevention and control plan to implement the new crowns vaccine task before the Spring Festival in 2021.
It is suggested that family private gatherings and dinners should be limited to less than 10 people
A few days ago, a certain case in Dalian participated in 11 family gatherings when it did not occur, causing all other people to be infected later. He Qinghua, a first-class inspector of the disease control and Prevention Bureau of the National Health Commission, said that family private gatherings and dinners should be limited to less than 10 people, and personal protection should be done well. People with cough, fever and other symptoms should not participate.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control system was released in 2021 by the comprehensive unit of the State Council joint defense and joint control mechanism. It is advocated to hold online meetings or video conferences as far as possible. More than 50 people should develop prevention and control programs and strictly implement relevant preventive measures. The novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is completed before the Spring Festival.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention committee has already issued the relevant guidelines for prevention and control of new crown pneumonia in key places, key units and key groups in the epidemic prevention and control of the catering industry. It has also made clear requests for epidemic prevention and control measures including catering industry, with special emphasis on the implementation of the “five requirements” at all levels, including restaurants, namely, epidemic prevention and control. There should be a prevention and control management system and responsible person, an appropriate amount of protective materials reserve, guidance and support from local medical and health forces, as well as measures for isolation places and transport arrangements.
No outbound travel is necessary
During the festival, the public’s willingness to travel began to increase. In this regard, Liu Kezhi, director of the market management department of the Ministry of culture and tourism, reminded us to reduce unnecessary travel, not to arrange outbound tourism when it is unnecessary, and not to travel to high-risk areas in China.
Liu Kezhi said that the Ministry of culture and tourism has mainly taken five measures. First, continue to temporarily not resume the business of travel agencies and online travel enterprises’ inbound and outbound team tourism and “air ticket + Hotel”. The second is to continue to promote the normalization of scenic spot booking, and realize limited, booking, and off peak visits. Third, continue to implement the “75%” policy. That is: the number of tourists in the scenic spot does not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity, the number of spectators in theatres and other performance places does not exceed 75% of the seats, and the number of consumers accepted in Internet service places, song and dance entertainment places and entertainment places does not exceed 75% of the approved number. Fourth, continue to postpone the new batch of foreign-related, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan related business performance activities (except for performers who are already in China). Fifth, continue to guide local cultural and tourism administrative departments and cultural and tourism business entities to strictly implement various prevention and control measures according to relevant epidemic prevention and control guidelines.
Personal protection should not be lax
Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of CDC, said that we should continue to maintain the awareness of normalized prevention and control. It is still very important to keep ventilation, wear masks, wash hands frequently and keep social distance. Under the background of normalized prevention and control, masks are equivalent to the “standard configuration” of ordinary people. The public should always prepare masks and insist on wearing masks in crowded places and places with poor ventilation.
Liu Kezhi reminds us to arrange the itinerary reasonably during the festival. Specifically:
First, strengthen protection and travel healthily. Pay close attention to the epidemic risk situation released by local epidemic prevention and control departments, do a good job in self-protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and form a good habit of one meter noodles. When traveling in the park by means of transportation, consciously keep a distance with other tourists, open the distance between tables and chairs when dining, and use public spoon and chopsticks.
Second, avoid getting together and traveling off peak. Before traveling, it is necessary to know the latest epidemic prevention and control policies of the destination through authoritative channels, inquire about the opening of scenic spots and current limiting measures, especially the ticket booking, time travel and other measures, timely understand the ground traffic conditions during the journey, and reasonably plan the travel route and time. During the tour, according to the regulations of the scenic spot, you can enter the park at intervals and travel at different peaks.
Third, we should strengthen prevention and travel safely. When you join a group tour, you should choose a qualified travel agency. During self driving tour, do a good job in vehicle condition inspection, consciously abide by road traffic regulations, and drive safely and civilly. According to the individual’s age, health, psychological situation, according to their ability to participate in tourism projects.
Fourth, we should abide by order and travel in a civilized way. Consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control system of tourist destinations and scenic spots, accept the temperature measurement, check the health code, divide the time flow, and maintain the distance requirements. We should pay attention to hygiene, refuse game, implement CD-ROM action, put an end to the waste on the tip of the tongue, consciously reduce the use of disposable items, and establish a new trend of civilized, healthy and green tourism.

Over 14.88 million cases were diagnosed in the United States

The novel coronavirus pneumonia data reached 7 in the afternoon of December 8th, and the total number of confirmed cases of the United States reached 14888471 cases, and 283326 cases died, according to CCTV news December 8th.
Compared with about 24 hours ago, about 180000 new confirmed cases and 1388 new deaths were reported.

US media announces Biden’s victory

The results of the US presidential election in 2020 are preliminary determined! Democratic candidate Joe Biden won Pennsylvania and Nevada, winning more than 270 electoral votes, beating current presidential and Republican candidate Donald Trump to win the election on July 7, local time.
Twitter has revised Biden’s certification to read: US president-elect. Biden tweeted his victory message: “it’s a great honor for the United States to choose me to lead this great country. It’s a tough job, but I promise you: I’ll be the president of all Americans, whether you vote for me or not. I will keep that faith. “
According to the associated press, Fox News and politico website, Biden has won 290 electoral votes, while trump has 214.
CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post counted that Biden had 279 electoral votes, while trump still had 214.
The difference between the two statistical results is in Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes. At present, the state’s billing progress has reached 90%. Biden obtained 1627902 votes (49.57%), trump got 1606714 votes (48.93%), Biden led by about 20000 votes.
In terms of the total number of votes, as of 19:00 U.S. Eastern time on the 7th (8:00 Beijing time), Biden obtained 74991167 popular votes (with a vote rate of 50.6%) and trump received 70671260 trump votes (47.7%).
There are 538 electoral votes in the U.S. general election, and 270 of them can be elected.
Camara Harris, Biden’s running mate and Democratic vice presidential candidate, tweeted a video in which she called Biden: “we did it! Joe, you will be the next president of the United States Biden then forwarded the tweet.
Earlier, Biden on social media called on people to put aside their differences and move towards unity. According to reports, he plans to address the American people at 20:00 U.S. Eastern time on the 7th (9:00 on the 8th Beijing time).
Trump, on the other hand, insists that he is the winner of the election and continues to blame fraud in the election. But several of his tweets were labeled “this one is controversial about the content of the election.”.
Shortly after the news of Biden’s victory was announced, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Marcon, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel all over the world congratulated Biden and Harris through Twitter. They mentioned that “the American people have made their choice.”.
British Prime Minister Johnson congratulated Biden on his election as president of the United States and on Harris’s “historic achievement”. Johnson also pointed out that the United States is an important ally of the United Kingdom, “I very much look forward to close cooperation between the two countries on common priorities such as climate change, trade and security.”
French President marcelon also congratulated Biden on his victory: “the American people have elected their president. Congratulations to Biden and Harris.” “We still have a lot of work to do to overcome the existing challenges,” marklon added. Let’s work together
Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau wrote: “congratulations to Joe Biden and camara Harris. Our two countries are close friends, partners and allies. We have a unique relationship on the world stage. I’m really looking forward to working with you and making progress in our relations. “
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Stefan Sebei tweeted Merkel’s congratulations on Biden’s victory. Merkel said, “Congratulations! The American people have made their decision. Biden became the 46th president of the United States. I sincerely wish him good luck and success. “
“I look forward to working with President Biden, and transatlantic friendship is essential if we are to meet the major challenges of our time,” Merkel said
Greek Prime Minister kiriakos mizotakis, Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela, Zimbabwean President Emerson, London mayor Sadik Khan, chief minister of Scotland Nicolas sturgeon, and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo expressed their congratulations to Biden and Harris through Twitter.
Former U.S. presidents Clinton and Obama, both of whom belong to the Democratic Party, also tweeted congratulations to Biden and Harris.
“The United States has said that democracy has won,” Clinton said. Now we have an elected president and an elected vice president who will serve us and bring us together. I wish Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a great victory
“Biden has all the conditions to be president, and he has done it. When he takes office in January next year, he will face a series of unprecedented challenges – epidemic, unequal economic justice, a precarious democracy and a climate on the brink of law.”.
At the end of the statement, Obama thanks everyone who has worked for Biden’s campaign.

Nuclear sewage damages human DNA

Shaun Burnie, a senior nuclear expert with Greenpeace in Germany, said the storage tank could contain up to 63.6 GBq of carbon-14. “These and other radionuclides in sewage will be dangerous for thousands of years and may cause genetic damage.
How to deal with the nuclear sewage produced by the leakage of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan has always been a major problem. Japanese media reported recently that the Japanese government intends to discharge the Fukushima nuclear sewage into the Pacific Ocean, which has aroused great concern in Japan and surrounding countries. According to CNN reported on the 24th, Greenpeace International (Greenpeace) warned on the 23rd that the polluted water discharged from the Fukushima nuclear reactor into the sea contains radioactive substances, which may damage human DNA.

China responds to trump’s tax payment

Trump’s bank account for doing business in China has been found
(observer’s online news) as the U.S. presidential election entered the final two weeks of sprint, the New York Times, which had exposed that trump had not paid taxes for 10 years, suddenly revealed that trump had a “never disclosed personal bank account” in China.
Trump’s lawyers immediately responded that the account was set up for local tax payment when trump group planned to develop its hotel business in China in the early years. As the related business transactions never landed, the account was idle after 2015 and has never been used for other purposes.
The New York Times said on the 20th that they found a personal account opened by the latter in Chinese banking institutions through the analysis of Trump’s tax records. It was the first time that the account was made public because it was affiliated with Trump International Hotel Management Co., Ltd., and therefore did not appear in the public financial information of the president of the United States.
The article said it was not clear which Chinese bank the account was located in or the details of the funds.
It is worth mentioning that trump has only opened overseas accounts in China, the UK and Ireland. The latter two accounts are held by companies that operate Trump’s local golf course. According to the IRS, they make millions of dollars a year in Britain and Ireland.
The above-mentioned “Trump International Hotel Management Co., Ltd.” has annual revenue of only several thousand dollars in China. However, from 2013 to 2015, the company paid a total of US $188561 (about 1.41 million RMB) in China for business license related agreements.
In response to the report, trump group lawyer Alan Garten said that the group had set up an office in China to “investigate the potential of developing Asian hotel business”, and then opened an account in a Chinese bank with a U.S. branch to expand its business in China for tax payment in China.
However, “the relevant contracts, transactions and other business activities never took shape. After 2015, the office is no longer operational. ” Golden stressed that the bank account still exists, but “has never been used for any other purpose.”.
With this report, the New York Times continued to hype the popularity of the “China issue” of the U.S. election, and examined with a magnifying glass the trump group’s business in China and its overseas and domestic business contacts with China in the United States. And this is not the first time American media have done so.
In April this year, US “politician” news network once published an article saying that trump owes Bank of China tens of millions of dollars of loans, which will mature in 2022. The article claims that trump accused Biden of “weakness in China” during the election, but he was found to have business relations with China, thus questioning Trump’s position.
Bank of China immediately clarified that it sold the debt after the 2012 deal and is not currently interested in any of Trump’s assets. “Politicians” eventually corrected the report.
Some U.S. netizens questioned that while the Republican Party attacked Biden’s relations with China, the New York Times article on Trump’s bank account in China was “very interesting” and seemed to divert attention.
Others make complaints about Trump’s “taxes paid in China more than in the US”.
At the end of September, the New York Times revealed that trump had exploited the loophole in the tax law and had not paid any income tax for 10 years. In his first two years as president, he only paid $750 in taxes each year. Trump denied it as “false news”.

Bear bearing ceremony held in zoo

According to Chutian City daily (reporter Chen Xi, Li Hui, correspondent Tu yeqian), watermelon, pumpkin and apple are spliced into a color number “5”. Purple grapes are decorated with two layers of bamboo tubes. Golden Canna is brightened and colored, and Lagerstroemia indica is decorated with a lace This is a bamboo fruit cake prepared by Wuhan Zoo for the giant panda Chunqiao.
At 9:38 a.m. yesterday, “spring beauty” appeared, and tourists across a layer of glass accidentally sang birthday songs for it. The sharp eyed “spring beauty” went straight to the bright colored cake, smelled watermelon, looked at grapes, and then ate apples, carrots, and finally bamboo shoots and bamboo.
“Chunqiao” ate very fast, 20 minutes later, only bamboo was left. It picked up the stainless steel chassis and licked it, causing laughter from onlookers.
“Spring beauty” first eat apples, not bamboo shoots, why? This is a lot of children’s doubts. “Apple is Chunqiao’s favorite. If you put bamboo shoots, bamboo, apples and carrots together, you’d better choose apples, followed by carrots, and then eat bamboo shoots.”

CAAC issues fuse instruction

In view of the fact that 17 passengers of China Southern Airlines flight cz392 from Dhaka to Guangzhou in Bangladesh were found to be positive for new coronavirus nucleic acid on June 11, according to the relevant provisions of the notice of the Civil Aviation Administration on adjusting international passenger flights issued on June 4, the conditions for flight fusing had been triggered, the Civil Aviation Administration decided to take fusing measures for the flight, and the operation of the flight was suspended for 4 weeks from June 22. This is the first “fusing instruction” issued by CAAC in 10 days since the implementation of the notice on adjusting international passenger flights.

Handwritten to Chinese virus

CNN reported that President Trump’s speech at the White House press conference on the 19th was photographed by reporters. The photo shows that the “new coronavirus” in the manuscript was crossed out and changed to “Chinese virus” by handwriting. CNN reported that with the increasing number of new coronavirus infections in the United States, trump began to change his tune and try to think of China as a “scapegoat”. After consulting medical experts and referring to who’s guidance, CNN believes that the term “Chinese virus” is inaccurate and stigmatized.

Collapse of Jiajiang construction site in Sichuan Province

At about 1:20 a.m. on November 3, two trapped people were found at a construction site of Longteng Lake Wetland Park in Jiajiang County, Sichuan Province after more than seven consecutive hours of rescue. Unfortunately, two people were confirmed dead by medical staff at the scene.
At about 5:30 p.m. on November 2, the construction site collapsed during pipe jacking construction, and two workers were trapped. According to the rescue workers, after the accident, the local emergency rescue, because the location of the trapped people is tens of meters away from the operation mouth, the rescue workers will directly dig down from the top of the collapse point. Finally, after digging down about four or five meters, the remains of two workers were found.
Two workers buried in Jiajiang collapsed in Sichuan to confirm their death.
Rescue site.
In addition, according to the notice of Jiajiang County Emergency Management Bureau, at about 17:30 on November 2, in the direction of S103 line into the city, there was a collapse at the pipe jacking construction site of Chengdu Ruitong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., causing two on-site constructors to be trapped. After the occurrence of the situation, Jiajiang County Party committee and county government immediately launched the emergency plan, and relevant municipal and county leaders and departments rushed to the scene for emergency rescue as soon as possible. As of 1:20 a.m. on March 3, two trapped people had been found, and no vital signs had been confirmed after 120 on-site rescue. Relevant rehabilitation and investigation work is in progress.
Previously reported > >
Two workers trapped in a landslide at a construction site in Jiajiang, Sichuan Province
At about 5:30 p.m. on November 2, a collapse occurred at a construction site near Longteng Lake Wetland Park in Jiajiang County, Sichuan Province during pipe jacking construction, resulting in two people trapped. As of 10 p.m., the rescue is still in progress.
Pictures and videos from the scene show that the scene of the accident is located at the intersection of Qianfo Avenue and CIDU Avenue in Jiajiang County, next to Longteng Lake Wetland Park. According to the onlookers at the scene, the accident happened at about 5:30 p.m. that day. The workers carried out pipe jacking construction under the porcelain capital Avenue and prepared to lay cables across the subgrade of the porcelain capital Avenue. But in the process of construction, there was a collapse inside, some escaped, but others were trapped.
According to the head of the Information Office of Jiajiang County Government, two people were trapped. After the incident, local county leaders led public security, fire, 120 and other departments to the scene to organize rescue. A rescuer involved in the rescue said that the collapse point was tens of meters away from the work port, and no sign of life was found in the landslide through the instrument test. As of 10 p.m., the rescue is still in progress, close to the location of the trapped.

SKT team’s first qualifying

The League of Legends S9 Finals will usher in Group C on October 19th. On this day, the four teams will play three games, which is a very cruel schedule. In fact, after the group draw was confirmed, Group C was hailed as the death group. After all, except for CG, the other three teams were top-notch teams. Who can laugh at the finals of the death group?

At present, SKT ranks first in the record of winning all three games. The qualifying can be said to be stable, but I don’t know if I will keep my team’s first position. In the just-concluded Group A match, G2 and SKT also won the third round in the first stage of the group stage, but in the second stage they lost to the GRF in the play-off, and ultimately only in the second group. Advance to the quarterfinals.

RNG is currently 2 wins and 1 loss, ranking second in Group C. In the first game with SKT, Faker’s card made RNG suffer from stealing the tower. I believe that RNG will be more cautious in the second stage of the game. As long as they can beat SKT, they have the chance to become the first team. Of course, this is also very difficult. FNC will not easily give up the opportunity for the group to qualify.

FNC’s current record is 1 wins and 2 losses, the form of qualifying is not optimistic, if they can’t win with the RNG game, basically there is no chance. As for the last CG, they may have announced in advance that they have missed the top eight in the League of Legends S9 Finals.

Overall, the SKT team is as stable as the mountain in the team, and the probability that the RNG wants the team first is very low. At the very least, it is necessary to win the SKT two games in a row. What do you think of this League of Legends World? Dear friends, you can predict the final record of the three LPL teams in the comment area. Friends who like LOL can pay attention to it, Xiaobian will always bring you such information, thank you for your support.