Rich merchant’s granddaughter died of plastic surgery

South Korea’s MBC television station quoted a police report on October 9 that Luo Beier, granddaughter of a wealthy Hong Kong businessman in China, died of plastic surgery in South Korea, which was a serious medical negligence.
Police investigation found that there were no anesthesiologists on the scene of adverse reactions caused by propofol, a controlled drug used as a sedative during the operation.
According to reports, Roebel had previously gone to a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul’s Jiangnan District for surgery, which was part of her birthday celebration. However, she fell into a coma during the operation and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but she still died. At that time, the operation was performed by Jin Chengri, who claimed to have 10 years of experience, assisted by surgeon Jung Tae Gwang and nurse Park Mi soo. Robel was undergoing liposuction of her upper arm and upper pelvis and developed complications while preparing for autogenous breast augmentation.
Seoul police have conducted a criminal investigation into the case, but the clinic’s website shows that it is still in operation, and the surgeon, Kim Sung RI, is still available for renewal.
Danny Chi has been married to Robel for 10 years and has a 7-year-old son. He filed a lawsuit in the Hong Kong court today against the clinic, two doctors and a nurse, alleging that they were suspected of manslaughter and forgery of pre-operative documents, resulting in financial losses, including Luo’s annual income and one-third of his father-in-law’s estate.

Eddie van Helen dies

Eddie Van Halen, founder of the famous rock band Van Halen, died of throat cancer on October 7 at the age of 65.
Eddie van Helen was born in Holland on January 26, 1955. He is known as one of the most outstanding guitarists in the 20th century. He is also the promoter of the heavy metal wave in Europe and the United States in the 1980s. He is also the pioneer of electric guitar Stringing Technology. His representative works include beat it, eruption and ain’t Talkin’bout love
Among the top 100 guitarists selected by guitar world in 2012, Eddie van Helen beat out many other guitarists, such as Queen’s Guitarist Brian May, rush’s Alex lifeon and Jimi Hendrix.

Tiktok trading banned in the US

A reporter asked: on September 18, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it would ban transactions related to wechat and tiktok in the United States. What is the response of the Ministry of Commerce to this?
A: we have noted the US side’s move. On the ground of “national security”, the US side banned transactions with wechat and tiktok, which seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of relevant enterprises and disrupted the normal market order. China firmly opposes this.
Without any evidence, the US side has repeatedly used state power to “hunt” and suppress the above-mentioned two enterprises for unreasonable reasons, seriously disrupting the normal business activities of the enterprises, damaging the confidence of international investors in the investment environment of the United States and destroying the normal international economic and trade order.
China urges the United States to abandon its bullying behavior, stop its wrong practice immediately, and earnestly safeguard fair and transparent international rules and order. If the United States insists on its own course, China will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

No reimbursement for category 8 drugs

The “Interim Measures for the administration of drug use in basic medical insurance” will come into effect in September, which clearly stipulates that eight categories of drugs will not be included in the reimbursement of medical insurance: ① tonic drugs; ② drugs containing precious and endangered wild animals and plants; ③ health care drugs; ④ preventive vaccines and contraceptives; ⑤ drugs for hair loss, weight loss, beauty, smoking cessation, etc.; and (6) drugs that cannot be charged separately because they are included in the diagnosis and treatment items (7) alcohol preparation, tea preparation, oral medicine, etc.; and (8) other drugs that do not meet the requirements of medical insurance.

Beijing’s decision is surprising

On July 3, Beijing announced that it had effectively blocked the transmission channel of the epidemic by taking unconventional measures, such as nucleic acid testing “should be tested thoroughly” and risk personnel “should be separated as far as possible”. The epidemic risk has always been under control. From 0:00 on July 4, personnel from low-risk areas in Beijing will no longer be required to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate.
In this regard, Haixia has something to say.
The newly confirmed cases in Beijing have been kept in single digits for five consecutive days, and the number is relatively stable. It should be said that the decisive action of relevant departments in the previous period has played a great role.
Today, we look back at the time line. Less than 24 hours after this confirmed case, Beijing quickly identified the source of the infection and took timely measures to close it. After that, the track of confirmed cases reported every day was very detailed, with “virus Hunter” competing with time. They run at full speed to stop the virus from running.
The first time Beijing CDC went to Xinfa district for sampling survey
Determined, resolute, strict and precise, such prevention and control effect is very obvious. Today, Beijing announced that personnel leaving Beijing from low-risk areas will no longer need to hold negative nucleic acid test certificates from tomorrow, that is, July 4. Seeing such news, I found that many friends felt a little surprised and said that it should not be released after the case was “cleared”? If you want me to say, this just reflects the ability to put in and let go freely, and to be as good as to retreat. When the epidemic comes, it can be stopped in time. Now, even if there are sporadic cases, it can also be scientifically judged and accurately controlled. In the future, we are likely to coexist with the virus for a long time. As long as the normalization of prevention and control is implemented, we can have such confidence and confidence to make everyone’s life safe and energetic.

Qin Hao won’t make bad movies for money

Netease Entertainment reported on June 26 that on the night of June 25, Qin Hao said in the live broadcast: “I will never make bad movies for money, you have to believe me!” Make complaints about Annie Yi’s wife, Tucao, but “for money, variety!” Then they laughed together, and the scene was quite loving. It is reported that Qin Hao recently starred in the hit drama “the secret corner” has been widely acclaimed, and Yi Nengjing has once again attracted attention through “sister riding the wind and waves”.
Secret corner is popular. Qin Hao: my daughter’s school won’t let me attend the parents’ meeting
Qin Hao, an actor who recently made a hit on the Internet with “secret corner”, said that he was not afraid of being the psychological shadow of the audience because of playing villains, but his daughter’s school might not allow him to hold a parents’ meeting.
Qin Hao said in the interview: “in fact, I have a big concern in my heart that after I have a daughter, I only took one negative role, which is the story of the demon cat directed by Chen Kaige, and I will never take it again. Because I have to think about whether my daughter will watch this play, how she will be after watching it, and how she will not be affected in the future. I think a lot. “
However, he was finally moved by the main creative team, joined in the good play, and added a lot of points for his works with excellent performances. When talking about whether he is afraid to be the psychological shadow of the audience, Qin Hao replied: “I don’t mind. I am worried about my daughter. She will go to school in the future, and I don’t know if she will be told. I have nothing to mind personally. “

Looting of Chinese pawnshops in New York

A Chinese pawnshop in New York was smashed and robbed by protesters. Not only is the store severely damaged, many jewels and jewelry in the store have been ransacked, but more importantly, the owner’s wife is still in chaos, her legs are broken, and her body is injured in many other places. Now she is being treated in the ICU of the hospital.
A combination of media reports such as “ABC7” in the United States, 20 years ago, Mr. Shen and his wife Wendy opened the pawnshop in the Bronx, New York City. Last Monday night, a group of protesters stormed into the shop, leaving a mess.
The couple’s daughter, Jessalyn Shen, recalled that after receiving a security alert that day saying “someone broke in”, the family drove to the store in time. After entering the street, they found that cars and even garbage cans were on fire along the street.
When they arrived, Shen said, they found that the robbers had fled, only to see that a large safe in the shop had been moved to the door and had been forcibly pried open. But just as the Shen Jielin family was cleaning up their belongings in the back room, another group of bandits broke in forcibly, “these people are armed with crowbars, bricks and lead pipes.”
For safety reasons, the family decided to go back to the car first to escape. Unexpectedly, this group of people followed. Then there was the nightmarish scene, “the bandits smashed our windows and tried to pull us out. My mother was interrupted by her nose and legs in the process.” “These people have been saying that if they don’t give them everything, they will take us away,” Shen recalled painfully
Finally, the Shen family was able to drive away from the shop. These gangsters are still chasing after their trucks, and they have tried to hit Shen’s car many times. Mr. Shen’s family was not safe until they met a policeman who set up a barricade in another street.
Mr. Shen’s wife is currently being treated in the ICU of the local hospital. She has had several surgeries because of multiple injuries and severe fractures of her thigh.
In an interview, Mr. Shen said police are investigating the matter, but his wife’s health is more worrying. “Who knows what the future will be,” he said. “Maybe we’ll close down and leave the community. It’s not worth it to buy and sell your family’s life. “
Shen Jielin, who just graduated from medicine, was ready to find a job to give back to the community, but this incident hit her hard. She said, “I didn’t expect the efforts of the whole family to immigrate over the years to be completely destroyed overnight.” She also thought, “steal, steal. I never thought those people would threaten our lives. I’m so scared. I’ve never seen violence like this before. “
According to reports, in addition to the damage to the store, about three safe boxes in the store were pried, and the direct property loss exceeded 80000 US dollars (about 560000 yuan). Mr Shen said that at present, the insurance company is not willing to make corresponding compensation, and his family is trying to find a way to make some crowdfunding through the network platform.

European and American stars send pure black pictures

Everyone’s life is life, we should respect, not ignore. *** It seems that this incident can’t be settled in a short time. Now it’s dark to open ins.
Sports stars such as Messi, Beckham, Neymar, Jordan Jr., leville, and Dwight dinwick have also shown pure black photos on INS, supporting the “black life is life” activity. Among them, sweet tea is the most heartwarming. Sweet tea sends three ins in a row and praises Sea King Jason MoMA. Before that, sweet tea also attended the parade at San Monica Wharf in Los Angeles.
I think everyone’s life should be respected, there should be no discrimination, and I hope everyone can be treated equally. In the fight against racial discrimination, there is no essential difference between people and everyone is equal.
It is reported that since George Freud, a black American, died of violent law enforcement by the police, protests have broken out in various parts of the United States. Many stars also went to the battle in person, raising their cards to join the public’s parade line-up and using their appeal to drive the scene.

New coronavirus from nature

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia was launched in May 1st. In response to questions about whether the new crown pneumonia virus came from the Wuhan virus Institute, Michael Ryan, who’s health emergency project leader, said that many scientists have studied the new crown pneumonia virus gene sequence and believed that the new crown pneumonia virus comes from nature. It is important to identify its host to learn more about how the virus connects between humans and animals and how it breaks down barriers to transmission between humans and animals, in order to take the necessary public health precautions to ensure that this does not happen again.

More than 200000 cases diagnosed in Italy

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 24 hours in 2091 hours, and 201505 cases were diagnosed in Italy, Reuters reported on 28, the 27359 day of the cumulative death. 68941 cases were cured, 2317 cases were added on the same day. There are 105205 confirmed cases. On the same day, 57272 virus tests were carried out, and the positive rate was 3.7%. There were 1863 cases of intensive care, which fell for 25 days in a row.