KFC takes out live maggots

Recently, a video display on the network. Xinjiang Hami netizens reported that he found a live maggot wriggling from the KFC takeout. The picture was disgusting.
In this regard, in an interview with the media, KFC store staff responded that this could not happen.
She explained that the frying temperature was as high as 350 degrees. How could there be any living things like that.
The staff then added that they were ready to report the case and the customer had deleted the video.
For this matter, netizens also talked about it one after another
-These fake people who are ready to blackmail are really brainless.
-Is it possible to mix in the box
-It must be fake. Some of them are dead and bombed

Divorce of a woman who jumped from a building due to domestic violence

Zhecheng County People’s Court issued a notice on July 25, 2020, saying that on June 5, Ms. Liu filed a case online and sued for divorce with dou. On July 14, Zhecheng County People’s court heard the case. According to Article 32 of China’s marriage law, “the people’s court shall conduct mediation in the trial of divorce cases; if the feelings have broken and mediation is invalid, divorce shall be granted.” Due to the great difference of opinions between the two parties, the court will no longer carry out mediation and the case will be sentenced on a selective basis.
Extended reading: court’s response to the woman’s failure to divorce due to domestic violence
The court responded to the woman’s beating up by a domestic violence and failed to divorce. A forenoon of a woman who was attacked by a domestic violence in Henan was arrested. On the morning of 24, a member of the Political Department of the Zhecheng County People’s court said that Miss Liu had not been divorced for a year because she had not filed a lawsuit against the court at the first time after being subjected to family violence. In accordance with the divorce proceedings, the parties concerned need to be mediated before the litigation. “Shangqiu Mediation has ended and the case is under trial.
Ms. Liu told Peng Pao that on June 8, she filed a divorce lawsuit with the local court; on July 14, after the court’s first hearing, the court said that the two sides had different opinions, and that they should mediate in private, and then make a decision together after the criminal judgment had the result. At present, the local court has contacted her to re submit the injury identification report and beat monitoring, and will make a divorce judgment as soon as possible. “There is no need for a second hearing, and a direct judgment.”
The above-mentioned staff said that at present, Ms. Liu’s divorce case and Dou’s intentional injury case are both tried by Zhecheng County People’s court. But for the specific progress of the case, the staff said it was not clear.
“There won’t be another court session. A verdict will be issued soon.” Ms Liu said.

US attack ships are still burning

Overseas network, July 14 (Xinhua) Navy base in San Diego, California, the U.S. “Richard” amphibious assault ship 12 fire, the fire is still burning.
ABC and NPR reported that at least 57 people have been injured so far, including 34 navy soldiers and 23 civilians. The fire department sent out helicopters to put out the fire, and 400 navy soldiers are participating in the fire fighting work, which is carried out every 15 minutes.
Major general Philip Sobek has previously said that the “Richard” attack ship has a million gallons of fuel, but the location of the fuel is far below the heat source. According to the Navy, the fire started in the cargo compartment at the bottom of the ship where equipment and vehicles were stored on the sea. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.
At about 8:30 a.m. local time, the amphibious assault ship Richards exploded and caught fire at the San Diego naval base. The Pacific surface ship command (surfpa) said there were about 160 crew members on board at the time of the fire, and the crew has now been evacuated.
Fire fighting scene (photo: Getty)
“Richards” amphibious assault ship is a “wasp class” amphibious assault ship with a full load displacement of 41000 tons. It was put into service in 1998 with a rated crew of 1200 people. It can carry up to 16 F-35B vertical take-off and landing stealth fighters or 22 MV-22 helicopters, as well as a 1200 person amphibious expeditionary unit (MEU) of the US Marine Corps. At the time of the explosion, Richard was in the middle of maintenance, and the ship was upgrading its flight deck as planned.
According to the Federation of American scientists, the total cost of the warship is estimated at $761 million. According to US media, the fire has caused huge losses to the US Navy. It may take several years to repair and re service the ship. The navy may also choose to decommission the ship.

Ji Xiaobo is under 5.8 billion

According to Taiwan media, Wu Peici gave birth to two sons and one daughter for her husband-in-law Ji Xiaobo, who is now pregnant with her fourth child and is about to unload at the end of the year. Recently (21 days), it was reported that Ji Xiaobo owed nearly 25 billion Taiwan dollars (about 5.8 billion yuan), and her life was threatened, so she moved away from the four seasons hotel where she lived for a long time. It seems that Wu Peici’s life has not been affected. She is still updating on social networking sites Recent developments.
According to Wu Peici’s previous biography, more than 200 Taiwanese technicians were attracted to build seven-star hotels for her in Saipan, but now it’s said that these people were “resigned”. Her fiance was even more shocked to say that she owed nearly 25 billion Taiwan dollars (about 5.8 billion yuan) in debt and mortgaged her 300 million yuan mansion to the bank. Although Wu Peici didn’t respond positively to this, she wrote on her micro blog on the 10th Seeing that the east wing and the north wing of Bohua Saiban imperial palace resort village that I have participated in the design have been completed and will be put into operation next week, I am not only moved but also grateful
“Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of Taiwan workers, because of your superb craftsmanship, the hotel is able to give such a good effect; unfortunately, all the banquets around the world, part of Bohua’s own construction projects have been completed, and all the unfinished projects have been continued by contractors, so thank you very much for your efforts.” she also showed the photos of the completion of the resort, as if to clarify the liabilities for the other half Rumor, but also indirectly recognized the departure of Taiwan technicians.
Recently, Wu Peici also sent a message to share the interaction with his daughter. It seems that his mood has not been affected. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Ji Xiaobo is in debt or whether their relationship will be affected.

Tu youyo won another award.

UNESCO, headquartered in Paris, France, announced the list of winners of the 2019 UNESCO Equatorial Guinea International Life Science Research Award on Tuesday, with three winners, including Tu youyou from China.
The purpose of the award is to reward outstanding life science research that improves the quality of human life. The research subjects can be individuals or institutions. This year is the fifth of the awards.
Tu Youyou, a professor at the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine and winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, won the prize for his research on parasitic diseases, UNESCO said in a statement. Artemisinin, a new antimalarial drug she discovered, cured many Chinese patients in the 1980s. The World Health Organization recommends artemisinin based combination therapy as a first-line anti malarial treatment program, which has saved millions of lives, reducing the death rate of malaria in Africa by 66%, and the death rate of malaria in children under five years old by 71%.
According to the announcement, Professor Kato lorenson from the United States won awards for his innovative work in clinical application of biomaterial regeneration engineering and stem cell science. Another winner is Professor Kevin McGuigan from Ireland, who developed solar disinfection technology to help people in Africa and Asia get clean drinking water.
The awarding ceremony will be held at the headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in February 2020.