Golden Eagle found while herding sheep

Recently, when Chen Mou, a resident of red flag horse farm in Qiqihar, was herding sheep, he found an eagle lying motionless in Caodian. Worried about an accident, he put on cotton gloves and carried it home, fed it about 1 jin of beef, and immediately called Yian police station of Qiqihar Branch of the Public Security Bureau of reclamation area for help.
The eagle has a wingspan of about 2 meters and is very big and strong. Wu Guoliang checked it carefully and found that there was no obvious trauma on it, but there was no spiritual leader for unknown reasons. So he contacted the development center of Heilongjiang wuyuhe shuangyanghe Provincial Nature Reserve and asked professionals for help and guidance. When it is put into the cage, it is also very cooperative, as if knowing that people are helping it. Later, the police sent the eagle to the nature reserve overnight and planned to release it to nature after treatment.
According to Professor Xu Qing of the school of wildlife and nature reserves of Northeast Forestry University, the “big bird” is called Golden Eagle, which is a national first-class protected animal and is rescued by an adult.
It is understood that golden eagles belong to the hawk family. Large Raptors are rare and precious because of their small number. They are regarded as the “king of raptors” because of their powerful appearance. Their status in birds is like the Northeast tigers in animals. The average wingspan of adult golden eagle is more than 2 meters, and its body length can reach 1 meter.

King glory S18 season

The S18 season of King glory is coming soon: Valley adjustment, modification of tyrant killing reward, segment inheritance, free trial of new cool products for the first time, as well as many high-quality talents sharing unique life experience, come to Sina public beta, experience the most cutting-edge, interesting and fun products in all fields ~! Download client can also get exclusive benefits Oh!
Home of it December 31 news King glory S17 season is coming to an end, now King glory official exposure first-hand information. The new version comes, S18 season will start.
Xuanyong information film will be launched soon
In 2020, Xuanyong information film “the road to the strong” will go online in January. Explore Xuanyong, summoners, please wait! (in other words, the height difference between Meng Yu and sister Jing is cute.)
S18 season exploration theme
The new season inherits Fengyi’s imperial edict theme
When the sun is dim, the sky is dim~
Chang’an sets thousands of bright lights to add color to mountains and rivers!
The imperial edict of Fengyi was specially given by the empress to prepare for the “Lantern Festival” to win the championship. When you are in the prime, you will see thousands of lanterns.
All the participants of the banquet and tour can get the corresponding rewards with the phoenix pattern objects they are looking for!
In S18 season, the exploration entrance is directly displayed in the qualifying interface. When you reach the milestone, you can unlock the object and get bonus. Wait for you to explore together!
S18 season limited skin
Square is like a chessboard, circle is like a chessboard, go is like heaven and earth, and black and white represents chaos. The chess player comes with the imperial edict of Fengyi. In the challenge arena, the black and white sons are arrayed against the enemy. The layout is unpredictable, the fall of the son is strange and difficult to know, and the view is like the view of chaos, which is called “chaos chess”.
S18 season limited skin: chess star chaos
S18 season segment succession
The following is the segment inheritance of S18 new season. The summoners should check the table below to see what segment they will be in the new season~
Adjustment of wangzhe Canyon
Wang’s new version of Rongyao’s adjustment hopes to further strengthen the construction of regional characteristics, mainly in the adjustment of line branches and wild areas. Let’s see what changes have taken place?
Alignment and shunt adjustment
Through the adjustment of line diversion, we hope to make the level advantage of the confrontation road more obvious, cooperate with the income supplement of the middle road and the economic advantage of the development road, and make the characteristics of each region more prominent.

Confrontation Road<<
Cancel the life recovery effect of the counter road Ranger, adjust it to an additional experienced soldier, and highlight the level advantage in the early stage of the counter road.
Middle road
The spiritual life of the middle channel is reduced to be the same as that of the side channel to supplement the middle channel income.
Master prophet / Master<<
Adjust the refresh time and interval of dominating prophets, and reduce the basic life and attack of dominating prophets, dominating pioneers and dominating prophets. And adjust the killing income to focus on experience.
In addition, you can also suppress the opponent’s experience by dominating the vanguard. The experience of killing the vanguard is far lower than that of a wave of normal soldiers~
Tyrant / dark tyrant<<
Adjust the tyrant refresh interval, and modify the tyrant’s killing reward to focus on gold coins.
Adjustment of wild area
Increase the economic benefits of the player in the unit time and spare more time; strengthen the red buff effect and balance the field efficiency of red open and blue open; adjust the buff effect of storm Dragon King, optimize the shield effect and increase the promotion ability
Small wild monster / medium wild monster<<
(scarlet stone, blue stone)
Increase the unit time revenue, refresh interval of wild monsters, and health and attack slightly, but at the same time, increase the revenue and refresh interval of all wild monsters, which can allow more time to make other tactical decisions.
Scarlet stone buff<<
The red buff effect is enhanced, the deceleration effect caused by the general attack is slightly improved, and the real burning damage caused by the general attack is also improved, balancing the field efficiency of red open and blue open.
Storm Dragon King<<
The lightning protection effect of stormdragon king is adjusted to be the refresh from war, and the shield effect and propulsion effect brought by buff of stormdragon king are strengthened.