Confirmed by the British Minister of health

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed by Nadine Dorries, the British health secretary, according to the times of London. It is understood that she has met hundreds of people in Parliament in the past week and attended a reception with British Prime Minister Johnson at 10 Downing Street.
Reported that Doris in last Friday (6) symptoms, and confirmed in the local time on the evening of 10.

The second row of Spring Festival Gala

CCTV’s 2020 Spring Festival Gala was rehearsed for the second time yesterday (16th).
The songs of this year’s Spring Festival Gala are closely related to the theme of the times and social hot spots, ranging from expressing family, friendship, love and local feelings, to singing people’s blessing of the motherland, from pursuing dreams to praying for happiness, with rich varieties and exquisite lyrics. Language, dance and magic miscellaneous programs are well designed, with continuous laughs and wonderful novelty. There are many famous dramatists in the same stage. The whole program not only has a high degree of artistic appreciation, but also has a sense of closeness and affinity.
We are looking forward to it! See you on the eve of Spring Festival Eve!
In addition, this year’s Spring Festival Gala has made a new breakthrough in stage art, program arrangement, application of new science and technology, as well as network station linkage, integrated communication, etc.
According to Netease Entertainment, Sha Yi, Wang Yuan, Wei Dachun and others all participated in the second row.
According to CCTV news, actor @ Zhu Yilong said in an exclusive interview that the whole family used to watch the Spring Festival Gala together and enjoy the results directly; after participating in it, they found that the results were not easy, “more difficult than I thought”. Nervous as he was, he wanted to “do his best to bring the best performance.”. “More surprises, see you on New Year’s Eve!”
During the rehearsal of the 2020 Spring Festival Gala, actor Wu Lei was interviewed. Recalling the “first show” of the Spring Festival Gala, Wu Lei said that his family was particularly excited, “I am the pride of the whole village” and “unique face”.
On January 14, the first joint platoon was held, and more than 600 viewers saw it first. Many of them said after watching it: the program is magnificent, novel and lively, and full of surprises. The host lineup changed a lot! The host lineup of this Spring Festival Gala has changed a lot. Dong Qing, Li Sisi, Zhu Xun, Kang Hui and other “old people” who have presided over several spring festival galas have not appeared, but only nigmati and Ren Luyu, the Beijing Youth Daily reported Thursday. But there are fresh faces to join! Two young hosts Zhang Shuyue, Yin song and actress Tong Liya.
The 2020 Spring Festival gala will continue to adopt the live broadcast mode of “Beijing main venue + local branch venues”, breaking through the boundaries of the studio and bringing the laughter and laughter of the Spring Festival Gala stage to the audience.
Previously, media reported that Zhou Dongyu, Ma Sichun, Wang Junkai, Yi yiyiqianxi, Wang Yuan, Li Xian, Zhu Yilong, Xiao Zhan, Guan Xiaotong, Wu Lei, Xu Weizhou, Zhang Ruoyun, Li Ronghao, Huang Xiaoming, Liu Tao, Xie Na, Du Jiang, huosiyan, Guo Tao, Lin Yongjian, Hui Yinghong, Peng Yuchang, Yuan Shanshan, Qin LAN, Luo Zhixiang, Chen Weiting, Peng Yuyan, Yang Zi, Li Qin, a Yun Artists such as GA, Zheng Yunlong, Zhu Zhengting and Huang Minghao appeared on CCTV one after another, and the mysterious lineup of the Spring Festival Gala of the year of the rat began to appear.

Japanese Shinkansen is flooded

BEIJING, Oct. 13 (Xinhuanet) — The powerful typhoon No. 19 this year, after the typhoon Haibeisi landed from Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan on the evening of the 12th, the storms caused severe disasters and the water levels in many rivers soared. The flooding of the Chikugawa River in Nagano Prefecture led to the flooding of the Nagano Shinkansen garage in Nagano JR East Japan. A large number of trains were flooded and the scene was shocked.

Japan’s transportation services have been almost completely shut down, and refuge in various places has been crowded with evacuated people.
The landing of Typhoon Haibeisi brought violent storms, and the trains of the Nagano Shinkansen in Japan were flooded.
According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), thousands of rivers flowing through Nagano Prefecture have been flooded in places like Nagano and Chiku, and many areas have been heavily flooded.

JR East Japan Co., Ltd. said that the Shinkansen vehicles in the JR East Japan Nagano Shinkansen Vehicle Center in Akuma, Nagano City, were heavily flooded due to the flooding of the Chikugawa River.

According to reports, the surrounding area of ​​the Nagano Shinkansen Vehicle Center was flooded and it was impossible to confirm the detailed disaster situation. In addition to the garage of the Shinkansen vehicle, the vehicle center is also responsible for maintenance. Now the entire vehicle center is flooded, which may affect the opening and dispatch of the Shinkansen in the future.

From the pictures taken in Nagano City at 9:30 am local time on the 13th, you can see how the seven Shinkansen trains are soaked in water. These vehicles are vehicles that were introduced when the Shinkansen was opened, and are E7 or W7.


New iPhone orders fell by 10% worldwide in the same period, and domestic green once stole goods.

[TechWeb] Appointments for Apple’s latest iPhone 11 series were officially launched on September 15. In addition to Apple’s China official website, the domestic pre-order channels include Tianmao and Jingdong.
According to foreign media reports, the first global orders for the 11 series of iPhones are expected to be around 8 million units this year, down at least 10% from the 2018 models last year. Among them, the iPhone 11 accounts for 60% of the total orders, the iPhone 11 Pro for 10%, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max for 30%.
Although domestic social networking sites on the new iPhone “bath bully” camera Tucao is overwhelming, however, from the domestic large business platform released pre-sale data, the new iPhone is still in demand. Among them, the new green version is the most popular.
The new pre-sold iPhone includes three models, namely, the iPhone 11: white, black, green, yellow, purple and red options. The price of the National Bank of China is 5499 yuan for 64GB, 5999 yuan for 128GB and 6799 yuan for 256GB.
The iPhone 11 Pro has dark sky gray, silver, gold and dark night green options. The price of National Bank is 8699 yuan for 64GB, 9999 yuan for 256GB, 512GB and 11799 yuan for 256GB.
The iPhone 11 Pro Max has dark sky gray, silver, gold and dark night green options. The price of National Bank is 9599 yuan for 64GB, 10899 yuan for 256GB and 12699 yuan for 512GB.
According to the pre-sale data released by Apple Tianmao and Jingdong, the best sellers in the 11 series of the iPhone are the green version and the dark green version, and the dark green version is the fastest out-of-stock.
Among them, on the night of the launch, Tiancat sold over 100 million yuan in a minute, the dark green number of the iPhone 11 Pro was emptied, and Apple’s official flagship store replenished four times. According to data released by Jingdong Mall, the number of subscribers in the 11 series of iPhones has exceeded 16 million, and the total number of reservations for the three types of iPhones has exceeded one million, with pre-sales increasing by 480% over the previous year. The most popular items are the dark green, black and purple of the iPhone 11 Pro.
At present, some people have bought the “Night Green” version of the iPhone 11 on Weibo.


The factories involved in spraying green on Sanmenxia Mountain have been ordered to stop production and rectify for trial.

In response, Jinjiang Mining officials said to the media that the non-ferrous liquid system was purchased from Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and its main function was “dust suppression”. According to the person in charge of Zhu’s surname of Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the product is only used for sand fixation and dust suppression, not for “satellite prevention” as the netizens questioned.
On the afternoon of the 12th, Pengmei News contacted the person in charge of Cui surname of Henan Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the product. He told Pengmei News that the principle of the online transmission of “green-sprayed mountain bodies in a mining area of Sanmenxia City, Henan Province” was actually “ordinary dust suppressant plus color paste”, but only in ordinary dust suppressant. The color paste is mixed in, but all of them are vegetable gum. “Spraying can show that it is really doing dust suppression work, giving people a distinctive reminder. Generally in accordance with the ratio of eight thousandths, if it does not appear, appropriate promotion.
Peng Mei News noted that the State Intellectual Property Office announced in March this year that the national invention patent entitled “A Method for the Preparation of Quick Filming Liquid Dust Suppressor” approved by Henan Jiujin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. showed that the invention disclosed a method for the preparation of Quick Filming Liquid Dust Suppressor, which belongs to the field of Dust Suppressor.
The announcement said that the dust suppressant prepared by the invention has the effect of absorbing water, penetrating and binding, and spraying on the road surface after mixing with water. It can not only absorb water molecules in the air, but also quickly form a wet and non-volatile water-retaining film on the road surface, so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting dust flying, and quickly form a continuous and complete film. Wind and rain resistance can protect the road surface. The raw materials of dust suppressant are green and degradable, and there is no secondary pollution.
Henan Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd. said that in the incident, Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was one of its agents, responsible for promoting the dust suppressant of color paste. The cost of common dust suppressant spraying is a few cents, but the cost of color paste is about 1.1 and 1.2 yuan per square meter. Qianshan Wanshui Company took 120,000 yuan of goods from their company, but it was unexpected that it would encounter trouble as soon as it was sold and used.
This person in charge introduced the new product of “Dust Suppressor and Colour Paste”, which was previously identified as non-toxic and harmless, but because of its water-soluble characteristics, fear of rain wash, it usually rains little, heavy rain is more troublesome, so spraying it in dry and rainless places is effective for several years. Generally speaking, the actual effect also needs to consider whether the contact surface is soil or rock and cement, so the rock is more resistant to retention.
According to the official website information of Henan Jiujin Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the company is mainly engaged in the development and research of high-tech products.


First Summer Life

I had a very rich and happy summer vacation.
My father and I went to the Pudong Library, where I borrowed three books I liked, especially one of the Stories of Primary School Students, which I liked very much. I also read many 广州桑拿 copies of Charles IX, and I like to help you.
In July, I attended ESL Summer Camp in Fukuyama. I found that most of the students in the classroom were classes 4. I am so happy to see them in the summer vacation. Every day we can see the original English animation, learn a lot of English dialogue, hot weather can also eat cold drinks, I like the “odd” ice cream. Also participated in the ESL summer camp extracurricular activities “Eighth Town”, I was the first time to go, used to go to Coobella, the town has doctors, police, TV presenters, journalists, actors and so on. Our ESL campers spent three weeks together in a pleasant summer camp.
Under the arrangement of my parents, I went to Zhaojialou, an ancient town, where I carried a lot of corn home, went to Shanghai Film Museum, and saw the history of film development.
In the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, I visited the Rainbow Paradise, watched four-dimensional movies “Dragon Fish Warrior” and “Swordtooth Dynasty”, “Wolf” and “Winning in Brain” in the ball theater, and my favorite was “Wolf”;
Zhengda Square’s “Building Block Fantasy Season” is all built of colorful LEGO blocks. There is a Jurassic 深圳桑拿网 Park and a huge Tyrannosaurus Dragon, which is lifelike.
I also went to the Shanghai Museum. My father said that the Shanghai Museum is made up of a cube base and a dome, which symbolizes the cosmic view of the sky. My favorite is the fourth floor, where there are currencies of different dynasties. It’s interesting.
During the summer vacation, I also went to the Moon Boat, the Saudi Pavilion of the World Expo. There was a “Treasure Cinema” in it. It was a giant screen cinema. We could see the charming pictures of Saudi Arabia. It was like the real thing. There was also a roof garden. There were many dates and coconuts on the roof. It was very beautiful. The Italian Pavilion, where there are many statues and blankets, and a Ferrari Auto Museum, I like the red Ferrari, like the McQueen on my clothes. Of course, I also went to the Chocolate Paradise, where there are many sculptures and flowers, as well as jewelry made of various chocolates. There, I spent 100 yuan to make a box of hand-made chocolates. I couldn’t bear to eat them. I put them in the refrigerator when my parents came home. I gave them two pieces to try. They all said they were delicious. I want to explain that the 100 yuan was my own money, which was earned 桑拿佛山 from my paid housework during the summer vacation.
In August, I also participated in swimming learning. My favorite time is at noon, soaking in cool water for two hours. Although I haven’t learned it yet, I already feel that it’s a little dark. My father said that men’s black spots are nothing.
During the summer vacation, I also participated in four community activities, such as safety lectures, intelligence competitions and so on. It was very interesting. Of course, during the summer vacation, I finished my homework and Practice on time. My mother also asked me to review the first grade knowledge again. Fortunately, my mother reminded me that some words would almost be forgotten.
I will soon become a second grade pupil, I will continue to maintain the attitude of learning before the new school year, develop good learning habits and living habits.