The Palace Museum was suspended from September 21 to October 1

According to the Palace Museum, according to work needs and arrangements, the Palace Museum was suspended from September 21 to October 1, 2019.
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The second rehearsal of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of National Day will be held on September 14-16.
From September 14 to September 16, the second full-process exercise of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the National Day will be held in Tiananmen area and along Chang’an Street.
Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a traffic control notice. In order to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the exercise, it decided to take traffic control measures in Tiananmen area and related roads in time and section.


An unforgettable charity sale

I have participated in many charity sales, but only this charity sale is unforgettable to me. Because of this sale, I became a salesman who I didn’t even dare to think of.
At 12 o’clock, I arrived at the square on time, ready to replace a group of students. Looking at the counter, I can’t catch a glimpse of all kinds of goods, such as croissants, tiger shoes, pendants and Christmas candles.
I put on a yellow horse clip, took out some empty space, and shivered with my cold hand from the bag with what I wanted to sell: bracelets, stars, dolls… I carefully put my half month’s “painstaking efforts” on the booth. At that moment, I vaguely heard a whisper in front of the booth: “Is that the elder sister who is leading aerobics?” “Oh, it seems.” I looked up and saw two lovely little girls standing in front of me. I welcomed my first customers with my beating heart. “Sister, how much is this one?” The tender voice of a child came into my ear, and it was the younger child who spoke. “One for a dollar, three for you.” I tried to be more natural. “Sister, how much is a bracelet?” The older child also spoke. “This one is 15 yuan. I made it up by myself.” To force, to force, too much to force, the sisters bought something, and the 18 yuan in my hand gave me confidence. In the distance, another little girl came to me…
“Fifty yuan for each painting, fifty yuan for each painting!” Mr. Lou urged. “Okay, I see!” I answered, nodding my head vigorously. As soon as Mr. Lou had been walking for more than ten seconds, an uncle came to see the painting. “Oh, this is beautiful, how much is it?” At this moment, my heart is like the sea of turbulence: the painting is very beautiful, but the price is too high? I dare not say a little, but looking at the customer’s looking forward to, I had to squeeze out a few words from the teeth: “Fifty yuan one.” Unexpectedly, my uncle agreed with me at once. He “brushed” a hundred-dollar bill from his wallet and handed it to me. I put the money in the box and tried to find fifty dollars for the uncle, but the big money had just been taken away by Mr. Lou. I just turned around and smiled awkwardly at my uncle and said, “Uncle, I only have 40 yuan, can I help you to collect something to 60 yuan?” The uncle generously agreed. I packed a bottle of lucky stars and paintings in a bag and handed them to the customer with the change. I was grateful.
Hey? Why are they here again? They’ve all come five times since they broke their fingers and counted them. “Why have you been here so many times?” I asked doubtfully. “Because you are the leader’s sister, usually very good to us, so we come here to buy!” The voice of the sisters like a silver bell, watery eyes like a crystal clear grapes. What naive children! What magical answers! They light my heart like the warm winter sun.
The cold wind whistled in my ear, but I was not cold at all, because there was a red flame in my heart that warmed my heart.
Participating in this charity sale, I realized that the world is like a big family of love, there are many people around us who have love. This is an unforgettable charity sale! It will be a beautiful scenery in my childhood memory.