Buy 19 parking spaces to build a hospital

The owner of a residential area in Harbin has purchased a three-story shop and 19 underground parking spaces to build a hemodialysis center. After verification by residents and relevant units, it was found that the owner illegally built the underground parking space, and the relevant departments have ordered the owner to restore the parking space enclosed privately to its original state.
It is understood that the owner has purchased 19 parking spaces, which have been opened up with the first floor shop. The property owner has prepared to transform the parking spaces for ward, office and power distribution room of the hemodialysis center. After finding that the underground garage was rebuilt to build a hospital, the owners were very angry.

British Prime Minister’s car involved in the accident

On June 17, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a rear end accident outside the parliament building in London.
It was reported that the British Parliament had just concluded its activities. Johnson was on his way back when a protesting man burst out of the crowd on the side of the road. Johnson’s car braked in an emergency, but the following security vehicles failed to stop in time, causing a collision with the prime minister’s car.
Local police said the protesting man had been arrested at the scene for violating the public order law and obstructing road traffic.
According to a British spokesman, the accident did not cause injuries.

Alipay set up five benefits

In 2019, Alipay set up five activities in January 25, 2019 (December twenty) to February 4, 2019 (New Year’s Eve). In 2019, the total volume of Alipay’s five fortune red packets remained unchanged at 500 million last year, but three new ways were added. At the same time, users also have the opportunity to follow ant forest to see trees, watch football games in Europe, help spend the whole year, etc.