The police watched the girl drown

As we all know, the duty of the police is to protect the interests of the people. Indeed, when our people are in danger of property and life, the police are the first.
While we sincerely admire the police comrades, we also sigh that their adherence to their responsibilities is really harsh. They always put the interests of the people first, which is worthy of our respect.
On December 4, a 17-year-old high school girl committed suicide in Anqing City, Anhui Province, but the police watched her drown. The official has officially issued a notice, and the person involved has been suspended.
Anhui 17-year-old high school girl wanted to commit suicide, police watched her drown, official: the person involved has been suspended
On December 4, the Public Security Bureau of Wangjiang County, Anqing City, issued a police circular saying that at about 1:00 p.m., the local police station received a report saying that there was a woman near Jishui bridge in Wangjiang County preparing to commit suicide in the river.
After receiving the alarm, the local police quickly organized the police to go to the scene for disposal. In the process of persuasion and appeasement, the woman was suddenly out of control, out of control, and turned to dive into the deep water area.
After rescuing, the police at the scene finally rescued the girl, who was declared dead after rescue.
At present, the cause of the girl’s suicide is still under further investigation. The circular also said that many netizens have reflected that there are very big problems in the rescue process of the police and auxiliary police in this incident.
Anhui 17-year-old high school girl wanted to commit suicide, police watched her drown, official: the person involved has been suspended
At present, the local public security bureau has suspended the investigation of the police involved, and will take serious measures according to law according to the investigation results.
Through the videos and photos released at the scene, we can clearly see that the girl was not in the deep water area at first, but standing in the shallow water area. At that time, several police officers were on the shore.
Many netizens said that at that time, the police could pull the women back, but the police did not do so, they were not willing to go into the water.
After a period of negotiation, the girl seemed to have lost her patience and turned around and rushed to the deep water area. At this time, the police still did not make any action, just yelled at the shore, and the girl gradually lost consciousness within a few minutes.
Anhui 17-year-old high school girl wanted to commit suicide, police watched her drown, official: the person involved has been suspended
Finally, the girl gradually lost her voice. The police and auxiliary police on the scene watched the girl drown. The whole process was not long, but the people on the shore were very worried.
At this time, a lot of people on the riverside yelled to go down to save people. The police, hand in hand, prepared to go down the river to save people, and finally salvaged the girl’s body.
After the incident, many netizens condemned the police and auxiliary police involved in the incident. It was too perfunctory to save people. The child could have been saved, but this rescue method is not like the previous police practice.
Some netizens said that the life of a girl is a life, but the life of a policeman is not? If these police comrades could not swim at that time, would they also go down to save people?
Anhui 17-year-old high school girl wanted to commit suicide, police watched her drown, official: the person involved has been suspended
Even if it is to save people, we should also base on the actual situation, and we should not blindly blame the police. This is immoral, and it is typical to stand and speak without backache.
At present, the incident is still in the process of further fermentation, and the police involved have been suspended by relevant departments. Dear friends, what do you think of this matter?
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Alert to recruitment information in North Myanmar

Recently, domestic public security organs have received reports of several criminal cases in which Chinese citizens were cheated to the northern part of Myanmar and then kidnapped, illegally detained, extorted and forced into prostitution, according to the consular through train wechat on the 3rd. Many Chinese citizens believed in the recruitment information of “going to Myanmar to work” and were forced to engage in Telecom fraud, gambling and other illegal and criminal activities after they went to Myanmar. If the victim refuses or fails to complete the “performance”, the suspect will commit such criminal acts as beating, detention, extortion, forced prostitution and so on.
At present, there is a high incidence of criminal cases involving our personnel in northern Myanmar. The Consular Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security remind Chinese citizens to be vigilant and work outside through regular and legal labor agencies. They should not trust the recruitment information in northern Myanmar. In case of emergency, please call the police to the local and domestic public security organs and contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in the local area for help.
According to the law of our country, it is an illegal and criminal act to illegally cross the border, cheat on telecommunication network and gamble, which will harm others and yourself. The public security organs will severely crack down on it. Please do not engage in relevant activities.

New crown will be popular in summer

Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, said in an exclusive interview with CCTV news 1 + 1 on June 15 that the number of cases reported in Beijing in the next three days determines the trend of the epidemic. Three days have passed, how to judge? Will the prevention and control measures be adjusted? What is the latest progress in virus traceability? Will local outbreaks occur again? For this reason, CCTV news “relativity” reporter Zhuang Shengchun exclusive interview with Wu Zunyou. Wu said the new coronavirus will also be popular in summer and places with high temperatures.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, China’s Center for Disease Control and prevention, Wu Zunyou, chief expert: respiratory infectious diseases generally decrease in summer, but the new crowns pneumonia has greatly affected our traditional understanding. Especially in places with high temperature, including our neighboring countries, India and Africa, there are also serious outbreaks in places with high temperature, which is one aspect.
On the other hand, low temperature is more suitable for the survival and spread of virus. Take Beijing as an example. In terms of the local outbreak point, the new market is also concentrated in a humid and low temperature area. Selling seafood or ice, the local temperature is still relatively low, so it is not completely against our understanding. It’s just on the basis of our original understanding that we have gained knowledge. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is not only prevalent in winter, but also popular in summer, where temperatures are high.

Donate 10 pigs to your alma mater

Two days ago, Yangjiang No. 1 middle school in Guangdong Province celebrated its 110th anniversary. One alumni donated 10 pigs to his alma mater, saying that they were for teachers and students participating in the celebration. Although the alumni only donated 10 pigs, his love for his alma mater can be learned, which also shows his gratitude to his alma mater.
In the history of school donation in China, there are many large donations to the alma mater of middle school. For example, in 2019, an alumni of Dongkeng middle school in Dongguan donated 20 million yuan on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the alma mater, and the alumni of Jingzhou middle school in Hubei donated 5 million yuan on the 116th anniversary of the founding of the alma mater. However, compared with the alumni donation of universities, it is still a small thing. Some universities even received a large amount of alumni donation in one year To several billion yuan.
In the list of top 100 University Alumni donation in 2019, Peking University received 3.143 billion yuan of donation, ranking first in the country. The amount of donation exceeded the total amount of many universities’ funds for many years, which is enviable.
Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China contributed more than 2.89 billion yuan and 2.157 billion yuan respectively.
Among the top 30 universities in this list, Shenzhen University, with a total donation of 769 million yuan from alumni, ranks 11th in the country, surpassing most of the 985 universities, has attracted more attention.
Last year, Shenzhen University celebrated its 35th anniversary. Ma Huateng’s team donated 350 million yuan, including 200 million yuan from Ma Huateng, 50 million yuan from Zhang Zhidong, Chen Yidan and Xu chenye, which directly ranked Shenzhen University 11th in China.
However, in terms of individual donations from alumni, Ma Huateng’s 200 million is not in the top ten in China, and there are several individuals who have donated more than 1 billion. Let’s take a look at the top ten of individual donations from alumni:
There are three alumni who have donated more than 1 billion yuan. They are Fudan University Alumni Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of China oceanwide Holdings Group, Peking University Alumni Huang nubo, chairman of Beijing Zhongkun investment group, alumni of University of Electronic Science and technology, Xiong Xinxiang, chairman of Chongqing boon technology group, and Liu qiangdong, chairman of Jingdong group, who donated 300 million yuan to his alma mater, also can’t make the list.
In addition, there are several relatively large donations that have not been included in this list. For example, country garden Yang’s father and daughter plan to donate 2.2 billion yuan to Tsinghua University in the next 10 years, Li Ka Shing plan to donate 2 billion yuan to Shantou University in the next 8 years, and Wang Yuan, chairman of Shanghai Suizhen Investment Management Co., Ltd., plans to donate 1.1 billion yuan to Zhejiang University, the alma mater, in the next 10 years. These donations are paid in installments, but not in installments There is complete receipt, so no statistics are included in the list.
Back to the beginning of our article, in fact, it doesn’t matter how much we donate to our alma mater. This Alumni’s action confirms the famous saying: everyone presents a piece of love, and the world will become better!
Donation is about your love. If your donation can help the alma mater, the alma mater has better conditions to cultivate more people who are useful to the society, the alma mater will also cultivate more people who are caring, and our world will be better in the future.

Mexican gun battle

The law and order in Mexico has been a headache. In July this year, data from the Mexican government showed that the North American country had more than 14,000 murders in the first half of this year, the highest in the same period of the previous year.

In the last two days, there have been two consecutive mass killings in Mexico.

According to Reuters, on the evening of the 15th local time, the Mexican public security department said that a gun battle took place in Guerrero, southwestern Mexico, and 15 people were killed.

14 policemen in Mexico were ambushed by drug dealers
On the 14th, local time, a police attack on the police in Michoacán, western Mexico, killed at least 14 police officers. Many vehicles on the scene were burning and the bullet holes were dense, which was very fierce. According to Mexican media reports, these militants may come from local drug trafficking groups. They held heavy weapons, attacked the police in multiple cars, and fled the scene after the incident.

The New York Times quoted Mexican media reports that the militants may have come from the local drug trafficking group “New Generation Jalisco Cartel.” The group is extremely violent and has become one of the leading organized criminal groups in Mexico in recent years.

The data shows that 421 policemen were killed in Mexico in 2018. So far, 308 people have been killed in 2019. In one of the most volatile regions of Mexico, violent clashes between security forces and criminal groups are intensifying.

Further reading: Mexican drug lord Guzman was sentenced to life imprisonment
Mentioning Mexico, I have to say that Guzman, Mexico’s biggest drug lord.

The Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York announced on the 17th that the Mexican drug lord Joaquin Gusman was sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to local media reports, federal judge Brian Cogan announced in court that Gusman was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, plus 30 years in prison, and was ordered to pay a fine of $12.6 billion. Gusman, 62, nicknamed the “dwarf”, is the leader of the Sinaloa Group, one of Mexico’s largest drug trafficking gangs. The US prosecutor said that the group smuggled heroin, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs into the United States for several years, with profits exceeding $10 billion. In February of this year, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York ruled that Gusman’s 10 counts were all set up, including drug trafficking, murder, and money laundering.

Gusman had twice escaped from a Mexican prison. In January 2016, Gusman was arrested for the third time in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, and was extradited to the United States in January 2017, and was held in a heavily guarded felony prison in Manhattan, New York.