Ordering is wasted or will be charged

Ordered a table of dishes, left more than half, the results were thrown away. Diners, please don’t be too self willed in the future! On November 22, the draft of the anti food waste law appeared at the Standing Committee meeting of the National People’s Congress for the first time. It is clear in the draft that catering service providers can charge consumers who cause obvious waste the corresponding fees for the treatment of kitchen waste. The draft also stipulates that catering service providers should take the initiative to remind consumers to prevent food waste, provide different specifications such as small meals, and shall not induce or mislead consumers to order in excess.

Extortion and punishment for secretly photographing the chairman of the board

Yuan Liqiang, the former risk director of Guizhou Tongzi rural commercial bank, collaborated with others to secretly photograph Yu Mou, chairman of the bank and fan, the person in charge of the management, playing mahjong. Later, he blackmailed 4 million yuan with a video of two people playing mahjong.
Upstream news reporters noted that Yu and fan, who were blackmailed in the case, are still holding leading positions according to the official website of Tongzi rural commercial bank.
On December 16, Tongzi rural commercial bank office staff responded to reporters that Yu and fan are still working in the bank, and whether they will be punished for playing mahjong, the higher authorities and the regulatory authorities have not given a conclusion.
According to the official website of Tongzi rural commercial bank, the two victims still hold the posts of chairman and management of the bank. /Official website of Tongzi Rural Commercial Bank
In October 2019, Yuan Liqiang, then the risk director of Guizhou Tongzi rural commercial bank, contacted Liang Yuangao, another defendant, to discuss extorting money by secretly photographing videos of fan and others gambling. Yuan Liqiang informed Liang Yuangao of the living place of fan, who was then the head of Tongzi rural commercial bank’s management, in Tongzi County. Liang Yuangao went to fan’s residence for observation and took pictures of the door and sent them to Yuan Liqiang for confirmation. Liang Yuangao also purchased shooting equipment. After learning from Yuan Liqiang about fan’s work and rest time, he took advantage of fan’s absence and sneaked into the room to install the shooting equipment.
Fan Gao will take the equipment again in January 2020. Liang Yuangao and Yuan Liqiang checked the video taken secretly and found that there were videos of fan and Yu playing mahjong as chairman of Tongzi rural commercial bank. After discussion, Yuan Liqiang and Liang Yuangao sent short messages to Yu and fan, threatening to send mahjong video to the superior units of Tongzi agricultural commercial bank, the CBRC and major websites, demanding 4 million yuan from them. The threatened fan then called the police, and the public security organs arrested yuan Liqiang and Liang Yuangao.
Upstream news reporters found that Yuan Liqiang and Liang Yuangao made clear confessions during the investigation. They originally planned to blackmail Yu and fan for 6.5 million yuan, which was reduced to 4 million yuan after discussion. The two sent photos of Yu and fan playing mahjong to Yu and others through SMS, but they were arrested by the public security organs before they succeeded. The testimony of Yu and fan also confirmed that they had received threatening messages and were blackmailed for 4 million yuan. Zunyi City Intermediate People’s court decided that the amount of crime determined by Tongzi County Court was clear. Yuan Liqiang and his defender’s appeal grounds that “the original judgment did not determine the amount of crime in this case” were not accepted.
Tongzi rural commercial bank, established on July 6, 2017, is restructured from the original Tongzi Association. It has 31 branches under its jurisdiction, with a registered capital of 265 million yuan. According to the bank’s previous publicity reports, Yuan Liqiang has been participating in the activities as the bank’s risk director since 2017. According to the annual report of Tongzi agricultural commercial bank in 2019, Tongzi agricultural commercial bank was fined 300000 yuan by Zunyi banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau for its loan risk, and 5 senior managers and 15 relevant responsible persons were given economic punishment. Yu, fan and Yuan Liqiang involved in the case were fined 50000 yuan, 2000 yuan and 2000 yuan respectively.

Calling on Taiwan media

On the evening of October 2, Taiwan media sent good news that she gave birth to a daughter, about 7 pounds (3180 grams), to his wife Guo biting
Guo biting gave birth to her first daughter on the national day double festival of the Mid Autumn Festival (October 1). After Xiang Taihe and Xiang Huaqiang arrived in Taiwan, she took good care of her daughter-in-law. Now she is happy to welcome her granddaughter. They built a villa for Guo biting’s mother and daughter in advance and fulfilled their original promise.
First of all, congratulations on Guo biting’s becoming a mother and Xiang Zuo Dang’s father. Their love has been controversial all the way, and now they have finally ushered in the crystallization of their love. The two men’s and women’s genes must not be bad, but we still hope that girls like Guo biting are better, and with Xiangzuo’s rich family background, it is estimated that they will continue to make efforts to open up branches and leaves for Xiangzuo’s family.
However, Xiang Zuo and Guo biting have not made public the good news, including Xiang Tai and Guo biting’s father and wife both kept silent and did not respond. Until October 7, I sent an article to the head of Jordan’s father. Instead of expressing his joy, he sent a letter to the Taiwanese media: a Taiwanese media, please let us go. It’s no more than three things.
In the article, to Zuo sent three inverted thumbs expression, and released a black and white stills, expressed anger. Although Xiang Zuo didn’t point out the reason, netizens understood it and comforted Xiang Zuo to be angry. He wanted to accompany the little princess happily.
It turns out that in the early morning of the day when Xiang Zuo sent the article, Taiwan media had exposed Guo biting’s 72 hour prenatal picture and took a full-length picture of Guo biting’s belly as big as a basket.
The media continuously filmed 72 hours in the hospital. From September 27, Guo biting went to the hospital for examination, and on October 1, the couple visited the hospital. The whole process was recorded, just like “live broadcast”, which greatly affected the mood of the puerpera.
However, Xiangzuo didn’t get angry that day. Instead, he waited for his wife to give birth to the baby. He endured for nearly ten days for his wife and daughter. He was worthy of being a good husband.
In fact, last month, some Taiwan media exposed Guo biting and Xiang Zuo going out. The shooting time should be within half a month. At that time, Guo biting’s belly was as big as a basket, and her pregnant belly was round and big. She was once suspected of being twins. And Xiang Zuo is very considerate. He helps his wife with care. He is a perfect model husband, and he keeps his mouth shut with patience.
As a matter of fact, everyone in Xiang zoubi wanted to accompany Guo biting, but she was not allowed to come to Taiwan because of the epidemic situation and visa problems. Xiang Zuo did not fly to his wife until early September to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and the mid autumn national day.
The only regret is that Guo biting failed to sign the marriage application in Hong Kong within three months, which led to the two missing the validity of their first paper marriage. Later, the agent revealed that they had applied twice and asked Taiji to register in Taiwan to finish the marriage before the baby was born.
However, some Taiwan media said that Guo biting had to finish her confinement to get the certificate, which seemed to imply that the two were unmarried and had children first.
Xiang Tai’s daughter-in-law was also questioned because she was too tight. Two months ago, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of myocardial infarction. She recovered after one month of treatment. At that time, some fans were dissatisfied because she did not disclose it in time. To too after discharge from the hospital, the first time to restore the illness, the outside world just wake up. Xiang Tai, who is concerned about his daughter-in-law, also arrived in Taiwan in early September and took her granddaughter in the first place.
As a matter of fact, since their marriage, they have been questioned. This time, anger towards Zuo rare is probably unbearable.

March broke out in Washington

On August 28 local time, tens of thousands of Americans gathered in Washington, D.C., to hold the largest demonstration in Washington since the outbreak of the epidemic. The protestors gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial Hall to denounce a series of vicious incidents of recent violent law enforcement by American police against African Americans and called for ethnic equality.
On August 28, local time, tens of thousands of protestors gathered in Washington, D.C., denouncing police violence in law enforcement and calling for ethnic equality (photo: Reporter Wang Shuguang)
The US media pointed out that the parade coincided with the 57th anniversary of the famous speech “I have a dream” delivered by Martin Luther King, leader of the civil rights movement. At present, the United States is in a “nightmare”. At the same time, the media criticized that the performance of the White House and the U.S. government was “heartbreaking” despite strong public protests against racial discrimination and police violence.
According to the Washington Post, the United States is now in a “nightmare”
Now, like the American Nightmare, democracy is strangled
The march was carried out at the call of the older generation of civil rights leader, African American Baptist pastor Al Sharpton. The theme of the march was “take your knees off our necks” to protest against the recent vicious incidents of racial discrimination, violent law enforcement and even the killing of African Americans by the police.
Families of victims, including Jacob Blake, George Freud, Rashad Brooks, Ahmed aberry, Trevor Martin and Eric Garner, were invited to participate in the demonstration. Speaking at the Lincoln Memorial Hall, Sharpton called for a dialogue on racism
The theme of the protest in Washington on August 28 was “take your knee off our neck” (photo: Reporter Wang Shuguang)
Martin III, the son of black leader Martin Luther King, also made a speech at the rally. He said that the American people are now in a “broken” society. Although the day was the anniversary of the speech “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King, the United States is actually in a “nightmare” and “democracy is being locked in the throat by its knees”.
People participating in the March said that the discrimination and injustice in the United States must be “made public” and be tortured by the people. “This is not only a struggle between the two races, but also related to future generations. In order to ensure the safety of the next generation, the United States” must make changes. “.
According to the Wall Street Journal, protestors have said that the current discrimination and injustice in the United States must be tortured by the people
The victim is often unarmed when the law is locked and the back is attacked
Freud, an African American civilian, was subjected to violent law enforcement in Minnesota on May 25 this year. The white police put his knee on his neck for nine minutes and finally suffocated to death. The incident triggered large-scale protests across the United States, with major cities joining the fight for African Americans’ equal rights. However, one wave was not smooth, and another wave was repeated. On August 23, serious violent law enforcement incidents occurred again. On the same day, Jacob Blake, an African American resident in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was shot at least seven times by the police when he opened the door of the car and fell in front of three children and fiancee in the car.
After the exposure of the incident, protests broke out immediately in Kenosha, and the confrontation between the protestors and the police escalated sharply. As of August 26, the chaos in Kenosha city has lasted for three days, and many buildings in the city have been burned. In addition, demonstrations broke out in Madison, Wisconsin, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and other places.
According to media reports, about 50000 people attended the day’s march in Washington (image source: The Wall Street Journal)
Public opinion generally believed that it was the inaction of local officials in kinosha that infuriated the public. According to reports, the local government made its first statement three days after the victim was attacked, and almost all the local authorities couldn’t get through to the phone. Zano Rodriguez, inspector of Kenosha’s City Council, said: “people call us and ask what the mayor is doing? What’s the sheriff doing? And we can only tell them that we don’t know because they didn’t inform us. “
In addition, media reports said Blake was taken to the hospital with upper body paralysis, but was still handcuffed to the hospital bed by the police. Blake’s father was “heartbroken” when he saw the picture. Blake’s uncle, Justin Blake, angrily asked, “he is paralyzed and can’t walk. Why should he be handcuffed to his bed?” Justin believes that it is a great “insult” to Blake in this way.
Blake was taken to hospital with upper body paralysis, but was still handcuffed to his bed by police, CNN reported
NBA strike to protest racial discrimination, White House officials said: absurd, stupid
In support of Blake, NBA teams announced a strike on August 27. Up to now, many American sports stars have denounced racial discrimination and violent law enforcement in the United States. CNN commented that it is rare for professional sports teams to make a decision to withdraw before the competition.
Although there are NBA teams in such a high-profile way to arouse people’s attention to the civil rights movement and social injustice, the White House officials even scorned to comment on this, thinking that the player’s protest is “absurd” and “stupid”. Former head of White House legislative affairs and head of the office of current Vice President Mike burns

Yi Nengjing teaches Jinsha to fall in love

The 30 female stars in “the elder sister of the wind and the waves” are not only disagreements, but also cherish each other.
Zhang Yuqi introduces her boyfriend to Jinsha in the latest issue of “sister riding the wind and waves” on July 16.
The world knows that Jinsha wants to fall in love and has been single for three years.
In the eyes of LAN YingYing and Zhang Yuqi, Jinsha is gentle, kind and lovely. As a girl, she thinks Jinsha is a woman worthy of marriage.
Zhang Yuqi is no exception. Zhang Yuqi’s own emotions are not smooth. After divorce, she raised her children alone and became a single mother. However, Zhang Yuqi was never afraid to start a new relationship.
Zhang Yuqi is eager to help Jinsha introduce her boyfriend.
Even using all of their personal connections, it seems that the sisters can not only realize the dream of the women’s League, but also have the hope of getting rid of the single.
Jingjing wants to introduce Yu Kewei’s boyfriend, Zhang Meng wants to introduce Wu Xin, and now Zhang Yuqi wants to introduce Jinsha and does what she says.
It’s a pity that Zhang Yusha doesn’t want to talk to the boy.
Jinsha claims that she will take the initiative only if she likes it very much. This is the reason why she has been single for many years. The main reason is that Jinsha doesn’t know how to chat with boys. She directly shows Zhang Yuqi the chat record and asks how to reply.
Zhang Yuqi is also a silly elder sister. She doesn’t know the routine of male chatting.
At this time, Yi Nengjing should be on the stage. In the eyes of girls, Yi Nengjing loves to cry and express her love. However, in the eyes of boys, Yi Nengjing is more worthy of protection.
The other side told Jinsha that she was working, and Jinsha replied that she was practicing dancing. After that, there was no following.
Watching Yi Nengjing teach “reserved” chatting, most boys are used.
Yi Nengjing teaches Jinsha to reply with two words “tired”
And not much, to be reserved, just reply two words, then the topic will be transferred to boys, Yi Nengjing frankly said that this is the flow of emotion.
Judging from the way Yi Nengjing communicates with boys, it’s no wonder that she can marry Qin Hao. She is older than Qin Hao and has children with her. However, he understands the psychology of boys and indulges in hard to get. Boys all like Yi Nengjing. Moreover, from his ex husband Yu Chengqing to Qin Hao, his family background is very good and excellent.
So it’s not that Jinsha is not beautiful enough, nor that she has no chance to meet boys. The key is that she doesn’t know how to chat with boys and see that Yi Nengjing is familiar with her and has a plan in mind.
And the boys are very interested in Jinsha. Although Zhang Yuqi has a bad eye for men, most of the people she meets are rich and successful men. Such a man should have more skills to control.
Yi Nengjing teaches Jinsha to chat online. The boy replies to Jinsha with a lot of words, which shows the possibility of communication.
It’s good to make friends with Zhang Yuqi. I don’t know how to be polite. I can help introduce my boyfriend.
It’s good to be friends with Yi Nengjing. Preaching in the program is a disadvantage, but there are many advantages.
Like Jinsha, she likes to be friends with strong people like Yi Nengjing and Zhang Yuqi.
You can learn from Yi Nengjing and communicate with boys, you can learn from Zhang Yuqi to expand your circle of friends, and wish Jinsha get married soon.

4 children buried

The reporter learned from the police in Yuanyang County that on the afternoon of April 18, when the dump truck dumped earth at shenghefu construction site, four children playing at the site were buried, resulting in their unfortunate death. On April 19, the public security organ detained 8 development and construction personnel suspected of major liability accident according to law. The case is under further investigation.
After the accident, the Party committee and government of Xinxiang City and Yuanyang County attached great importance to it, and organized the emergency management, fire rescue, health and other departments to rush to the scene for rescue at the first time. The accident investigation team is composed of the departments of politics and law, housing and construction, emergency management, etc. to quickly carry out a comprehensive investigation. It is preliminarily found that the construction site has not obtained the construction permit, which is illegal construction without permit. The involved vehicles are backward tipping eight wheel dump trucks, which are illegal operations.
The situation is under further investigation. The investigation team will find out the causes as soon as possible, deal with them according to law, and seriously pursue the responsibility. At the same time, it will do its best to deal with the aftermath of the accident and pacify the family members.
Extended reading:
Visiting 4 families of buried children in Henan Province: 4 demands from families with difficult conditions
On April 19, the Propaganda Department of Yuanyang County Party committee of Xinxiang City, Henan Province reported that on April 18, four children aged 5 to 11 years were found in the earthwork piled up in shenghefu community of Yuanyang County, Henan Province, all of them were Wenzhuang village people from Yuanxing Office of Yuanyang County adjacent to the community. According to preliminary judgment, it may be suffocated due to earth compaction.
Shandong Business News · Speedo news reporter came to Wenzhuang village, Yuanyang County, Henan Province, and found that the three accident families were very difficult.
Liu brothers live in a yard. Grandma Liu broke her leg last year. Liu Zhenbang, a 10-year-old son of Liu’s family, has been taking care of her grandmother, cooking and carrying urine. Now the grandchildren are gone. Grandma Liu hasn’t had hot water for a day.
Liu Jiangwei, the leader of Liu family, usually carries cement for a living. Liu Jiangwei earns 25 cents by carrying a bag of cement. A bag of cement is 50 kg, a ton of cement is 5 yuan, a day to move 20 tons of cement can earn 100 yuan.
Liu Jiangwei’s daughter-in-law has mental problems and can’t get out of bed.
Liu tuanwei, the second son of Liu’s family, usually does maintenance work. The two families live in a courtyard, which is usually very harmonious. Now parents need to know how their children don’t have
All family members’ ex post facto request for four children
1、 Investigate the legal responsibility of the person responsible for the accident injury according to law, and the video of the site organization and construction site. (families need to understand)
2、 After investigating the case, the cause of death of four children was first announced.
3、 Amount of compensation for dead children
4、 Find a proper place (cemetery) for the burial of four children

If Wind Makes a Will

“Little Two” ushered in the big ending last night. Ruofeng and Xiaoqi left the most impression on you because they are the most special. First, they are not in the entertainment circle, strictly speaking, they belong to the electronic competition circle. Other couples are loving and can feel the happiness of the couple, but the couple are doing it to death. 。 If the wind doesn’t need to say, it’s slaggy and stingy, because he has been in love with his little relatives for many years, and then he empathizes with other people. Later, he follows the girl to the other side’s city. After being dumped by the girl, he comes back to ask Xiaoqi to marry him. This marriage seems to be not for love, but for gambling.
He said that he was stingy because he married Xiaoqi, but they also wanted AA system. If Wind bought a house, he also secretly wrote his name, and threatened to buy the house for his own money before marriage. Even a dressing table would not be willing to buy for his wife, and the daily expenses would be paid separately. At the beginning, the audience felt more sympathy for him. After all, growing up in a single-parent family, she was very insecure and insecure, but the more she saw her behind, the more she “made” and even some pretentious feelings.
In the period of going to the mother-in-law’s house, we can see that she did not have enough respect for her mother-in-law. On the first day, she let her mother-in-law wait for them to eat until the afternoon. On the second day, Xiaoqi changed her mind and refused to go directly. After dinner, she also lay on the sofa directly without initiative to help. She thought that she was going back to her hometown to see her husband-in-law, but she turned over the old debts. Even during her pregnancy, her mother-in-law gave her mother money, and she felt greatly wronged. People who don’t know think that mother-in-law is so mean to her. In fact, she has nothing to do with her. She can’t even look down on Tai. She says that when she meets Xiao Qi’s daughter-in-law who is so “doing”, her mother-in-law is too difficult and threatens to revenge her mother-in-law. For the selfish and self-centered way of getting along, the Internet is also full of abuse. Ruofeng is supposed to save the public image and express some feelings since receiving the program in a long article on Weibo. When he called himself recording this program, he happened to be the most confused period in his life. His career met with bottlenecks. At the same time, he also said a lot of good words to Xiaoqi.
Maybe he was afraid of scolding. In the last program, if Feng came to a lawyer to make a will and gave Xiaoqi 60% of the property allocation, his netizens criticized him for being too fake, even said he was acting, which was the last straw he proved himself not to be stingy. But in fact, they are so young, if there is still a chance to change their will after the wind, choosing to make a will at this time is just a show for the audience. If Wind makes a will to give 60% of Xiaoqi’s property distribution netizens but approves too false if Wind makes a will to Xiaoqi’s 60% property distribution netizens but approves too false Xiaoqi, clearly cares about money, opens and closes the mouth is the house and money, but also pretends not to care. If Wind rents a big house and signs the contract, he says he likes a small house and walks in 10 seconds. In the end, she nagged every day that the house did not add her name. As a result, if the wind took the house cost and asked her to add her name together, she said that she did not want a house, but love, which was from beginning to end.