Hebei No.1 patient

Three days later, 15 confirmed cases and 41 asymptomatic cases were reported in Shijiazhuang. Including Xingtai, Hebei has 60 patients.
On the evening of January 5, Shijiazhuang held a press conference to report the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control. Nucleic acid detection will be started in the whole city.
However, who is the “No. 1 patient” in Hebei? Where is the source of infection? Why are there dozens of new cases in three days? Do wedding banquets and village collective activities lead to clustering epidemic? There is still no definite answer.
Who is “patient 1” in Hebei Province?
On January 2, 2021, a 61 year old villager in xiaoguozhuang village, Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang city was diagnosed with a new crown.
On January 3, 2021, there were 4 new confirmed cases and 13 asymptomatic cases in Hebei Province. On the same day, Shijiazhuang declared a state of war.
On January 4, 2021, there were 14 new confirmed cases in Hebei Province (11 cases in Shijiazhuang and 3 cases in Xingtai City, among which 2 cases were asymptomatic infection for 3 days and were transferred to diagnosis) 30 cases of asymptomatic infection. (the situation of asymptomatic infection is not published)
By the early morning of January 6, 2021, there were 19 confirmed cases and 41 asymptomatic cases in Hebei Province. “So far, the mother doesn’t know how to get infected,” his son, who was diagnosed with the case, told the health times on January 2
Lu Fei, director of Shijiazhuang Center for Disease Control and prevention, said at a news conference that throat swab samples of the first confirmed case had been collected and sent to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention for full gene sequencing.
However, it has not been announced who “patient No. 1” is.
Where is the source of infection?
On the evening of January 5, Feng Zijian, deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said in the “news 1 + 1” that it has been found that the virus in Hebei is still imported from abroad, and it is likely to be imported from Europe. The virus transmitted in Shijiazhuang is highly homologous with Nangong of Xingtai. The case in nangong city is related to the epidemiology of Shijiazhuang, which may be caused by the same virus transmission.
Lu Fei, director of Shijiazhuang Center for Disease Control and prevention, said in a news release that efforts should be made to further strengthen the work of tracing the source of infection, and at the same time, relevant departments should be united to use technical means to try to trace and determine the source of infection as soon as possible.
From the current release of information, where the source of infection is still uncertain.
Is the transmission chain clear?
From the details of confirmed cases announced on January 2 and January 4, the new crown infection in Shijiazhuang concentrated in xiaoguozhuang village, Gaocheng District, and there were 9 confirmed cases in xiaoguozhuang village.
Feng Zijian said that the number of patients is still increasing, indicating that the virus has been secretly spreading for some time.
On the evening of January 5, a press conference on epidemic prevention and control was held in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. The relevant person in charge of Shijiazhuang CDC said at the press conference that the epidemic was characterized by high incidence and family aggregation, and a large number of cases occurred in a short time.
As the details of confirmed patients and asymptomatic patients have not been fully released in Hebei epidemic notification, the transmission chain is still unknown.
Is there nosocomial infection in some hospitals?
As of the early morning of January 6, eight hospitals in Hebei Province have announced their latest treatment announcements. The fifth hospital of Shijiazhuang city stopped the clinic, and the thoracic Hospital of Hebei Province suspended the general outpatient service. Six hospitals, including the First Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University, the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University, the Stomatological Hospital of Hebei Province, and the children’s Hospital of Hebei Province, implemented out of hospital full appointment and treated in different periods.
The fifth hospital of Shijiazhuang city is the designated isolation hospital of Xinguan. At present, all the confirmed patients are treated in this hospital. New crown confirmed cases have been to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Hebei children’s hospital.
As the details of confirmed patients and asymptomatic patients have not been fully announced in Hebei epidemic notification, whether nosocomial infection occurs still needs to wait for official notification.
Do wedding banquets and village collective activities lead to clustering epidemic?
According to the published track of patients with new crown, three confirmed cases had attended the wedding ceremony in oujing ecological park on Zhengding Airport North Road. Communities in Shijiazhuang have issued a notice that residents who have been to oujing ecological park after the 27th should report to the community as soon as possible.
In addition, there were 5 confirmed patients who had participated in collective activities in xiaoguozhuang village.
Whether or not there is a mass epidemic remains to be officially informed.
Is Shijiazhuang restricted?
On the evening of January 5, a news conference on epidemic prevention and control was held in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, to announce the information, and the whole city carried out nucleic acid testing.
On the evening of January 5, Shijiazhuang decided to implement closed-loop control over all communities and villages in the city. At the same time, Shijiazhuang primary and secondary school kindergartens suspended offline education and teaching work.
Shijiazhuang has not released the closure information. However, many communities have told the health times that if they can’t get in or out within three days, they will try their best to carry out nucleic acid testing.

More than 1.91 million confirmed cases in the world

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 1912923 cases at 6:30 on April 14th at Beijing time, and 118966 cases died in total, as reported by Johns Hopkins University.
The new coronavirus continues to spread, and the epidemic situation in some countries is still severe. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has become the most serious disaster area in the US, and more than 3300 deaths have been reported. Many elderly homes in Canada are also infected. The British epidemic prevention equipment is seriously short, and many medical staff are infected. The De Gaulle aircraft carrier has returned to France, and more than 1900 crew members will undergo nucleic acid testing. One or two of the Japanese police stations are diagnosed with new crown pneumonia and over 100 police officers are isolated.
A total of 577842 cases of “severely affected area” of adult epidemic in nursing homes have been confirmed in the United States
According to the epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:30 on April 14, Beijing time, 577842 cases were confirmed and 23232 cases died in the United States.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is more than 3300 in the US nursing homes and long-term care providers, according to the latest The Associated Press statistics. US media said that novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in the US nursing homes have been worrying over the past two weeks.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases and member of the White House Special Committee on epidemic response, said 12, if the government took measures in the early stage of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak in the United States, it could save more lives. Fudge also predicted that the U.S. “at least in some ways, a return to normal life may start next month,” but he also pointed out that it was difficult to make such a prediction. He also warned that the outbreak could rebound in the autumn, but he hoped that the United States would be better prepared by then than when it first broke out.
Italy’s total diagnosis of 159516 cases of “closure” measures extended to May 3
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Italy on 13 July, 3153 cases were reported, and 159516 cases were accumulated. The new death cases increased from 566 cases to 431 cases in the previous day, and 20465 cases died, Reuters reported.
In order to prevent the further spread of the epidemic, Italy entered the state of “closed city” from March 10, closed all shops except food stores and pharmacies, and closed all parks and other public places from March 21. Italy has twice extended the “closure” measure, which is now extended to May 3.
Spain has confirmed 169496 cases of construction and manufacturing departments returning to work gradually
A novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the past 24 hours has been confirmed in the official website of the Spanish Ministry of health, with 169496 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia, 517 new deaths and 17489 deaths in total in the past 3477 hours.
According to the Spanish National Radio and television, the Spanish government decided to gradually resume the operation of non key production sectors, mainly the construction and production industries, from April 13. Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez stressed that the gradual resumption of work does not mean that the epidemic prevention and control measures are relaxed. The government will still maintain the restrictions previously issued. The people still need to reduce unnecessary travel. The gradual resumption of work is to end the “economic hibernation”. The government also issued a series of guidelines for the resumption of work for the enterprises. The companies returning to work must provide necessary protective equipment for their employees and maintain the social security Cross distance.
A total of 73303 cases of inter provincial Migration confirmed in Iran may resume on April 20
Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Arabia in April 13th, according to the Iran news department. 1617 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed in Iran were reported, and 73303 cases were confirmed. 111 cases of new deaths and 4585 cases of cumulative deaths were reported.
Iranian President Mahmoud Rouhani said the country’s inter provincial flow of people could resume on April 20, Russian satellite network reported Thursday. Rouhani said at a novel coronavirus pneumonia control headquarters meeting on Iran TV station, “I hope that the current ban on migration among provinces can be resumed from April 20th.” He also made it clear that from the 19th, the government will lift the travel ban between cities and towns in all provinces.
A total of 128208 French cases diagnosed in Germany have been treated “unfriendly” because of the epidemic
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 129207 cases in Germany and 3118 cases died in Beijing at 6:30 on April 14th, according to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University.
A few days ago, the mayor of the German French border town of gasheim, clairvoyant, confirmed in an interview that there had been “some unfriendly actions against French friends”. Some French complain that they are stopped or abused in the street, taken a walk or spit or throw eggs when they are in line in the supermarket. Gesheim’s state of Saar, Germany, is adjacent to the eastern region of France, which is one of the most serious epidemic areas in France. The mayor of geithheim, clairvoyant, said that solidarity was needed at this time, and that Germany and France should “act together”.
More than 1900 crew members of France’s 137875 confirmed cases of “de Gaulle” will be tested
The novel coronavirus pneumonia in France has been diagnosed in 137875 cases at 6:30 on April 14th, and 14986 cases died in Beijing, according to the real-time statistics of Johns Hopkins University.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia, the only active aircraft carrier in the afternoon of 12 local time, was returned to the French naval port of Toulon in De Gaulle. More than 1900 crew members on the carrier and frigate will be tested for nucleic acids and kept in isolation for 14 days. Carriers, frigates and aircraft will be disinfected by a professional team.
A total of 88621 cases of severe shortage of anti epidemic equipment have been confirmed in the UK
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is added to the new day in Britain on the afternoon of 13 PM, according to the latest news released by the British Ministry of health.

Response of epidemic prevention cadres to drunk driving

Hubei Provincial Higher People’s court reported in the afternoon of 12th that on the night of March 11th, 2020, many cadres of the provincial court (level Four investigators in the office, now working in the hospital’s special epidemic prevention class) drove in violation of regulations, causing traffic accidents, causing social concern and serious impact. The provincial court attached great importance to and decided: first, the comrade was suspended immediately. Second, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision is requested to dispatch a discipline inspection team for investigation. Third, we will give full support to the public security organs in dealing with it according to law. Four is to learn from this incident, strengthen the education and management of staff.
In addition, according to the notice of Wuchang brigade of Wuhan Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau on the afternoon of 12th, about 21:00 p.m. on March 11, 2020, our brigade received the alarm that there was a traffic accident in Xudong street.
After the police arrived at the scene, they carried out surveys and investigations. Through investigation: at about 20:50 that night, Xu (male, 42 years old, grade 4 investigator of a unit) drove a small car and drove along Shahu Avenue from south to north to Xudong Avenue, turning right. When he collided with another small car, the car was damaged and no one was injured.
Police screened Xu for alcohol and took blood samples according to law. According to the test, Xu’s blood alcohol content is 184.6mg/100ml, suspected of driving a motor vehicle after being drunk.
At present, the traffic control department has filed a criminal case against Xu and will investigate his criminal responsibility according to law. The case is still under further processing.