President Biden is not the king

US President elect Biden strongly condemned trump at an event held in Wilmington, Delaware, on the 7th local time, NPR reported. On the 6th, a group of trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.
Biden said Wednesday (6th) was one of the darkest days in American history, adding that “no president is the king, and there is no house of Lords in Congress. The judiciary does not serve the will of the president, nor will it protect him or her. “Our president is not above the law. Justice serves the people and does not protect power. The goddess of justice is blind. What we saw yesterday is obviously another violation of the basic principles of this country. “

Drunken ride harassment male driver

Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of August 27, Didi released the “drunk passenger safety transparency report” in the second quarter of 2020, and actively publicized the in car conflicts and data caused by drunken car Hailing passengers on the Internet, and reminded users to use safety functions and enhance safety awareness in view of drunk riding scenes.
This is the sixth safety transparency report released by Didi. In the second quarter of 2020, Didi received a total of 10130 complaints related to drunkenness, which is equivalent to one complaint received by customer service every 12 minutes.
Among them, 364 complaints (quarrel, fight, fight, etc.) caused by drunk passengers; 477 complaints about verbal harassment or physical harassment caused by drunk passengers (asking for wechat, vulgar language, physical touch, etc.).
The complaint rate of physical conflict caused by drunk passengers decreased by 66.4% year on year
The management of drunken scene of online car Hailing is complex, which may lead to conflicts between drivers and passengers, as well as potential safety hazards such as drivers or passengers being injured.
In 2019, the platform received more than 12 million complaints about uncivilized behavior, 19% of which were caused by drunkenness. In July 2020, Didi public Council invited netizens to vote on the “top 10 uncivilized behaviors of online car Hailing”, and drunken trouble making ranked first among the uncivilized behaviors of passengers.
According to the report, in the second quarter of 2020, there were 364 complaints about physical conflicts caused by drunkenness, accounting for 17.6% of the total number of complaints.

Tencent response cheated

On the evening of July 1, Tencent responded to the “being cheated” incident on its official microblog, saying it was impossible to say a word. In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, Tencent took 1000 bottles of Laoganma as gifts to solicit similar clues.
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[three people forged the seal of Lao Ganma and signed a contract with Tencent]

Prior to this, Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Court issued a civil ruling, the court agreed to support the plaintiff Tencent’s request to seal up or freeze the bank deposits worth 16.2406 million yuan of two companies owned by Guiyang Laoganma, or other equivalent properties.
But then Lao Ganma declared that they had never had any commercial cooperation with Tencent, and Tencent suffered fraud.
On July 1, Guiyang public security Shuanglong branch reported that three people forged the seal of Laoganma company and pretended to be the manager of the company’s marketing department to sign a cooperation agreement with Tencent. At present, the three people have been detained.
Netizen: Tencent is really naive
Zhang Jun, the public relations director of Tencent, also replied in the microblog message @ Tencent: you are so naive.

Discover new dinosaur species

On November 26, Beijing time, today, a team of Chinese and foreign scientists announced in Beijing that they had discovered a new species of megagnathosaurus in Fengning, Hebei Province, which is of great significance for us to understand the evolution of dinosaurs. This research is led by Xing Lida, associate professor of China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Niu Kecheng, executive director of Yingliang stone natural history museum, tetsuto Miyashita, University of Chicago, USA, famous paleontologist, Philip J, University of Alberta, Canada Currie) and other scholars. The research paper was published in the Cretaceous study by Elsevier publishing group.
We know that members of the dinosaur family are not all big men. Meijaya is a very small one. If you add a long tail to a chicken without feathers, add teeth to its mouth, and change the front end of its wings to a small finger claw, it will become a beautiful jaw dragon. Because its body structure is so much like a bird, people thought it was a beautiful jaw dragon when they first found the skeleton fossil of Archaeopteryx.
The distribution of merosaurs, a collection of small theropod dinosaurs, including the historical merosaurs and ornithosaurs, is scattered. Most of the identified members of this branch are found in the upper Jurassic of the Solnhofen islands in Germany and the Yixian Formation of the lower Cretaceous in western Liaoning Province in China. The most typical representative of the former is meijaya dragon, which was found in 1859. It belongs to the primitive small animal foot, but it is the size of a hen, and the long one behind it accounts for half of its body length. They are thin and narrow jawbones and necks. In addition to Europe, a large number of megalophones have also been found in the Jehol Biota in western Liaoning, China. The most famous one is the Chinese Dragon Bird, which was discovered in 1996. It is the first dinosaur with hair on its body. Its discovery strongly proves the hypothesis that birds evolved from dinosaurs.
Xing Lida’s team described a new species, xunmengling yingliangis, which is located in huajiying formation of North China, which is between the two major fossil producing strata. The genus name “swift and violent” expresses that this small dinosaur moves rapidly and has a ferocious disposition. The species name “Yingliang” pays tribute to the Yingliang stone natural history museum, which collects specimens.
Velociraptor, some friends may be familiar with the name Velociraptor, dinosaur movie “Jurassic Park” does not have this “Velociraptor”? Yes, but in fact, the dinosaur in the movie should be called lingdiaolong. Its Latin scientific name is Velociraptor, which means “agile bandit / Raptor”. In Chinese, “smart” means “agile”. So the Chinese name “lingdiaolong” is very suitable for it, which has been widely recognized by the scientific and scientific circles. If it is called “Raptor”, it only translates the meaning of “Agility” and misses the point of “robber / Raptor”. So, since the name Velociraptor has not been used, it can be used to name new dinosaurs.
The difference between Yingliang Velociraptor and other merosaurs is a unique bone form, the phalange IV-4 is longer than iv-3, and a unique combination of posterior cranial bone features, including extra long legs. In phylogenetic analysis, Velociraptors are nested between the groups of Rehe and solenhofen, which is an important supplement to the known branching range and group diversity. In stratigraphy, Velociraptor Yingliang is the earliest and the smallest species in Asia.
Yingliang Velociraptor is a small carnivorous dinosaur living in the early Cretaceous. Its fossils are not complete and its head is missing. However, it can be inferred from similar dinosaurs that its total length is about 60 cm, with a long and flexible neck and a light skull on it. Its teeth in its mouth are small but very sharp, with curved edges. It is a lethal weapon for animals smaller than it 。 Moreover, thanks to its big eyes, Yingliang Velociraptor has a keen eye, which enhances its hunting ability. In addition, Yingliang Velociraptor has strong and long hind legs, which enables it to suddenly accelerate to catch small animals in running, with amazing speed. Even flying insects or running lizards are at risk when the Yingliang Raptor catches prey. With its long neck, it can catch them and crush them with its teeth.
There are still some questions about the habitat preference and diversity model of the dinosaurs, but yingliangxunlong provides us with two more extensive possibilities or bases: (1) based on the diversity of the anti bird assemblage proposed before, huajiying formation may have preserved the oldest fauna in the early Cretaceous Jehol biota, which is related to the late Jurassic Daohugou biota and the late Jurassic Daohugou biota The biological assemblages of Yixian group are different. (2) Velociraptor Yingliang can be a useful calibration point for reconstructing biogeographical and stratigraphic models, and can also be used to estimate the allometric growth trend of the megalophus.

2019 world 5g Conference

The most authoritative views are heard here, the most cutting-edge technology products are displayed here, and the most creative ideas are born here. On the afternoon of November 22, the 3-day 2019 world 5g conference concluded in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center.
This conference is co sponsored by Beijing Municipal People’s government, national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information technology. Nearly 1500 domestic and foreign researchers, 5g upstream and downstream enterprise personnel and 5g industry users gathered here. Focusing on the theme of “5g changes the world, 5g creates the future”, the conference discussed the cutting-edge technology, industry trend and innovation in 5g related fields New application. At the same time, the conference held several theme exhibitions around 5g related fields such as smart transportation, smart city, smart transportation, smart medical, industrial Internet, etc., showing the latest achievements of 5g development and the latest scene application cases. The conference collected 5g demonstration scenario solutions for the world and held the world 5g conference application design unveiling competition.
Wang Gang, secretary and director of the Party group of Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, presided over the closing ceremony.
According to the organizing committee, the conference has five major achievements.
First, on the development of ideas, further broaden the strategic vision. The conference invited more than 400 important guests from more than 40 countries and regions, 16 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 80 international guests and more than 100 top experts and enterprise elites from home and abroad to discuss development ideas, explain the inevitable connection between 5g industry development and new communication theory research, landmark application development and cross-border full integration, and discuss standard formulation, safety assurance The important position of network architecture design, cultivation of new and cutting-edge enterprises, sharing and exchanging the most advanced new technologies, applications and schemes in 5g field, broaden our strategic vision of developing 5g industry and solving development problems.
Second, the establishment of an exchange platform has further deepened international cooperation. The rapid and steady development of 5g business in China has greatly promoted the R & D of key technologies in China, Europe and even the world, the manufacturing of network equipment, the upgrading and upgrading of terminals, and the acceleration of industrial integration. At the same time, it has promoted the linkage development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and provided a new round of “China dividend” for the global economic development. At this conference, international enterprises such as canon of Japan, Riel digital of the United States, skoya of Germany and their counterparts in China have had in-depth exchanges, which has led to the signing of nearly 80 agreements of intention for cooperation in 5g related industrial projects, such as the 5g network infrastructure construction in the airport economic zone of Daxing International Airport and the online cultural product communication service system.
Third, the exhibition of application results further consolidated industrial consensus. In the exhibition area of nearly 20000 square meters, the exhibits from 59 enterprises at home and abroad focus on 5g development and application, adopt immersion, experiential, interactive and other ways, and show the innovative achievements of 5g technology in deep integration with traditional industries in the real 5g network environment, such as industrial Internet, intelligent transportation, health care, smart city, Ultra HD video and other fields, and The broad market prospect it brings further agglomerates the industrial consensus of 5g and traditional industries’ integrated development.
Fourth, the competition innovation plan further focuses on application scenarios. The 5g application design unveiling competition was held to collect 5g application design and scene solutions for the world, attracting more than 200 teams and thousands of competitors. Around 4K / 8K, AR / VR, UAV, industrial Internet of things / intelligent manufacturing, Internet of vehicles / intelligent driving, intelligent city, intelligent health care and other fields, explore and build 5g new era of innovative application scenarios, cultivate and hone the industry development talent team, spawn the intelligent port 5g & MEC smart card application demonstration project, stroke emergency and rehabilitation intelligent management system, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics 5g+ 34 excellent design schemes, including integrated security and intelligent application of cloud robots, further highlight the important position of application scenario construction in 5g industry development, focus on 5g technology to enter thousands of households, and make people’s production and life more intelligent and better.
Fifthly, promote the coordination of production and research, and further cultivate the industrial ecology. With the characteristics of “education industry ecology + exhibition of application achievements”, promote the collaborative innovation of industry and research. China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other domestic operators have started to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, set up 5g industrial joint innovation center, industrial innovation alliance, set up 5g joint innovation industry fund, and jointly built more than 200 5g lighthouse projects with the head enterprises to drive the upstream and downstream joint innovation of the industrial chain.
Under the background of 5g era, the communication of the conference follows the rule of “full media, all staff media, holographic media, full effect media”. Through traditional video live, 5g + 4K live, 5g + VR live, live Ultra HD 8K video recording, the online live audience reached 61.35 million times, and the hot reading volume of sina related topics reached 97.38 million. The event was widely reported by people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, Guangming Daily, science and technology daily, China News Agency, China Youth Daily, China net, China Science and technology net and other media.
At the closing ceremony, a series of white papers, industrial planning and policies were released, and a number of industrial cooperation projects were signed.
Kong Lei, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, released a white paper on Beijing 5g industry. In order to promote Beijing to strengthen the construction of national science and technology innovation center, build a high-end economic structure, accelerate the cultivation of 5g industrial ecology, and build a 5g industrial innovation and development city with global influence, Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology organized and compiled the white paper on 5g Industrial Development in Beijing (2019).