Stop the runaway car in 16 seconds

Recently, in Urumqi, Xinjiang, a red car backed backward in the middle of the road because it didn’t pull the handbrake. It was about to hit other cars, but the car was empty. Seeing this, maming, a delivery boy who passed by, ran to the car and jumped into the driver’s cab. He put on the brake to stop the car and finally put on the handbrake. It took only 16 seconds! Praise him!

The mystery husband of Wanxi exposed

Since Wanxi joined the “sister in the wind and waves”, the exposure has increased greatly. Although the netizens’ evaluation of her is totally polarized, she seems to not mind too much. After the program, she continues to live her life.
On September 23, a video with Wanxi was released by the media. From her departure from the airport to meeting her husband to meet her daughter from school, the contents were detailed and aroused hot discussion in an instant.
In the picture, Wanxi is wearing a white baseball cap, a purple sports coat and a casual dress. When she arrives at the airport, there are many people waiting to take over. However, Wanxi lowers her head and chooses to leave in a low key. Then she goes to a private clinic to see orthopedics.
After watching her arm, Wanxi went to her daughter’s kindergarten to meet her husband. All the parents around her hugged her child in her arms. Wanxi was no exception. She had a laugh and talked about her daughter. Her husband and an older woman followed her.
It seems that wancy’s arm is no longer in the way, holding her daughter is effortless.
For a while, her daughter walked down to the ground. Wanxi and her husband kept looking at her daughter, and walked very slowly.
After a bakery, Wanxi went in and picked some food, and kept asking her husband’s advice. When she left the store, Wanxi immediately fed the dessert she bought into her husband’s mouth. Her husband was also very skilled, and she ate it with her mouth open. The two people probably often do it at home.
Wanxi and her husband are not publicly feeding on the street, sweet and enviable. In the picture, Wanxi husband has a long Liuhai, small eyes, no too high nose, slightly convex mouth, and ordinary appearance.
Wanxi has been out for many years without disclosing her husband information, nor marketing good mom settings. Many people think she is single, but her fans should know she is married.
It is reported that husband Wanxi is a famous photographer.
When Wanxi is in motion, if she puts on the small label “he takes”, then it is the picture taken by her husband.
The first one goes back to 2017, but it’s not sure which year they married.
In the husband’s lens, Wanxi is free, the plain face also does not matter, sloppy also does not matter, but no exception is beautiful.
On November 9th, 2017, Xuansheng, Wanxi official, gave birth to her daughter, without disclosing her husband’s information.
A few months later, Wanxi wrote “that year, we two; this year, we three”, and the first picture was sent in 2016, so it shows that she and her husband have been in love for several years.
On November 9, 2018, Wanxi first disclosed her daughter’s appearance, long eyelashes on her eyes, and the little princess was very beautiful.
A year later, her daughter was two years old, and Wanxi basked her back to celebrate her life.
Wanxi, while basking her daughter, and her husband, was secretly sprinkled with dog food. The latest “he took” was on the seventh night of August 25. Only Wanxi was in the picture, but actually she was very kind.
In “sister in the wind and waves”, Wanxi rarely talks about family, saying she thinks it is better to have a career before marriage, does not want to marry or not want children, but after marriage, she says she must witness every step of her child’s growth.
This time, the media met Wanxi to pick up her children from school, and her husband appeared with the frame, in fact, it was not the first time to expose. On September 14, there were three pictures of the family, which was very warm.
Netizens have different opinions on the exposure, some say privacy should not be exposed, and some say stars can’t help themselves in the entertainment industry.
Anyway, Wanxi has been married for many years, and she doesn’t want to expose her husband and daughter more. She must have her intention. She should support her. I hope she will be happy all the time.

Security officers sniff women’s hair

According to a notice issued by the Public Security Department of Shenzhen public transport on August 30, Shenzhen police immediately organized police forces to investigate the video of “a security officer sniffing a woman’s hair” on the Internet on August 29. After investigation, security officer Wu (male, 19 years old) admitted his illegal behavior in the carriage of Metro Line 3 at about 8:20 on August 26. On August 30, the police imposed an administrative penalty of five days’ administrative detention.

Fatal red rope of non motorized vehicle lane

At noon on August 15, Miss Wang (not her real name) rode her electric bicycle through the intersection of Dongguan Road and Wentao road in Hangzhou. She suddenly had a sharp pain in her neck, and then she fell off her car and fell to the ground.
When she was sent to the hospital, the doctor found that her trachea had been completely cut off.
Construction workers nearby witnessed part of the scene
The woman fell so hard that the helmet of the electric car was broken
It happened at the intersection of Wentao road and Dongguan Road, which is actually a “t” shaped intersection. Next to it is the “s” corner of Qiantang River. It is relatively remote. There are no shops, no buildings, and no place to buy a bottle of water.
Yesterday afternoon at two o’clock, the sun went ahead and walked two steps. The sweat beads on the top of the soya bean slipped down the cheeks, and several large straw hats were encountered at the scene. The project they are building is “the innovation center of wisdom Xintiandi”.
Mr. Zhang, who is in his 50s, is sunburnt and has cracked lips. He is squinting and standing on a lawn, watering with a hose.
“Oh, you said that day’s event, I was far away, did not see the fall process. At that time, it was more than 11 o’clock at that time. I was ready to have lunch. I saw from a distance on Wentao Road (crossing with Dongguan Road), after the traffic lights, on the south facing electric vehicle lane, there was an electric vehicle lying on its side, and a woman was carried into an ambulance. I don’t know exactly. Why don’t you go upstairs and ask the mason. ” Lao Zhang said.
Climbing upstairs, you can see the Qiantang River. Three Masons are laying bricks. One is wearing sunglasses, one is wearing a white towel around his neck, and the other is wearing a red T-shirt.
“It’s about 11:30. We are far away. It’s estimated that it’s 50 meters away. I don’t know how I fell. It’s just that after seeing her fall, the woman originally wore an electric bicycle helmet. She fell heavily and her helmet was broken.”
The worker with sunglasses said, “there’s a woman next to me. A kind-hearted passer-by will hold an umbrella for her.” The white towel worker added: “it is estimated that the good-natured person who holds the umbrella is also riding by, seeing and reporting to the police.”
As for why they were strangled, what kind of rope they were strangled, and who tied the rope, several people shook their heads.
Someone saw a red rope that strangled Miss Wang’s neck
Tied across the motorway
Nearly 4 p.m., seven or eight women in hats gathered at the intersection, waiting for the bus home.
“I saw a red rope like cloth, wrapped around the traffic light pole and the tree on the sidewalk, which is equivalent to crossing the whole electric drive lane for three times. The rope is about the size of a thumb. The place where she fell is the traffic light. Go over a little bit. See, there are still scratches on the ground. “
Scratch of electric vehicle after falling to the ground
An aunt pointed to the scratch on the motorway and said that at that time, she saw the woman get up and sit on the curb, motionless. There was indeed a woman riding an electric bicycle, holding an umbrella for her. Then 120 arrived and carried the injured woman to the car.
Three days after the incident, the reporter saw at the scene that there were indeed rope marks on the black traffic light pole, which had been wound for at least three times. I asked the worker for a tape measure. The minimum height of the rope trace is about 1.1 meters above the ground, and the highest is 1.3 meters. I tried to squat down like riding an electric bicycle, and the height was almost at the neck.
The minimum height of the rope trace is about 1.1 meters above the ground
Who pulled the rope? The aunts looked at each other and said that about an hour after the incident, at more than 12 o’clock at noon, they saw a small yellow work car coming. Someone got out of the car and untied the rope.
Another aunt added that at eight or nine o’clock that morning, they had the rope when they came to work, and they didn’t know what to do with it.
Why is Xiao Wang strangled?
The reporter stayed at the scene for more than two hours, only saw seven or eight electric vehicles. It is estimated that Xiao Wang unfortunately became the first electric vehicle passing by on the day of the incident. According to eyewitnesses at the scene, this rope is the most common rope used as a simple fence, with red and white triangular flags on it. Later, there was a sign on the car that showed it was a repair vehicle of the power company. After the incident, the person in charge of the power company said that the responsibility would not be shirked, and the company would pay for the medical expenses of Miss Wang.
The red rope is wrapped around the traffic light poles and trees on the sidewalk, crossing the entire non motorized lane.
The trachea was completely severed and the esophagus was ruptured
Fortunately, the head was not injured
Wu Dingqian, deputy chief physician of the emergency medicine department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, told me that Xiao Wang was less than 30 years old and was from Fuyang, Anhui Province. At that time, when they were delivered at noon, they were short of breath, panting, unable to speak at all, and had a sore throat. “We immediately gave her an emergency intubation, and we did an examination and found that her trachea was completely broken and her esophagus was broken. The operation must be carried out immediately. ” Dr. Wu said the operation took about two hours to reattach Xiao Wang’s trachea and repair his esophagus. At present, her vital signs are stable, but she still can’t speak. The next step is to observe, and there may be infection risk in the later stage.
Fortunately, she was wearing a helmet at that time, and her head was not injured, which was a blessing among the misfortunes.
How serious are the consequences of a rope or string strangling your neck?
Express has reported a number of accidents in which a rope or string strangled an electric bicycle rider’s neck.
In March 2019, a little girl in Xiaoshan was cut to her neck by kite string, leaving a circle of blood red stripes.
On the afternoon of April 7, 2019, Xiao Wu was riding an electric car on Xinbei Road, Xiaoshan City

Lao Rongzhi is arrested

According to the information of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, on July 29, 1996, Nanchang public security bureau of Jiangxi Province filed a case of robbery and intentional homicide at No. 602, No. 1, bamao Lane 1, Donghu District, Nanchang City, and issued a wanted order on August 18 of the same year to pursue and escape the criminal suspect Lao Rongzhi. On November 28, 2019, the suspect Lao Rongzhi was arrested by Xiamen police of Fujian Province, and was escorted to Nanchang by Nanchang public security bureau on December 5 of the same year. Nanchang people’s Procuratorate intervened in the investigation of the case in advance on December 12, 2019, and Nanchang public security bureau applied for the examination and arrest of the suspect Lao Rongzhi on December 15, 2019. After accepting the case, Nanchang people’s Procuratorate informed Lao Rongzhi of the litigation rights and obligations according to law, and interrogated the criminal suspect according to law.

Dong Mingzhu made 5G bus

On October 7, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the 5G bus launched by Dong Mingzhu’s Yinlong New Energy officially started its test run on the urban rapid transit line in Songshan New District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. Passengers can connect to 5G Wi-Fi on the bus without worrying about network delays and jams.

The Yinlong 5G bus launched this time, with a body length of 18 meters, with silver and red as the main color, has a sci-fi sense and a dynamic streamlined appearance. It is known as the Dolphin Bus and won the China Patent Award in 2018. Design Gold Award.

On December 15, 2017, Dong Mingzhu, Wang Jianlin and others announced the official investment in Zhuhai Yinlong. It is reported that Zhuhai Yinlong masters the core technology of lithium titanate battery, and lithium titanate battery has significant comparative advantages in the field of fixed-line new energy vehicles and energy storage applications. Yinlong New Energy has mastered the world’s top lithium titanate core technology, and has overcome the industry’s recognized “five major problems”, achieving 6-minute fast charging, wide temperature resistance, 30-year cycle life, no fire, no explosion, etc. Economically superior to traditional lithium iron phosphate batteries.

In addition to the launch of 5G buses by Yinlong New Energy, Geely Automobile and China Mobile have also launched new energy 5G buses, which can also remotely control vehicles through 5G networks.


The U.S. fiscal deficit exceeds trillions, accounting for 4.4% of the U.S. gross domestic product.

The report says that when fiscal year 2019 lasted only 11 months, the federal government’s fiscal deficit reached $1.07 trillion, 19% higher than the same period last year and 4.4% of the U.S. gross domestic product. This is the highest US government budget deficit since 2012.
As of this year, the United States has achieved economic growth for 10 consecutive years, but at the same time, the U.S. government’s fiscal deficit is increasing. Usually when the economy is in good shape, the fiscal deficit will decrease.
According to the analysis of the Wall Street Journal, President Trump’s tax cuts in 2017 have greatly reduced tax revenue, and the increase of government expenditure in the current fiscal year has led to an increase in the fiscal deficit.
The Treasury Department report shows that federal tax revenue in the United States has increased by 7% year-on-year since May, reflecting the strong economy and low unemployment rate in the United States. In terms of government expenditure, military expenditure increased by 9% and medical expenditure increased by 10%.
According to the White House Office of Management and Budget in July, the U.S. fiscal deficit will reach $1 trillion in fiscal year 2019. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the U.S. fiscal deficit will be $960 billion in fiscal year 2019.
With the fiscal year ending on September 30, 2019, it is not clear whether the U.S. government’s fiscal deficit will exceed $1 trillion. Based on past experience, the U.S. government will earn more than it spends in September. (end)


Korea defeats Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast in the first phase of Group A Group III were all defeated, qualifying group M first game lost to Nigeria, it is difficult to win. After defeating the Chinese men’s basketball team in the last game, Korean men’s basketball team is 0-4. And the two teams also lost the chance to compete for the Olympic qualifications, which is a real face-to-face battle.
It is worth mentioning that the longest consecutive defeat record in the history of the World Cup is also maintained by the two teams. Ivory Coast has participated in 17 World Cup matches in its history, winning only one match in the 2010 World Cup, having suffered 16 consecutive defeats before. The Korean men’s basketball team also failed to win 16 consecutive games between 1978 and 1990.
Ivory Coast ranks the lowest in the world among 32 teams in the World Cup, ranking only 64th. The four lost games in this World Cup were more than 16.5 points in the midfield, besides, the average score, rebounds and assists ranked the bottom five of all teams. South Korea lost 26 points to Argentina in the first World Cup, 73-83 to Russia in the second, and 66-108 to Nigeria in the last group match, averaging 26 points per game.