Sichuan Bank approved for construction

Sichuan’s first provincial legal person city commercial bank will be born soon! Sichuan online reporter learned on September 11 that the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission officially approved the application for the establishment of Sichuan bank on September 9.
Based on Panzhihua City Commercial Bank and Liangshan state commercial bank, the Sichuan bank under construction is established in the form of new merger through a series of measures such as asset reorganization, capital enrichment and improvement of governance, with a registered capital of 30 billion yuan, ranking first among the provincial-level corporate city commercial banks in China.
“The approval and preparation of Sichuan bank will effectively improve the level and level of financial services for local development.” Wang Qing, director of China Financial Research Center of Southwest University of Finance and economics, said that the approval of Sichuan bank for construction will play an important supporting role in promoting the development of Sichuan’s financial industry and the construction of western financial center, as well as the overall economic and social development.
It has been a long time for Sichuan to establish its own provincial corporate City Commercial Bank. In 2018, the provincial Party committee and government made the deployment of speeding up the establishment of Sichuan bank, and then established a professional working team to steadily and orderly promote the relevant work. Under the guidance of the financial supervision department and the strong support of all parties concerned, the Bank of Sichuan was approved to prepare for construction.
The person in charge of the preparatory group of the Bank of Sichuan said that the establishment of the Bank of Sichuan is an important measure for Sichuan to implement the series of decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on financial work and promote the structural reform of the financial supply side. In strict accordance with the regulatory requirements, the Bank of Sichuan will adhere to the positioning of serving local economy, small and medium-sized enterprises and urban and rural residents, benchmarking advanced industries, focusing on reform and innovation, focusing on professional marketization, focusing on supporting key areas and weak links in Sichuan’s economic and social development, supporting the cultivation of strategic emerging industries with regional characteristics and comparative advantages, and serving Chengdu and Chongqing The construction of regional double city economic circle has become a modern commercial bank with standardized management and stable operation.

Iran receives a letter from the United States

The Swiss Foreign Ministry confirmed Thursday that when the Iranian government summoned the charg é d’affaires of the Swiss Embassy in Iran, the Swiss side transmitted a letter from the United States. Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammed Jawad Zarif, said Iran had “responded unequivocally” to “bold letters” from the United States.
A woman attends a memorial service for Sulaimani in Tehran, Iran.
After the U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Iran in 1980, Switzerland represented the U.S. interests in Iran. Iran’s government summoned the temporary agent of the Swiss Embassy in Iran on the morning of the 3rd to protest against the US air strikes. Switzerland’s Foreign Ministry confirmed Thursday that the charg é d’affaires A.I. of the Swiss Embassy in Iran had transmitted a letter to the United States at that time.
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Zarif told Iranian media on the evening of the 3rd that Swiss officials conveyed “stupid messages from the US side” on the morning of the 3rd. Iran summoned the official that night to “respond decisively” in writing to a “bold letter” from the United States.
Zarif did not specify the specific content of the message from Switzerland or the specific response from Iran.
Major general Ali fadawi, a senior official of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, told Iran’s state television that the U.S. side “resorted to diplomatic channels” after the 3-day air raid. Through this channel, the US even said that if Iran wants to retaliate, the retaliation should be “proportionate” to the US action.
Fadawi said the US side has no right to dictate. It’s going to be a tough response from the United States, not just Iran.

Basketball Association suspends rocket cooperation

This afternoon, in response to earlier Morley’s remarks on “Hong Kong Independence”, the Chinese Basketball Association official voice finally said: “the general manager of the Rockets club, Murray publishes improper remarks about Hong Kong. The Chinese Basketball Association has strongly opposed this and will suspend exchanges and cooperation with the club. Comrades, do you know what this means? This means that the rockets and Morey are completely cool!
Yesterday, in the establishment of the 70th anniversary National Day confidant, the Japanese team preparing for the NBA pre-season Rockets general manager, Murray, supported the “Hong Kong Independence” Twitter speech, which completely broke our festive life. As we all know, since the first half of this year, individual “Hong Kong Independence” elements attempted to split China’s behavior intensified. At this very sensitive moment, Morey’s improper remarks thoroughly angered Chinese fans. So far, Morey has no intention of apologizing. Although the Rocket owner declared that Morey’s comments had nothing to do with the club, he took this opportunity to praise Morey. This shows that the attitude of the Rockets has been very obvious.
Which is tolerable? Yesterday, basketball media people Yang Yi, Yuan Fang and other public denouncing Morey, the people’s daily, people’s daily, PP sports, live broadcast 8 and other media have come forward to resolutely safeguard the territorial integrity of the Chinese nation, triggering a recognition of netizens. The whole network of China’s boycott Morey camp has been formed. Baidu Post Bar rocket has become a platform for Chinese fans to vent their anger, and even very much. Many fans came to Morey’s personal social networking platform to comment. The improper remarks made by Morey directly led to the sudden disappearance of Morey and rockets in China for many years, and many Rocket fans have been powdered.
This morning, NBA sports, which had very close cooperation with the company, finally came out and issued a public statement condemning Morey. It is as follows: “we are angry and resolute against the wrong remarks made by the Rockets general manager, Morley, on the social media. For the first time, we expressed our strong protest against Morey’s speech to the rockets and NBA. Sports has no borders, but patriotism is above everything. We resolutely oppose and will never tolerate any improper words and deeds concerning the national interests. Before Morley gave a reasonable reply, Tencent sports decided that it would no longer report any information about Morley and would continue to communicate with NBA, hoping to get a clear reply as soon as possible.
Now, the Chinese Basketball Association also issued an official statement to publicly boycott Morey and suspend all cooperation with the Rockets. We can not live without evil. In the face of national righteousness and territorial integrity, the Chinese do not allow anyone to challenge our bottom line. Moray’s improper remarks are self inflicted, while the silence of rockets is self defeating. Since Yao Ming joined NBA in 2002, the Rockets have become the home team of Chinese fans. Although Yao Ming is retired now, there are still a lot of Rockets fans in China. There are still a large number of Chinese enterprises investing heavily in the Rockets. You can’t eat Chinese and curse China!
The NBA of the new season is about to start. Many rockets fans are looking forward to what sparks will burst out in the new season. Facts have proved that in the face of national righteousness, the bottom line of Chinese people must not be challenged. Morey did not attend classes, never looked at the Rockets, never looked at the NBA!