Swimming with milk

A famous swimmer can swim without a drop of milk on his head
Swimming with a glass of milk on top of your head and not sprinkling a drop is not an impossible task. On August 4, Olympic swimming champion ledky launched a social networking challenge.
On August 3, American swimmer ledky shared a video on his personal social media, in which he swam with a glass of milk on his head and swam a 50m one-way without sprinkling a drop. “It was probably the best swim of my career,” she wrote For ordinary people, there is not a drop left in this glass of milk.

Wang Sicong’s circle of friends

Marriage is originally a happy event. Who would have expected that Pan Weibai would be changed
Since the afternoon of July 28, he officially announced that he married “Luna Xuanyun”, a flight attendant of wanghong. In addition to the blessings of stars such as Wu Xin, Cai Yilin, Jay Chou, aifujini and Ella, he also harvested a piece of melon field.
Luna was first revealed by the forum that she had been in a nightclub. Later, she was picked up and attended Wang Sicong’s private luxury party. Then, even netizens who claimed to be her classmates came forward to disclose her photos.
I have to say, it’s really difficult to be a partner of a star. I’m surrounded by all kinds of public opinions before I speak.
In the evening, even Wang Sicong couldn’t help coming out to eat melons.
It is said that a screenshot of Wang Sicong’s circle of friends flowed out. It mocked pan Weibo, a popular figure in today’s society. His tone was also very similar to that of President Wang.
The full text is: “I Buddha, Amy sister is still strong, around two generals, a marriage to the king Aaron Kwok, a married Willber Pan, too strong.”
As soon as this screenshot appeared, it immediately ignited public opinion. Before we verified the authenticity of the screenshot, we began to analyze the amount of information in this sentence.
If it is Wang Sicong himself, he should be quite familiar with Amy, who is also familiar with Fang Yuan and Luna.
Such a person, “Wang Sicong” also called the two Tianwang sisters-in-law her generals, praised her “too powerful”, people can’t help but think of a bad career.
And netizens see this ridicule, but also quickly spread out a variety of funny jokes.
For example, the continuation of the story type “at the end of the story, sister Amy married Wang Sicong”, “finally, sister Amy took Wang Sicong and became a masterpiece”;
For example, the “wish type” in? Sister Amy, do you have any resources in Hanquan. Help me get a line. ” “Sister Amy, I want to know Wang Yibo Do you think I have a chance? ” ;
Another example is to find a new way, “that what, pan Weibai, Guo Fucheng are not important, I want to know Amy sister now.”.
Some netizens happened to be called “Amy”, which attracted numerous people to make a wish comment. XXX arranged it.
Amy, an agent in Taiwan who once led Lin Xinru, was picked out on the forum. She was also involved in the scandal of special dinners with star group. However, a manager with a star went to work part-time to bring online celebrities. It seemed that the money was not enough, and everyone quickly denied this person.
Amy, however, did not bring out more evidence from the Nanjing Bureau.
For a while, who is Amy’s sister is still confusing, and it is also a question whether Wang Sicong has issued this article.
However, melon or to wait for a while to eat, may be reversed it?
One night later, all netizens didn’t make it clear, but they all knew something at the same time.