Doubtful points on the murder of a missing woman

On the evening of July 23, a 53 year old woman from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, was mysteriously missing in Huili on the 19th day. Hangzhou police announced that Lai Huili had been confirmed dead and her husband Xu was under serious suspicion, and criminal enforcement measures had been taken in accordance with the law. According to a visit by upstream journalists, seven doubtful points in the case, including the motive, the means and the location of the crime, have not yet surfaced, just as why Xu was able to calmly report to the police and accept media interviews after killing his wife.
Hangzhou Public Security Bureau said that the case is still under full investigation and handling, and the public security organ will hold a press conference in the near future according to the progress of the investigation and handling of the case, so as to inform the relevant cases in a timely manner.
On July 23, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, police officers fished out articles involved in the case in a septic tank. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting
Doubtful point 1: is 802, building 4, Sanbao Beiyuan the first site?
Lai Huili, 53, and Xu, 55, are restructuring their families. Lai Huili has a daughter with her ex husband, and Xu also has a son who works abroad. After the marriage, they have a daughter, 11 years old. Before the accident in Huili, he was the cleaning staff of a local accounting company, with a monthly salary of about 4000 yuan. On July 4, the two also went to Hangzhou red cross to dispense medicine.
On July 6, the day after Lai Huili “disappeared”, Xu and Lai Huili’s eldest daughter went to the police station to report to the police. Huili’s eldest daughter said in an interview with the media that at the beginning of the investigation, the police did not find any suspicious places in Huili’s home. When Xu was interviewed by the media at home, he was anxious about his wife’s disappearance.
With the fermentation of the incident, “strangely missing at home” has become the key word of this case. According to the comprehensive public information, “home” is the most suspected place of the crime. But there is no doubt in the preliminary investigation, does it mean that 802, building 4, Sanbao Beiyuan, is not the first crime scene?
Question 2: is the motivation related to the transfer of housing?
Upstream news reporters learned that Sanbao Beiyuan community is a relocation house in Hangzhou, with complete surrounding facilities. There are 6 buildings in total, of which building 4 is located in the southeast corner of the community. The house that Huili lives in is the house under its name. According to several real estate websites, the average price of Sanbao Beiyuan is about 40000 yuan per square meter.
The former mother-in-law who came to Huili also lived in the community. According to the mother-in-law before Huili, laihuili and Xu had known each other before they got married and had a debt dispute. According to the residents of the community, in addition to the Room 802 of building 4, laihuili was also allocated two sets of relocation houses. However, the couple had several disputes over the ownership and decoration of the house.
Xu said in an interview with the media that there was no pressure on life at home and there was a 7-digit deposit. So what’s the reason that Xu’s wife, who has been married for more than ten years, has been killed? Whether it is related to property disputes, the truth remains to be revealed.
Doubt 3: is Xu premeditated or impulsive?
In the eyes of neighbors, laihuili is good at talking and has good popularity. And Xu seldom communicated with his neighbors, “just nod when we meet.” The 55 year old resident of Huili, if not bizarre, is rarely noticed.
According to media reports, on the afternoon of July 4, Lai Huili and her little daughter went shopping in Yintai City, 2km away from the community. According to the elevator monitoring, when they took the elevator home at about 5 p.m., they came to Huili without emotional abnormality. Xu said in an interview with the media that he found his wife was not at home in the early morning of July 5, and her mobile phone, wallet and ID card were not taken away, only wearing a brown pajama. It wasn’t until July 6 that Huili’s unit called to say that he didn’t go to work. Xu realized that his wife was missing.
According to Xu’s husband and wife, they are in harmony. When he came to Huili and went out in his pajamas in the early hours of the morning, he did not return home on July 5 and had no contact with him for two days. It doesn’t seem to be consistent with the idea that the husband and wife are harmonious.
Xu’s over calm performance and a series of abnormal behaviors caused doubts in the early stage of the incident. Is it premeditated or impulsive to act as if nothing had happened after killing?
On the evening of July 23, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, the police had withdrawn from the scene, but the area around the septic tank was still blocked. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting
Suspect 4: septic tank found suspected items involved in the case, Xu how to split the body?
On July 23, upstream journalists saw at the scene that the police found the items involved in the case in the process of salvaging the septic tank. At the same time, there are media reports that Lai Huili was killed and was dismembered by Xu and thrown into the cesspool of evolution. According to the previous report, the family and police did not find any trace of Lai Huili’s going out and other suspicious situations when they checked the surveillance.
According to the residents of the community, the sound insulation effect is not good because Sanbao Beiyuan is moved back to the residential area. Surveillance shows that on July 4, at about 5:00 p.m., I came to Huili and went home with my little daughter. To the early morning of July 5, Xu claimed to find laihuili missing time, a total of 12 hours. During this period, most of the residents in the community rest at home, but many neighbors said they did not hear the abnormal sound coming out of laihuili’s house. The Tathagata Huili is really killed at home. How can Xu complete the dismemberment at home without being noticed by the neighbors?
Suspect 5: only one person is allowed to transport corpses and clean up the scene?
In recent days, the case of Lai Huili’s disappearance has attracted much attention because of the mystery of every question. On the evening of July 23, the police released a news that her husband Xu was suspected.
On July 22, reporters from upstream interviewed

White mouth mask is easy to cause skin problems

CCTV news: in the hot sun, many people have various skin problems because they wear masks for a long time. Korean media reminded that many masks can’t cut off the ultraviolet rays, so it is necessary to take strict sun protection measures when wearing them. Especially, if the white masks are not tightly worn, they will reflect the light, resulting in moles or freckles around the eyes and nose, so special attention should be paid. In addition, when there is too much sweat or sebum in the mask, do not directly wipe the cosmetics, but pat with a clean paper towel, so as to reduce the skin irritation.

Restore all cell cards

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention forenoon held in Beijing on June 18th morning. The 124th press conference was held. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the meeting that after resuming the two level response, the city will strengthen the closed management of community villages, restore all the cell blocks, and observe the 24 hours’ duty. The entrance and exit strictly enforce the temperature protection, verification, code checking, registration and other protective measures. In and out of the community.
The community under the jurisdiction of low-risk towns and the personnel such as the express delivery agency who move their homes are allowed to enter only after they have registered without any abnormality with the health treasure. The entry of the outsiders and vehicles in medium and high-risk towns is prohibited.

Trans provincial transmission of Harbin epidemic

According to the report of Heilongjiang health and Health Commission on the evening of April 17, at 0-24 o’clock on April 16, 2020, there were 3 newly confirmed cases (Harbin) and 4 newly asymptomatic infections (4 cases in Harbin and 1 case in Mudanjiang) in Heilongjiang Province, all of which were related to the cross infection in hospitals in Harbin.
On April 16, there were 3 newly confirmed cases in China. Case 1, Wang, was hospitalized in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University from March 28 to April 8. Case 2, Gong, Wang’s husband, and case 3, Li’s confirmed case, were in a nanny (a friend of Chen, a patient who had “detonated” the first hospital of Harbin Medical University).
In addition, among the 5 new asymptomatic infections in Heilongjiang Province on April 16, 4 cases from Harbin were all related to the cluster infection in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University.
One asymptomatic patient, Gong Mou (male, 13 years old, student), lived in the same community with Wang Mou and his wife, who had been diagnosed with the disease on the 16th, and had many life contacts.
Li Mou (female, 68 years old, retired worker), Li Mou (female, 69 years old, retired worker) and Li Mou (male, 62 years old, unemployed) who had no symptom infection were all in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University. They were close contacts of confirmed cases.
So far, the chain of cross infection in the hospital caused by the 87 year old patient Chen Mou on April 10 has been extended again.
On April 16, this rare hospital cohesive infection resulted in three nurses being recruited.
Now, there is a “trans provincial” transmission in this chain of infection. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in April 16th in Liaoning Province, according to the April 17th announcement by the health protection committee of Liaoning. Zhang Mouhua, a 46 year old confirmed case of new crown pneumonia in Liaoning, has confirmed that the case is confirmed by the case of Harbin, and the intersection point is still the first hospital of hakhida University. 1 cases of the disease are confirmed by the health care committee.
Zhang and his younger brother drove to Harbin on April 1 to see their father. On April 2, Zhang and his younger brother accompanied their father to the first hospital of Harbin Medical University. His father accompanied him during the hospitalization in the Ninth Hospital of respiratory department. Driving back to Fushun from Harbin on April 12. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University and the Department of medicine in April 15th. The nucleic acid test was recommended. Only then was the doctor escort his wife to the emergency department of the central hospital at 21:30 am on the same day, then transferred to the isolation ward for treatment. The first time was April 15th.
Worryingly, there is a high risk of this infection leading to the next cluster infection. Why do you say that? Because in the report of Liaoning health and Health Commission, on April 10, Zhang had dinner with his mother Yao, aunt Xu, aunt Yao, Uncle Zhang, aunt Yao and Uncle Wang at home after his father was discharged from the hospital.
At 17:50 on April 17th novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Fushun was Zhang Mouhua transported to Shenyang by the 120 emergency ambulance of the Shenyang Emergency Center for treatment of the hospital. Source: Liaoning Daily
Clustering and eating together are the key to the spread of the virus. Do you remember Guo Mou, a confirmed case in Harbin on April 9? Chen Mou, an 87 year old patient who caused the cluster infection in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University, is Guo Mou’s close contact. This started with a dinner party on March 29. Guo had dinner with Chen’s family and friends on that day. Later, Chen and his two sons were diagnosed, and the virus spread further.
1 pass 43!
Rare infection chain rings the alarm again
According to statistics, since April 9, one newly confirmed case and three asymptomatic infected cases have been added in Heilongjiang Province, breaking the 29 day record of no newly confirmed case in Heilongjiang Province. As of 24:00 on April 16, the infection chain of the virus has caused 43 people in Harbin, including 26 confirmed cases and 17 asymptomatic infections.

More than 100000 confirmed cases in the United States

According to the people’s daily client, Johns Hopkins University’s real-time epidemic monitoring system shows that as of the afternoon of March 27, the United States had at least 100717 cases of new coronavirus infection, including 1544 deaths. Compared with about 24 hours ago, there are at least 18000 new infections and 360 new deaths in the United States.
New York state remains the most affected area in the United States, with at least 44870 confirmed cases. In addition, there are 8825 confirmed cases in New Jersey, 4569 in California and 3634 in Michigan.
On the same day, trump signed a presidential memorandum instructing the Minister of health and human services to use all powers provided by the defense production act to require GM to accept, perform and prioritize federal contracts for the production of respirators. On the same day, trump himself criticized GM for failing to start mass production of the ventilator that the United States urgently needs in response to the epidemic. That afternoon, trump also signed a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill to deal with the impact of the epidemic on the U.S. economy.
Efforts to respond to the epidemic are also escalating across the United States. The U.S. Army Corps of engineers says it will transform a Chicago Convention Center into a hospital that can treat 3000 patients. The governor of West Virginia announced Friday that all people entering the state would be required to undergo a 14 day quarantine. The state is the latest local state in the United States to have confirmed cases. In addition, Florida governor Ron de Santis said people entering Florida from Louisiana, where the epidemic is increasing, must be forced to undergo a 14 day period of self isolation.

New crown of confirmed infection in Wulei

China Football Association has China novel coronavirus pneumonia, known by Wu Lei, a member of the Chinese soccer team, who has been playing at the Spanish football club. At present, Wu Lei has mild symptoms and is undergoing treatment.
The Chinese Football Association has been in close communication with Wu Lei and the Spanish club, and will provide all necessary help as the case may be.
Wish Wu Lei recover soon! Thank you for your concern.
Chinese Football Association
March 21, 2020
Previously reported:
In the early morning of the 21st, Spain’s “daily sports” said that radio coper reporters have confirmed that Wu Lei is one of the Spanish players who have confirmed the new crown virus! CCTV news client also forwarded the message later.
Have a fever of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the fever, dry cough, chest pain, and so on, which the Spanish and the team reporter Thomas Guscher introduced to the Red Star reporter in detail this morning, and introduced the details of Wu Lei’s diagnosis and the latest situation. “Wu Lei, like other teammates, has presented a typical new symptom of pneumonia.”
Last season, red star news special contributor guscher (left) interviewed Wu Lei (right) pictures provided by interviewees
However, gusche said, “after the diagnosis of the team doctor, he thought that the six Club infected patients, including Wu Lei, were not seriously ill and did not need to go to the hospital. They are all isolated at home, and they need to be isolated for 14 days after full recovery. “
Wu Lei was confirmed to be infected after examination on November 11
The Spanish confirmed that novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 6 of the club, including 4 players. Uruguayan media first revealed that defender kavrella is one of them, which has also been confirmed by kavrella. But the identities of the other three have not been confirmed. This is also the focus of the major media, and Chinese fans are most concerned about the situation of Wu Lei.
“After the follow-up and confirmation of radio cobay, the second confirmed name is Wu Lei,” the daily sports newspaper wrote in an article published in the early morning of the 21st It was Thomas guscher who announced the name of Wu Lei. Novel coronavirus pneumonia told Red Star reporters that he had verified the infection of Wu Lei from the two people in the Spanish club.
“Like Aravis and Valencia, the Spaniard club has not released a list of all confirmed staff. As far as I know, there are four players and one staff member in the six. After the match in early March, the team trained near navata in Catalonia. On November 11, the new coronavirus has spread in Spain, so after the whole team gathered, the team doctors have suspected that someone has contracted the new coronavirus, so the team called everyone to check in Barcelona. These six people are the disease that is checked out at this time
The Spaniard shut down the club and all facilities after being diagnosed with the new crown virus.
On March 11, when the Spaniard tested the team for the new crown virus, Wu Lei also trained with his teammates. According to IC Photo

Large scale oil field in Bohai Sea of China

CNOOC today released important oil and gas discoveries. The company obtained a large-scale discovery of Kenli 6-1 in the north of Laizhou Bay, Bohai Sea. It is another major discovery in Bohai Sea after Bozhong 19-6, a hundred billion square gas field. It is of great significance to ensure the energy security of China, stabilize the production of oil fields in the East, and promote the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.
Kenli 6-1 is located in the north of Laizhou Bay, Bohai Sea, which is the largest offshore oil field in China. Since the late 1970s, after more than 40 years of exploration, the results are not ideal. The discovered reserves are small in scale and not concentrated, so it is impossible to establish an effective development system.
It has been proved that Kenli 6-1 oilfield has the characteristics of large reserves, good oil properties and high test productivity. It is found that the well Kenli 6-1-3 has a total drilling depth of 1596 meters with a thickness of about 20 meters. In terms of test, the annual output of crude oil in this well alone can reach more than 400000 barrels. After refined into gasoline, it can provide 10000 cars to drive normally for 5 years. After the oil field is put into production, multiple production wells will bring more considerable social and economic benefits.
The successful exploration of Kenli 6-1 indicates that CNOOC has made a significant breakthrough in oil and gas exploration in the northern area of Laizhou Bay, breaking the situation that there is no commercial oil and gas discovery in the area for more than 40 years, showing a huge exploration prospect, injecting a strong impetus for the sustainable development of the regional development system in the southern Bohai Sea, and laying a solid foundation for the realization of the goal of sustainable green and stable production of 10 years and 40 million tons of production in the Bohai oil field It has a solid foundation.
The reporter learned that on the basis of the discovery of Kenli 6-1, CNOOC will continue to promote oil and gas storage and production, promote the smooth production of eight new projects in Bozhong 19-6 test area and Liuhua 16-2, China’s first self-supporting deepwater oil field, and strive for the continuous growth of domestic crude oil and natural gas production.

A homicide in Nanchang Park

Nanchang public security bureau’s newly-built Branch issued a police information notice on November 16: at about 19:00 on November 15, 2019, the newly-built Public Security Bureau received the alarm, and a murder occurred at the gate of libuhu Park in the newly-built district. The victim Deng XX (female, 42 years old) was killed and died after rescue, and her husband Ouyang XX (male, 44 years old) was killed. At present, he is in the hospital for rescue. After receiving the police, the municipal and district public security organs attached great importance to it, and immediately formed a special group to carry out the investigation. After working all night, it was found that Tu (male, 36 years old, Nanchang County, unemployed) was suspected of committing a major crime. The public security organ quickly carried out an all-round and carpet like search and arrest of Tu.
Under the strong arrest and awe, TU was forced to join us at 23:20 p.m. on the night of the crime. After investigation, the suspect Tu Mou Guo and his wife Ouyang Mou and their wife Deng Mou met at the gate of Libu Lake Park for negotiation due to emotional disputes that night. After a quarrel, Tu Mou Guo killed Deng Mou and Ouyang MOU with a lethal weapon and fled the scene. At present, the case is being handled according to law.

13 years for the best reporter

The second instance of the supreme court reporter Bai Yan Lin in Northern Shaanxi was sentenced. According to the WeChat public number of Yulin intermediate people’s court, in November 6, 2019, the Yulin intermediate people’s court publicly declared that the appellant Bai Yan Lin was guilty of fraud and the crime of using influence to accept bribes, and ruled that he dismissed the appeal and upheld the original judgment.
After the trial, Yulin intermediate people’s court held that the facts of the original judgment were clear, the evidence was indeed sufficient, the conviction was accurate, and the trial procedure was legal, and the original judgment was upheld.

  1. For what?
    In the case of Bai Yanlin’s crime of fraud, bribery with influence and bribery introduction, the people’s Court of Qingjian County made a first instance judgment on July 11, 2019. The defendant was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment for fraud and a fine of 100000 yuan; the defendant was sentenced to 4 years’ imprisonment for bribery with influence and a fine of 200000 yuan; the defendant was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment for several crimes Three years and a fine of 300000 yuan. The illegal income of 1040000 yuan shall be recovered according to law.
    Bai Yanlin has been active as a journalist in Northern Shaanxi and other places all the year round. In 2009, Bai Yanlin’s daughter Bai Yitong, a sophomore, was elected director of the village committee of Gaojie village, Qingjian County. Bai Yitong, 19, became famous as “the youngest village official”. Bai Yanlin, who was regarded as the behind the scenes operator, was also known as the “best reporter” in Northern Shaanxi. After that, Bai Yanlin’s experience in a number of media was widely reported, which also led to questions from all sides.

Indonesia’s air pollution is serious

Recently, media reports have reported that Indonesia’s sky is seriously polluted, and the whole sky has become blood red. The scene is really scary as if it is the end of the world. What’s the matter? 1 (Source: Video screenshot) On September 21, there was a “vision” of blood red sky somewhere in Indonesia’s Zhanbei Province, let Dang Dang. The local people were stunned and bewildered. It is reported that the sky was orange in the morning, and then gradually turned into a strange red, even to the horror of day and night. What’s wrong with this strange phenomenon? It turns out that the main culprit behind the demon is air pollution! Relevant departments say that this situation occurs because the air is densely covered with particles with a diameter of 0.7 microns, whose diameter is similar to the red wavelength of the sun, and the sky appears red after scattering.
Two cities on the Indonesian island of Borneo are also experiencing serious air pollution. Local people cut down and burn forests and banana trees, generating a lot of smoke and the situation is slowly out of control. Since September 13, the air quality in this area has been in a “dangerous” state. Reported that it is unlikely to expect rain in the near future, and because of serious pollution, artificial rainfall is not very effective, can only look forward to October when the “rescue rain”.