The uncle threw his niece downstairs

Xin’an evening news Anhui Wangda Wan client news only because of suspicion of family members want to harm themselves, Qian so and so ruthlessly threw his 12 day old niece down the seventh floor, resulting in his death on the spot. Recently, Huaibei intermediate people’s court heard the case publicly, and the defendant Qian was charged with intentional homicide. It is reported that Qian suffered from schizophrenia for five or six years. On the day of the crime, he was discharged from hospital only a few days ago.
The defendant Qian, 24 years old, is the uncle of the murdered baby girl. The prosecution alleges that on the morning of November 25, 2019, Qian was in the elder sister’s home in a residential area in Huaibei. He suspected that his parents, elder sister and brother-in-law were trying to harm him, so he snatched his daughter Meng (born on November 13, 2019) from the arms of his sister Qian, ran to the living room balcony and threw Meng from the balcony window on the seventh floor, causing Meng to die on the spot. After identification, Meng was in line with the death of brain injury caused by high fall. Another identification, Qian Mou suffering from schizophrenia, in this case is to limit the ability of criminal responsibility.
Qian said he had no objection to the charges. The prosecution interrogated Qian in court: Why did you throw Meng downstairs? Qian said: “I feel that my family is trying to hurt me, so I hurt her child, so I threw her down.”
At the trial, the testimony of the witness showed that Qian had suffered from schizophrenia for five or six years and had been treated in a mental hospital for many times. At the time of the crime, Qian was discharged from hospital a few days ago. On the day of the crime, his parents were discussing with him whether to rent a house in Huaibei, or go out to work with them, or go to the hospital again. But Qian was unwilling and became irritable. His mother behind his back, secretly called the mental hospital, let someone pick up money to go to the hospital, but was found by money. Qian was very excited. He beat his mother on the balcony and threatened to “strangle you and kill you”. Later, he was separated by his father and sister. After that, the mother went downstairs to pick up the psychiatric hospital vehicle, and the Father also went downstairs. Qian went to the room to find her sister and kicked the bedroom door.
After the elder sister opened the door, Qian so and so robbed the child. In the struggle, the child slipped to the ground. Qian immediately picked up the child, ran to the living room balcony, directly left it down the floor. After the crime, his family called the police and Qian was taken away from his home by the police.
According to the prosecution, Qian retaliated by deliberately and illegally depriving others of their lives because of unwarranted suspicion of others. He threw Meng from a high-rise building and caused him to die on the spot. His behavior violated the criminal law and should be investigated for criminal responsibility for intentional homicide. The defense of the defendant proposed that Qian was a confessor. At the time of the case, he was a first-time and accidental offender in order to limit the capacity of conduct. However, the case was accidental and the social harm was relatively light.
The case was not adjudicated in court.
Xin’an evening news, Anhui netuniversity Anhui client reporter Zhu Qingling

Girl’s response: stumbling and fleeing

On August 17, a tragic incident occurred in Xingtan town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. When an elderly man stood by the roadside, two dogs suddenly rushed from the side of the road. The rope of one of the big white dogs tripped the old man over. The old man landed on his head and fell heavily on the ground. After the old man fell down, a girl came up, took the big white dog back, and quickly ran away from the scene. Some people called the emergency call, and the old man died after invalid rescue.
After the incident, the police issued a notice saying that Xiaoyue, a 12-year-old girl, was not the owner of the dog. She took the dog of Luo’s family out to play. When passing the Luoshui market, the dog suddenly broke free and tripped over mai (88 years old), a villager in the same village, who died after medical treatment. Because Xiaoyue was not 12 years old and did not need to bear criminal responsibility, the police identified the incident as an accident.
After the incident broke out, the girl Xiaoyue became the object of discussion among netizens. No matter it was the owner of the dog or not, Xiaoyue’s indifferent attitude towards the old man who fell down made Netizens feel angry. After the old man fell down, the girl didn’t look at it and took the dog away from the scene directly. Even some netizens think that Xiaoyue constitutes escape and needs to bear criminal responsibility.
For the attitude of netizens, Xiaoyue is also indifferent. On August 19, Xiaoyue first said in an interview, “I don’t care about other people’s opinions. I can evaluate as much as I like. There is no pressure.”. Xiaoyue said that on the day of the incident, she took the dog out after asking the owner’s mother’s consent. After tripping over people, she wanted to quickly replace the dog, so she quickly took the dog away from the scene.
Local residents said that dog owners Luo Mou and Xiao Yue had poor family conditions and were well-known local families with difficulties. Xiaoyue is still a “problem girl” who loves to steal and often goes home in the early hours of the night. Xiao Yue’s father was also not well-known in the local area. He had been idle, drunk and had a bad temper. He was easy to fight with others when he was drunk. He was taken away by the police many times.
Xiaoyue’s father said that he divorced his wife in his early years, and now Xiaoyue and his younger brother are supported by him. Xiaoyue and his younger brother have stolen other people’s things and his money. They also love to play. They often go home in the middle of the night. They used to run away from home. Several times they didn’t go home for more than 10 days. Sometimes they would open a room outside and sleep with others. Xiao Yue’s father said: “I can’t guess her. She dares to confront me directly for fear of her temper. She even threatened me with a knife and said that she would jump out of a building or a river.”.
On August 18, an old man who died accidentally was buried. Considering the family conditions of Xiao Yue and his dog owner Luo, the family members of Mai do not need them to bear the responsibility. However, some villagers said that Luo gave Mai’s family more than 10000 yuan in compensation. Xiaoyue’s father said that the dog was not his own and would not compensate him. After that, he did not see the family members of Mai and Luo.

Emergency statement of USTC

Recently, netizens revealed that a student suspected of being a University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences made improper remarks. Today, the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences issued a statement: if it is true that the improper comments made by Chinese university students will be dealt with seriously according to the rules and regulations of the University. At present, the party concerned has issued an apology letter to delete the relevant content and sincerely accept the criticism and query of netizens. ​

208 real estate enterprises go bankrupt this year

Since the beginning of the year, the voice of bankruptcy of real estate enterprises has been heard.
Recently, two more real estate enterprises in Jiangsu officially declared bankruptcy, with hundreds of millions of real estate listed for auction. These two real estate enterprises are Yangzhou Yongda Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Rugao Lvyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. The former involves hundreds of millions of yuan.
According to the announcement of the people’s court online, by the beginning of June 2020, the number of Real Estate Enterprise Bankruptcies this year has reached 208, more than 177 in the first half of 2018, which is relatively equal to the same period in 2019. In 2020, on average, one real estate enterprise will be liquidated every day.
Data shows that the real estate industry’s debt maturity this year is about 1.46 trillion, of which July is the peak, reaching 1490 trillion. July is coming soon. Although some real estate enterprises are quite amazing in the amount of goods delivered and get cash to use for turnover, it is more difficult for most small and medium-sized real estate enterprises to go back to the good old days.
From January to may 2020, the average sales value of the top 50 real estate enterprises was 62.28 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 4.86 billion yuan, or 7.2%, which is no surprise. After all, it will take time for the market to recover. On the whole, we should still be confident in the future. However, in the early stage of such recovery, the confidence of many real estate enterprises may collapse, unable to support the real recovery.
At present, the real estate enterprises declared bankruptcy are mainly small and medium-sized ones in the third and fourth tier, which have low strength and weak ability to resist risks. In the future, the number of bankruptcies of small and medium-sized real estate enterprises may continue to increase.
The total sales scale of top 10 real estate enterprises accounts for more than 30% of the national total, the total sales scale of top 100 real estate enterprises accounts for more than 60%, and the market share of the top 15% real estate enterprises accounts for more than 85%. The market share of the vast majority of small and medium-sized real estate enterprises can be ignored.
Due to the increasing concentration of the industry, the head real estate enterprises will occupy more market share, further squeezing the living space of small real estate enterprises. With the increasing market competition pressure of small and medium-sized real estate enterprises, the fault tolerance rate will become lower, and some small real estate enterprises with insufficient strength will eventually be merged or go to the edge of bankruptcy.
On the other hand, the national policy continues to adhere to the principle of “real estate is not speculation” in the macro sense, to stop the flood of real estate industry, and to tighten the real estate financing. Under the multiple pressures of limited land acquisition, sales pressure and financing obstruction, it is easy to lead to the disconnection of the capital chain of real estate enterprises, which makes small and medium-sized enterprises face debt default, and more serious or will lead to bankruptcy and reorganization.
At present, the total number of real estate enterprises in China is as high as 97000, almost every city has hundreds of small and medium-sized real estate enterprises, the vast majority of which are shell companies, and there are not a few who set up a real estate company for a real estate project.
Huang Qifan, vice president of the China International Economic Exchange Center, has publicly said that the number of Chinese real estate development enterprises will decrease by more than two-thirds in the next decade. In the next decade, based on the high-quality transformation requirements of the real estate industry and the trend of reducing the total amount of development, the real estate development enterprises will inevitably have a process of substantial reduction and contraction.
Now, affected by the new crown black swan, the real estate industry is speeding up the process of industry shuffling at a faster speed.
Compared with the bankruptcy of small and medium-sized real estate enterprises, some large-scale real estate enterprises also frequently fall into the dilemma of capital chain. Some enterprises have to sell their assets or hand over their controlling rights to survive.
Since last year, Yinyi group, once one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, and sanyeng Hongye, once one of the top 100 real estate enterprises, are all on the verge of bankruptcy. The leading real estate enterprises, such as Fusheng group and Taihe real estate, are in debt.
On May 13, Taihe Group announced that the controlling shareholders of the company are planning to introduce strategic investors into the company, and related transactions may lead to changes in the control of the company. In this regard, according to media reports, Huang Qisen, founder of Taihe Group, intends to transfer the position of the largest shareholder to replace Taihe Group. Taihe Group is communicating with a number of investors. The receiving company is probably a central enterprise, and specific matters are still under discussion.
From Sansheng, Yinyi, Fusheng to Taihe, these enterprises once occupied a place in the industry, but now they also began to have business problems. The main reason is that under the background of the industry scale reaching the ceiling and the market share shrinking, the competition among the major real estate enterprises is further intensified, among which the fault tolerance rate of small and medium-sized real estate enterprises is also lower.
Facing the shuffle of the industry, it is easier for the real estate enterprises that can get financing and money to survive.
However, compared with large-scale real estate enterprises, it is difficult for small and medium-sized real estate enterprises to get loans and finance, and most of them are not listed, and the financing channels are relatively single. The “inherent disadvantage” of capital will increase the difficulty of land resource acquisition, marketing and other aspects, and hinder the development of enterprises.
Since 2019, the financing environment of the industry has been tightened and the overall financing cost has increased, so the financing disadvantage of small enterprises has been further enlarged. Even during the outbreak, the central bank released water many times, but the final inflow of real estate funds is limited, and the rescue received by small enterprises appears to be a drop in the bucket.
At the same time, it is worth noting that in addition to breaking the property and Housing enterprises, some medium-sized real estate enterprises are also starting to default and thunder. In the future, more and more real estate enterprises will have such debt crisis.
On March 6, the documents disclosed by Shanghai clearing house showed that as of the end of the payment date, the company failed to raise sufficient cash funds as agreed, failed to pay the principal and interest in full as scheduled, and constituted a material breach of contract.
On April 23, Yida China Holding Co., Ltd

Female committee member said the reporter took ugly photos

On April 22, it was during the “two sessions” held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. A wechat circle of friends released by a member of the CPPCC municipal committee who attended the meeting triggered discussions within a certain range.
People familiar with the matter told reporters that this circle of friends was issued by Fang Haihua, member of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference on the morning of the 22nd. She said in her circle of friends that a paper journalist “took a picture of himself when he spoke” ugly “.
According to the screenshot provided to reporters by people familiar with the matter, wechat’s account named “Hai & Hua” released the following content in the circle of friends: “which photographer in the media took this? I took such a ugly picture of my report to the Secretary and chairman of the CPPCC group discussion yesterday afternoon, and even released it? Can’t we just put a normal one? During the morning meeting, many people forwarded the pictures to say that it’s time for the photographer to pick up the boxed rice? “

The villagers saved 4 lives in 7 minutes.

The incident occurred on October 9th. The surveillance video showed that a white car suddenly crashed into the river and the situation was very critical. Fortunately, nearby villagers have jumped into the river to save people, and many villagers have met on the shore. They rescued the mother and two children, and together they dragged the comatose driver ashore. At this time, only 7 minutes before the car crashed into the river, all four of them were rescued.

Emperor’s Island

Today, we are going to the picturesque Emperor’s Island by speedboat. As soon as she sat down, the tour guide introduced herself. Her name was MiKi, not MOENKY, which made everyone laugh.
Because today is cloudy and the sea is rough, the first thing we can do is to swing the pirate boat from side to side. 广州桑拿 The speedboat was bumping up and down with the waves. The waves lifted the speedboat up and down sharply. My heart was thumping and jumping with the speed boat’s bumping process. It was so exciting. At this time, many people on the speedboat were a little uncomfortable, especially my sister was so dizzy that she even vomited. My mother let me see the distance, so it would be more comfortable.
After more than half an hour of suffering, we finally arrived at the destination of Emperor Island. After a delicious buffet dinner, we took a tractor to a surfing beach, looking at the sea water from light blue to dark blue, like the paint I used to paint. I rushed quickly into the sea. The water of the Emperor’s Island was clear and bottomless. I had never seen such a clear water without any pollution. 桑拿佛山 I was startled to see it. The sand on the seashore was very soft. It was so comfortable to step on it without any footrest.
My mother and my second aunt rented two surfboards. My father said, “There is a small rope on the surfboard. The hand should be put on it, and then the wave will push you forward.” I put on my life jacket, put a rope on my hand, hold both sides of the board tightly, and lie on the board. I must pay attention to my posture and keep the balance of the board. Otherwise, the board will tilt left and right, and if it is serious, it will fall into the sea. My father shouted, “Wen, the waves are coming, hold on!” I was so nervous that I was afraid I would roll into the sea. Then I felt a strong force pushing me behind my back. I closed my eyes and screamed. When I opened my eyes, I found that I was pushed onto the beach. It was so cool! I stood up and dragged. Surfing boards continue to play in the sea.
After surfing for a while, my sister and I went to tread on the sea water. When a row of white waves came towards us, we jumped hard. With good luck, we could tread on the rolling waves. It was fun! So we were treading on the sea water all the time. My sister suddenly said, “My face is a little sad.” I immediately said, “Sister, let’s show Mom soon.” Coming to the beach chair rented by my mother and my second aunt, we told my mother what had happened. After listening, my second aunt and my mother looked at my sister’s face. Sure enough, the face and nose were all sunburned by the hot sun. My sister said it still hurt a little. Mother said, “It must have been in the sun for too long, sunburn, I will buy you a bottle of ice water to apply it.” Mother quickly bought back a bottle of ice water and let her sister put it on her face for a while. She said that she was much more comfortable and did not hurt much. We were relieved. My 深圳桑拿网 second aunt let my sister rest under the umbrella, and I had to play. My mother put on another layer of sunscreen for me, and I rushed towards the boundless sea like a lively bird flying.
In the afternoon, when I returned to the hotel by speedboat, my mother looked at me and said, “Wen, you are crazy to have a good time today. Grandpa Sun has filled up the calcium for you, but your face has also been sunburned a circle.” The second aunt said, “Wen, tell your mother that your hair is tanned.” My mother and I laughed so hard that we couldn’t close our mouths.
With laughter and laughter, we concluded our trip to the Emperor’s Island today. I hope I will have a chance to play here in the future.