The prosecutor Lao Rongzhi has not repented

On December 22, after two days of trial, Lao Rongzhi was suspected of intentional homicide, kidnapping and robbery. Part of the trial ended, and the case will be sentenced at an optional time.
At the stage of court debate, the procuratorial organ held that the main culprits of the series of crimes of Lao Rongzhi were robbery, kidnapping and intentional homicide. Lao Rongzhi refused to plead guilty in court, and his subjective evil was very deep. In order to protect himself, he did not sincerely repent and break through the bottom line of human nature and law.
Lao Rongzhi’s defender also said that he did not accept the prosecution’s accusation of intentional homicide, recognized robbery, kidnapping and facts, but believed that Lao Rongzhi played a minor role in these crimes and did not recognize the aggravating circumstances of causing death.