Suicide nurse father voice

On November 16, Deng in Langxi, Anhui Province, said that his daughter was developed into a lover relationship by Chen, vice president of the county people’s hospital. After her daughter became pregnant and had an abortion, Chen’s attitude towards her was poor, leading to her daughter’s depression and suicide. The screenshot of the SMS provided by Mr. Deng showed that her daughter had repeatedly told Chen that she had suffered from depression and could not control herself. On October 12, her daughter was abused and beaten by Chen and his wife in the hospital. On the 14th, her daughter committed suicide on the roof of Chen’s unit building. Deng told reporters that local police said homicide had been ruled out in the death of his daughter. On the 16th, the Beijing News reporter learned from the people’s Hospital of Langxi County that Chen had been suspended during the investigation.

Shinina regained her royal title

The Thai version of Zhen Huan returns! The king of Thailand restored the royal title of shinina, and his wife, 33 years younger, was favored again
Today, the event known as “the return of the Thai version of Zhen Huan” has attracted the attention of netizens. According to foreign media reports, on August 29, local time, the Royal Gazette of Thailand issued an edict to restore all the royal titles, Imperial military posts, military ranks and medals of shinina. It is deemed that none of the above has been deprived of. It will take effect from August 28, and many people are confused Nao, I don’t know what happened. As early as July 28, 2019, King mahawah Jila Longgong of thailand married his wife, shinina, who was 33 years younger, on his 67th birthday. Therefore, shinina became the first “Thai Princess” since 1932.
Shinina was born in a civilian family and worked as a nurse. She was transferred to the Royal Thai escort team. In July 2019, she was made a royal concubine. In October 2019, within a hundred days after she was canonized, she was announced to be deprived of all her royal and military titles. The reason for her being deprived of her title was that she was unfaithful to the king and rebelled against the queen because of her ambition People feel as if they are standing to watch the palace opera. It is quite a feeling that there are no two tigers in one mountain. Since then, shinina was put into a women’s prison in Bangkok. On August 31, it was reported that shinina had been pardoned by the king of Thailand and sent to Germany to meet with her by a special plane arranged by the king.
It is understood that after the outbreak of the epidemic, King Tai has been living in a luxury hotel at the foot of the German Alps for several months. Now when she comes to shinina, she must really miss each other. She thought that she would not turn over since she was abandoned. Unexpectedly, there was a huge reversal. Isn’t this the proper biography of Zhen Huan? At the beginning, Zhen Huan was demoted to Ganlu Temple because of some misunderstandings. Later, he met with the emperor in Ganlu temple, sparked a spark again, and then went back to the palace with her pregnancy. For this reason, many people in the comment area have launched a recall mode.
It’s not easy for shinina. From the common people to the Royal concubine, it can be said that sparrows fly up to the branches and enjoy the supreme honor. Who knows that it has been abandoned within three months. Not only that, but also the glory of the past has been deprived. However, after more than half a year, sinina has returned to its peak position again. It’s sad. Maybe this is true love, maybe this is human heart Life is like a play.

Key targets for vaccine development

The novel coronavirus, a key protein molecule, is constructed by the US team for the first time. This protein is a key target for developing vaccines, therapeutic antibodies and drugs. 3D
Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of health of the United States, based on the genome sequence of the virus provided by Chinese researchers, reconstructed the 3D structure of the spike protein on the surface of the new coronavirus at the atomic scale with a resolution of 0.35nm by using a frozen electron microscope.
It was found that the spike protein structure of the new coronavirus was very similar to that of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, and “ACE2” on the cell surface was used as the key receptor to invade the cells.
However, the affinity between ac2 and ac2 of new coronavirus is 10 to 20 times higher than that of SARS virus, which may be related to the fact that new coronavirus is easier to spread among people.
Jason McClellan, an associate professor in the Department of molecular biology at the University of Texas at Austin, the corresponding author of the paper, said it was not clear why the two were more closely linked at the molecular level, and whether this affinity had an impact on the transmissibility of the virus needs further research and confirmation.
McClellan told Xinhua that they have sent the atomic coordinate data of the structure to a number of laboratories around the world, most of which are from China, and about 25 Chinese laboratories have asked for relevant information.
McClellan said the results could help researchers work in three areas.
First, potential drug screening was carried out to find small molecules that could bind to the spike protein and destroy its function
Second, design new protein molecules or antibodies that can bind to spike protein and inhibit its function
Third, we designed a variant of this spike protein, for example, to make it have a higher expression level or thermal stability, so as to induce a stronger immune response, so as to speed up the development of vaccine.
McClellan’s team has screened several monoclonal antibodies that bind to the spike protein of SARS virus and found that they do not bind to the new coronavirus.
McClellan explained that although the surface similarity of the spike protein of the new coronavirus and SARS virus is about 75%, if there is a large amount of amino acid difference in the region where the antibody binds, the antibody that can bind to SARS virus is difficult to bind to the new coronavirus.

Online car Hailing boss kills himself

The first round of the semi-finals of the dmasia cup of the League of heroes has officially ended. In this competition, the EDG team has regained their dominance over the dmasia cup. Although VG team pulled two games in succession, they refused to be chased by two or three teams in the end. They won the game successfully and reached the final at the same time.
In fact, in the previous transfer period, the operation of the EDG team has made many people quite dissatisfied, it can be said that they did not buy any strong players. However, it’s unexpected that the list that EDG bought from the youth training camp will be so powerful, and the performance of the newcomers, jiejie and hope, will also make fans overjoyed. From this state of view, EDG’s lineup this year is quite good.
As for VG, the opponent of EDG, it’s a pity. Although the three players of Shangshan, Zhongshan and AD are quite good, Yefu and AIX are too “straddling”, especially the player of the field, their performance in these games can be said to be “horrible”, and they have made numerous mistakes, regardless of whether the rhythm or operation is completely blasted on the opposite side, which also leads to VG’s final loss of the game.
What’s more, after seeing the poor performance of Aix, some netizens also went to check the segment of Aix under curiosity. They didn’t expect that there was only platinum in Hanfu. Although rank doesn’t mean everything, for a professional, only platinum is really too bad.
After finding out this, and combining with the performance of Aix in the game before, the fans were also quite angry, blasting the official blog of VG team one after another, asking them to change the field in a hurry. Now it’s just the demacia cup, even if you don’t get a good result, it doesn’t have a great impact, but if the spring match is still like this, it will be really cool.
What’s more incomprehensible is that VG team actually introduced another field player chieftain before, but even if AIX’s performance was so poor, VG still didn’t let the chieftain play. Is it true that the management believed in AIX so much? Or do you want to hide the chieftain as a secret weapon for the spring games?
In any case, after the reorganization of VG team this year, fans still have high expectations for the team, and there is a powerful coach like kkoma in the team. I hope they can adjust their condition well later. Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message.

The third snow in Beijing

On the night of the 23rd, there was light snow or sporadic snow in most cloudy and overcast areas; the southerly wind was level 1 and 2; the minimum temperature in plain areas was – 3 ℃, the minimum temperature in mountainous areas was – 8 ~ – 5 ℃; the maximum relative humidity was 90%. Day on the 24th: most areas have light snow or sporadic light snow to turn overcast; southerly wind is level 2 and 3; the highest temperature in plain areas is 1 ℃, the highest temperature in mountainous areas is – 3-1 ℃; the minimum relative humidity is 60%. On the night of the 24th, it turned cloudy and clear, with light fog or fog; it turned from south to north about level 2; the lowest temperature in plain area was – 6 ℃, the lowest temperature in mountainous area was – 12 ~ – 8 ℃; the highest relative humidity was 95%. On the 25th of the day: sunny to overcast; northerly wind 2, 3, level 4;
The highest temperature is 5 ℃ in plain area and 2-5 ℃ in mountainous area. On the night of the 25th, it was cloudy (there was light snow in the mountain area); the northerly wind was about 2 degrees; the lowest temperature in the plain area was – 6 ℃, and the lowest temperature in the mountain area was – 12 ~ – 8 ℃. Key tips: 1. There will be snowfall from tonight to tomorrow in the daytime. The surface temperature is low, and the road surface is prone to snow and ice. At that time, the road surface will be slippery and the visibility will be poor, so you need to pay attention to cold protection, warmth preservation and traffic safety when you travel. 2. Although some water areas have been frozen, but the ice surface is fragile, please do not tread on the ice!